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added and none
The name " Republic of China " was briefly added on January 27, 2005, but has since been changed back to " none ".
He added that none of the EC ’ s objections affected Hungary ’ s new constitution.
These translators differ in their attitude to the original English honorific titles, some change them all, or none, but most leave a mix partially as a compensation for the added loss of Englishness.
He added that he and Anderson had even initiated their contributions, because of the hostility between some of the band members at the time, resulting in none of the work was getting done.
The controversy was linked to 10 extra minutes added to the film, although none of this footage contained graphic violence.
( When there are none, all the nodes in the network will have been added to the tree.
The race used the northern route until 1977, when the southern route was added to distribute the impact of the event on the small villages in the area, none of which have more than a few hundred inhabitants.
Until 1986, the General Knowledge round was in two stages: the first stage had the contestants answering three general knowledge questions each from the same set of categories with 2 points for each correct answer, then it was on to stage 2 which was the quick-fire stage, which lasted 90 seconds, with one point added for a correct answer and one point deducted for an incorrect response or none at all, and only one player could answer each question.
Witness statements incriminating them, as well as other evidence, but none added up to a convincing case on any one charge.
Two other witnesses said that the driver had asked for a second engine if more carriages were added and had been refused by the station master, as none was available ; the driver ( in supplementary evidence given " through the railway company's officers ") denied this.
Dogs may be omitted from the teams on subsequent days, but none may be added.
Scenes added to the play show them arriving in New York and going about their daily business, although none of the new scenes featured any dialogue.
Mormon's son, Moroni added to Mormon's account, but stated that he would have written more, " if I had room upon the plates, but I have not ; and ore I have none " ( Mormon 8: 5 ).
Apart from " Murder on the Dancefloor ", none of Ellis-Bextor's solo material had been released in North America, until June 2007, when Shoot from the Hip was added to the American iTunes Store.
A single set (' 1 ') bit is added to the message and then as many reset (' 0 ') bits as required ( possibly none ) are added.
All background audio is added by an audio technician, leaving none of the original audio from Takeshi's Castle in MXC.
New animated scenes were also added where there had previously been none.
During this time, she attempted to occupy as much of Zane's free time as possible leaving him none to spend with Bernice, which added to Bernice's insecurity at the time.
Almost none of the original infrastructure remains, except for the west upper deck ( which was added in 1982 ) and the ramping system.
Under the terms of the bequest, none of the books may be sold, and no additional ones may be added to the library.
" Though the game " features the same 2D graphical style as its predecessor, but it's not without its share of enhancements ," he added, " The music in the game covers a lot more ground, genre-wise, than the original did, but none of it is especially funny or toe-tapping -- with the exception of the level that takes place inside an old video game machine.
While none were ever successful, certain MPs have recited further pledges in the presence of their constituents or added their own pledge after reciting the Oath of Allegiance.
* Naturschnitzel: " Natural ( i. e. unbreaded ) schnitzel " is not breaded, but sautéed, and served with a simple sauce ( e. g., pan drippings, to which sour cream may be added ) or none at all.

added and Georgia's
Georgia's Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 also added to the county.

added and specifically
In the Baroque world, additional instruments could be optionally added to the continuo ; in the Classical world, all parts were noted specifically, though not always notated, as a matter of course, so the word " obbligato " became redundant.
Philippe de Mornay, even though he accused all Italians of being sodomites, added specifically: " This horror is ascribed to good Julius.
The deathmatch game benefited from the release of eight specifically designed maps that id Software added after the game's initial release.
From their own personal experiences and assessments of the socio-economic situation they soon became more specifically influenced by Leninism and Maoism, calling themselves ' Marxist-Leninist ' though they effectively added to or updated this ideological tradition.
An X band downlink was also added specifically for radio science and to conduct communications experiments.
Positions can also be chosen specifically for added effects such as increased humiliation, elevation and suspension.
Candy, specifically sugar candy, is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorants are added.
More names could be added to this list of all people opposed by al-Razi, specifically the Mu ' tazilah and different Mutakallimin.
* The primary antibody is added, which binds specifically to the test antigen coating the well.
These amendments would have specifically required the Charter to be interpreted in a manner respectful of Quebec's distinct society, and would have added further statements to the Constitution Act, 1867 regarding racial and sexual equality and collective rights, and about minority language communities.
A psychic cost is a subset of social costs that specifically represent the costs of added stress or losses to quality of life.
For Fries, Hegel's theories merely added up to a defence of the establishment and, specifically, the Prussian authorities.
In addition, Germany had specifically requested Cycle-Polo and Figure-Cycling to be added to the programme, both of which requests were turned down by the committee.
The French and English versions of this book differed significantly ; Saint-Exupéry removed sections from the original French version he considered inappropriate for its targeted U. S. audience, and added new material specifically written for them, and Lewis Galantière translated the revised book into English.
Bloodhounds specifically were added to many coonhound lines to enhance the ability to track.
Greenberg ( 1963 ) added the Kru languages of Liberia, the Ghana – Togo Mountain languages which Westermann and Bryan had specifically excluded, and Ijaw of the Niger delta ; West Kwa included the languages from Liberia to Dahomey ( Republic of Benin ), and East Kwa the languages of Nigeria.
When the recording of his father's prediction is played back, a time delay added specifically for this unlikely eventuality plays a little more of the recording, in which his father makes a further prediction-that Dom will discover the Jokers ' homeworld.
A four-story sculpture entitled " Hanging Discus " by sculptor George Baker was specifically designed for the library and added to an interior staircase in November 1973.
While mainstream operating systems are designed for general usages, and are more or less customized for education only by the application sets added to them, a variety of software manufacturers, especially Linux distributions, have sought to provide integrated platforms for specifically education.
At Tō-ji, in addition to the main hall ( kondō ) and some minor buildings on the site, Kūkai added the lecture hall in 825 which was specifically designed along Shingon Buddhist principles, which included the making of 14 Buddha images.
Three new songs, written by Frank Loesser, were added to the film: " Pet Me Poppa "; " A Woman in Love "; and " Adelaide ", which was written specifically for Sinatra.
Although the original Laws in Wales Act of 1535 specifically stated the lands making up Monmouthshire were from the ' Country or Dominion of Wales ', the Laws in Wales Act 1542 added Monmouthshire to the Oxford circuit of the English Assizes rather than falling under the Court of Great Sessions in Wales.
" Whole blood " ( WB ) is the proper name for one defined product, specifically unseparated venous blood with an approved preservative added.
The Robert Ridgway Award for Publications in Field Ornithology was added in 2002, and today the Griscom award more specifically recognizes outstanding contributions to regional ornithology.

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