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Orton and still
Investigators determined that Orton died first, because Halliwell's body was still warm.
" In 1986, with strained relations between Piper and Mr. T still apparent, a " Piper's Pit " saw Orton offer an open contract for anyone who could battle him in a boxing match ; Hulk Hogan shows up and signs the contract on Mr. T's behalf, stating " I pity the fool!
It is still possible to canoe from Stechford to Water Orton.
After Randy Orton had cheated to obtain Rey Mysterio's title shot at WrestleMania 22, Long placed Mysterio back in the match and made it a Triple Threat match, at the same time warning Orton that he could still remove Orton from the match if he disobeyed Long.
At Armageddon, Orton ( still holding the urn ) accompanied Randy to ringside for his Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker.
Orton reportedly told WWE booker Johnny Ace that he had Hepatitis C, but Ace still ordered the beating to take place despite knowing that there was a chance The Undertaker would become infected with the Hepatitis C virus.
He was a member of the fraternity St. Anthony Hall and while still an undergraduate, he participated in the Orton expedition that ascended the Amazon River almost to its source, and crossing the Andes, he exited South America by way of Peru, returning to the USA by ship.

Orton and on
Discouraged, Orton and Halliwell went on an 80-day holiday in Tangier, Morocco.
The 22 November 1970 edition of The Sunday Times reported that on 5 August 1967, four days before the murder, Orton went to the Chelsea Potter pub in the King's Road.
The bodies were discovered the following morning when a chauffeur arrived to take Orton to a meeting with director Richard Lester to discuss filming options on Up Against It.
' At which Peggy snapped, ' Come on, dearie, it's only a gesture, not a recipe ,' a line surely worthy of Joe himself, though indicative of the contempt in which Ramsey held the Orton family.
Orton's legacy stands to live on in his hometown, Leicester ; the development of the " cultural quarter " of the city, a former industrial area, continues apace and the new Theatre, Curve, the central development in the area, has a new pedestrian concourse outside the theatre's main entrance named " Orton Square.
Two archive recordings of Orton are known to survive: a short BBC radio interview first transmitted in August 1967 and a video recording, held by the British Film Institute, of his appearance on Eamonn Andrews ' ITV chat show transmitted 23 April 1967.
He took on " Cowboy " Bob Orton on the March 1, 1986 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, on NBC.
The invention of the no-hands aerial ( later known as the ollie ) by Alan Gelfand in Florida in 1976, and the almost parallel development of the grabbed aerial by George Orton and Tony Alva in California, made it possible for skaters to perform airs on vertical ramps.
Carol Serling's maternal grandmother, Louise Taft Orton Caldwell, had a summer home on Cayuga Lake in Interlaken, New York, which the newlyweds used as a honeymoon destination.
In the 1880s, Julius Orton homesteaded another () piece of land bordering on the property of pioneers Lewis and John Keeley, brothers who had taken on a homestead just a few miles southwest of Lindsay in the mid 1870's.
Charlie Anderson was put in charge of the project and he soon had Istvan Cseri, Weikuo Liaw, Murray Low, Steven Boye, Barry Spencer, Dave Orton, Bernie Vachon, Anson Lee, Tod Landis and Chuck Batterman working on the project.
Morgan used the term ' word blindness ,' in 1896 ; Hinselwood expanded on ' word blindness ' to describe the reversing of letters and similar phenomenon in 1900s ; Orton suggested that individuals have difficulty associating the visual with the verbal form of words, in 1925.
He would go on to win the match and earn a world title shot, last eliminating Randy Orton, he lasted 62 minutes making him the person to be the longest lasting competitor in the Royal Rumble.
He appeared on Raw to put over younger wrestlers, such as Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.
He challenged Randy Orton on the July 30 episode of Raw, only to become another victim of the " Legend Killer ", and was wheeled out on a stretcher.
After a few weeks of feuding, Orton and his alliance, The Legacy, punted Shane in the head and performed an RKO on Stephanie.
Van Dam went on to feud with both Orton and Evolution.
In March 2007 he alongside Randy Orton, John Cena, and Bobby Lashley appeared on Deal or No Deal.

