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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 433
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modern and Oedipus
Julius Caesar wrote a play on Oedipus, but it has not survived into modern times.
P. D. Q. Bach's work pokes fun at musical genres including Baroque, Romantic, modern, country music ( Oedipus Tex and Blaues Gras ), and rap ( Classical Rap ).
Similarly for Lacan, despite his personal respect for Winnicott, the latter was implicated in the ' contradiction between the pre-Oedipal intrigue, to which, in the opinion of certain of our modern analysts, the analytic relation can be reduced, and the fact that Freud was satisfied with having situated it in the position of the Oedipus complex ... lead to a propedeutics of general infantilization.
The scenes, which had been created in wood and stucco for Oedipus the King, and which were meant to represent the streets of Thebes, were never removed: despite bombings and other vicissitudes, they have miraculously preserved into modern times.
A Greek chorus narrates and comments -- and Oedipus, Jocasta, Tiresias, and Cassandra sometimes directly intervene -- in this modern fable.

modern and who
But a writer who has a taste for irony and who sees incest in all its modern dimensions can let his imagination work on the disturbing joke in the incest myth, the joke that strikes right at the center of man's humanness.
The men who speculate on these institutions have, for the most part, come to at least one common conclusion: that many of the great enterprises and associations around which our democracy is formed are in themselves autocratic in nature, and possessed of power which can be used to frustrate the citizen who is trying to assert his individuality in the modern world ''.
Perhaps there is more truth than we are wont to admit in the conviction of that ornament of Tarheelia, Robert Ruark's grandfather, who was persuaded that the great curse of the modern world is `` all this gallivantin' ''.
how clearly he saw the cultural defection of experimentation as an escape for those who dare not or prefer not to face the discipline of modern traditionalism.
Just as heavily invested are the endeavors of multitudes of modern men who carry on the quest for the enchanting index.
Those modern scholars who urge that we must keep in mind the fundamental continuity of Aegean development from earliest times -- granted occasional irruptions of peoples and ideas from outside -- are correct ; ;
The modern student, who knows what was to come next, is likely to place first the factors of change which are visible in the eighth century.
New, indeed, is Luther's perception, but not modern, as anyone knows who has ever tried to make intelligible to modern students what Luther was getting at.
Of course, the list also excludes all writers who are fairly `` optimistic '' about the modern situation ; ;
True, we do not know how they were regarded in their day, but we need not believe the epic audience to have been more insensitive to the formulas than the numerous scholars of modern times who have read Germanic or Homeric poetry all their lives and still found much to admire in occasional occurrences of the most familiar phrases.
What makes this long and diverse tradition essentially one is that those who have belonged to it have been profoundly in earnest about being modern men in a distinctively modern world.
As a theologian in the group pointed out, a professional was, before the modern period of technical specialization, one who `` professed '' to be a bearer and critic of his culture in the use of his particular skills.
The government pays a subsidy for revival of the classics, and this policy attracts experimenters who sometimes put Moliere's characters in modern dress and often achieve interesting results.
The modern history of Abensberg, which is often incorrectly compared with that of the 3rd century Roman castra ( military outpost ) of Abusina, begins with Gebhard, who was the first to mention Abensberg as a town, in the middle of the 12th century.
Since the 1970s, self-help books, psychology, and some modern expressions of Christianity have viewed this disparity in terms of grace being an innate quality within all people who must be inspired or strong enough to find it: something to achieve.
This close approximation to the modern value of − 273. 15 ° C for the zero of the air-thermometer was further improved upon in 1779 by Johann Heinrich Lambert, who observed that − 270 ° C might be regarded as absolute cold.
( Paradoxically, in the modern version it is the rebellious son who has the first name " David ".
In modern literature, Aeneas appears in David Gemmell's Troy series as a main heroic character who goes by the name Helikaon.
Agrippina is regarded in ancient and modern historical sources as a Roman Matron with a reputation as a great woman, who had an excellent character and had outstanding Roman morals.
The death of Arcadius in May 408 caused milder counsel to prevail in the western court, but Alaric, who had actually entered Epirus, demanded in a somewhat threatening manner that if he were thus suddenly requested to desist from war, he should be paid handsomely for what modern language would call the " expenses of mobilization ".

modern and is
This is the only case in modern history of a people of Britannic origin submitting without continued struggle to what they view as foreign domination.
While sovereignty has roots in antiquity, in its present usage it is essentially modern.
Neither is primary experience understood according to the attitude of modern empiricism in which nothing is thought to be received other than signals of sensory qualities producing their responses in the appropriate sense organs.
Shakespeare's Shylock, too, is of dubious value in the modern world.
A characteristic expression of such concern and inquiry is found in Joseph P. Lyford's Introduction To The Agreeable Autocracies, a recent paperback study of the institutions of modern democratic society.
As Sandburg said at the time: `` It is as ancient as the medieval European ballads brought to the Appalachian Mountains, it is as modern as skyscrapers, the Volstead Act, and the latest oil well gusher ''.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
The Chicago contingent of modern critics follow Aristotle so far in this direction that it is hard to see how they can compare one poem with another for the purpose of evaluation.
Diplomatic is another area for which the dawn of the twentieth century marks the beginning of modern standards of scholarship.
This is certainly an irrational dogmatism, in which the modern mind attempts to understand the spirit of the sixteenth century on twentieth-century terms.
Rexroth is a longtime jazz buff, a name-dropper of jazz heroes, and a student of traditional as well as modern jazz.
In addition to his experiments in reading poetry to jazz, Patchen is beginning to use the figure of the modern jazz musician as a myth hero in the same way he used the figure of the private detective a decade ago.
This angry and exasperated stance which Patchen has maintained in his poetry for almost fifteen years has been successfully modulated into a kind of woe that is as effective as anger and still expresses his disapproval of the modern world.
But the firm has recognized the tight dollar and the tourist's desire to visit the `` smaller, less-traveled and relatively inexpensive countries '', and is now prepared to teach modern Greek and Portuguese through recordings.
The possibility of recall into the Army is part of the price that a modern American has to pay for the enviable heritage of liberty which he enjoys.
Under modern conditions, this is especially true of the ready reserve.
However, its modern one-story layout is designed to increase our production capacity, permit more efficient manufacturing, and substantially reduce current repair and maintenance costs.

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