Orton and high
For example, The Ultimate Warrior would run at high speed down the entrance ramp and into the ring while Randy Orton would slowly and darkly walk to the ring.
The next week on Raw, Orton claimed that his confidence was at an all-time high, despite what happened on SmackDown the week before.
Unable to live up to the high standards set by the Undertaker-Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels-Kurt Angle bouts, the " main events " offered the worst kind of anticlimax and would have been right at home buried in the middle of the card.
At the end of his high school career, Orton was the No. 2 ranked quarterback in the nation by SuperPrep and No. 7 by Rivals. com.

Orton and proceeded
This proceeded to Whitacre via Castle Bromwich, Water Orton and Forge Mills ( later remamed Coleshill ).

Orton and over
Orton created the alter ego Edna Welthorpe, an elderly theatre snob, whom he would later revive to stir controversy over his plays.
Orton, at odds with director Peter Wood over the plot, produced 133 pages of new material to replace, or add to, the original 90.
The party Banda led since taking over from Orton Chirwa in 1960, the Malawi Congress Party, remains a major force in Malawian politics.
As a result, Orton and Van Dam started feuding with each other over Van Dam's Intercontinental title.
After being drafted to the Raw brand and heel turn, Edge began a feud with his former Rated-RKO tag team partner Randy Orton, with both Edge and Orton gaining the upper hand over one another.
The event also featured The Rock and Sock Connection versus Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair of Evolution where this 2-on-3 handicap match saw The Rock's last match for over seven years, as well as Steve Austin as the guest referee in an interpromotional singles match between the departing superstars Brock Lesnar ( who would return to the company eight years later ) and Bill Goldberg.
with a DQ victory over Bob Orton.
Three weeks later at the Royal Rumble, Triple H successfully defended the World title over Randy Orton at the same event where Batista won the 2005 Royal Rumble match, by last eliminating John Cena, earning the right to participate in the main event of WrestleMania 21 against the champion of his choice.
At Survivor Series, Michaels and Triple H got back at Edge and Orton by leading Team DX ( Triple H, Michaels, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and CM Punk ) to a 5 – 0 sweep over Team Rated-RKO ( Edge, Orton, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro, and Mike Knox ).
The feud continued from the spring through the summer with Triple H mainly combating with Orton over the WWE Championship.
In-house, however, he was not master enough to award an essay competition prize to the then-unknown Herbert Read, over the wishes of George Saintsbury and Robert Bridges, who preferred the poet William Orton.
After the Bears lost their chances of making a post-season berth, Lovie Smith chose to start Orton over Griese.
On August 18, after deadlock against Grossman in games with the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks, Bears head coach Lovie Smith named Orton the team's starting QB for the 2008 season in Week 3 of the preseason, despite not throwing a pass over 17 yards or for a touchdown in the first two preseason games.
On September 7, 2008, Orton led the Bears to a 29-13 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the first regular season game of the season.
The main feud heading into the Royal Rumble on the Raw brand was between Triple H and Randy Orton over the World Heavyweight Championship.
The remainder of Snuka's initial WWF stint would see him frequently tangling with Piper one way or another, often via tag matches or wrestling Piper's closest ally, Bob Orton, Jr. Snuka defeated Orton at The War to Settle the Score and put Orton's left arm in a cast for over a year.
Orndorff and Hogan started teaming up to feud with Piper and Orton, facing them in tag team competition all over the country.
brand was between Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton over the World Heavyweight Championship.
The road leading to Appleby ( B6260 ) leads over Orton Scar and the surrounding moorland was used in the movie version of Anne Brontë's novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
On the December 5, episode of Raw, Miz qualified for a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match against Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at Tables, Ladders & Chairs for the WWE Championship after a win over Randy Orton via count out, but was unsuccessful.

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