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Page "fiction" ¶ 252
from Brown Corpus
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then and after
Back in the house a hoodlum named Red Buck, sore because Billy had been allowed to leave unscathed, jumped from a bunk and swore he was going after him to kill him right then.
But is that not like going to a chemistry laboratory and blindly pouring out liquids and powders from an array of bottles and then, after stirring, expecting a new wonder drug inevitably to result??
For, after leaving the Army in 1956, I spent five years in Graduate School first at Boston College and then at the University of Toronto.
Going through the Imperial Gate in the wall, I entered the grounds of Topkapi Palace, home of the Sultans and nerve center of the vast Ottoman Empire, and walked along a road toward another gate in the distance, past the Church of St. Irene, completed by Constantine in 330 A.D. on my left, and then, just outside the second gate, I saw a spring with a tap in the wall on my right -- the Executioner's Spring, where he washed his hands and his sword after beheading his victims.
And then again perhaps the reason why he couldn't find time to do any of the things he had planned to do after retirement: reading, roaming, gardening, lying on his back and watching the clouds go by, was because he didn't want to do them.
North and south, east and west, back and forth he sailed in the land-locked bay, plowing furiously forward until land appeared, then turning to repeat the process, day after day, week after week.
`` Range delivery '' meant that the buyer, after examinin' the seller's ranch records and considerin' his rep'tation for truthfulness, paid for what the seller claimed to own, then rode out and tried to find it.
He found them near the carcass of a zebra that had been killed the night before, and he circled once, nose to the ground, hair shooting up along his back, as it did when he was after lion or bear, and then he lifted his head and bayed, and the pack joined in, all heads high, and Jones knew it was a hot trail.
Take the Via Di S. Agnese in Agone, next to the church and opposite the center of the square, then turn right after about two hundred yards to reach the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Della Pace.
His son watched until he got as far as the hall, almost out of sight, then hurried after.
Fiedler was then technical director of Hitler's super-secret `` Reichenberg project '', which remained unknown to the Allies until after the war.
Well, most of our fears may be unfounded, but after you discover that fact, you have something else to worry about: Why then do we have these fears??
And then I remembered a few years before after their return from a short trip to Rome I had heard her boast, over and over again, `` On the boat people liked me for myself ''.
Would he have to clean up after her every day, clean the kitchen, the bathroom, and get down on his knees and scrub the kitchen floor, then hang up her dresses, pick up her stockings, make the bed while she lay around??
Parnassos, which was then named after her.
alt = Map displaying a looping line with arrows indicating that water flows eastward in the far Southern ocean, angling north east of Australia, turning sough after passing Alaska, then crossing the mid-Pacific to flow north of Australia, continuing west below Africa, then turning northwest until reaching eastern Canada, then angling east to southern Europe, then finally turning south just below Greenland and flowing down the Americas ' eastern coast, and resuming its flow eastward to complete the circle
One of Alexander's radical associates manages to extract a confession from Alex after removing him from F. Alexander's home and then locks him in a flatblock near his former home.
This refusal to accept any renunciation of allegiance to the Crown led to conflict with the United States over impressment, and then led to further conflicts even during the War of 1812, when thirteen Irish American prisoners of war were executed as traitors after the Battle of Queenston Heights ; Winfield Scott urged American reprisal, but none was carried out.
It has been celebrated as The Emperor's Birthday from 1927 to 1988, then renamed as Greenery Day after Hirohito's death in 1989.
In game 19, Korchnoi succeeded in winning a long endgame, then notched a speedy victory after a blunder by Karpov two games later.

then and little
even when the fences became a part of the game -- when a vine-embowered gate-post was the Sleeping Beauty's enchanted castle, or when Rapunzel let down her golden hair from beneath the crocketed spire, even then we paid little heed to those who went by on the path outside.
Actually, you could wish for some passion, now and then, but when you look around the world and see the little volcanos of current history which partisan social passions have wrought, you are glad that in these pamphlets there is at least some civilized calm.
Finally, Mama did mention to Mrs. Coolidge that she felt sorry for the little dogs, and then Mrs. Coolidge decided to leave the radio on for them while she was gone, even though her husband disapproved of the waste of electricity.
He was then noting that the big eye on the little newt hung back until the little eye had grown up to it, while the little eye on the big newt grew rapidly until it was as big as the other.
For them only a little more needed to be learned, and then all physical knowledge could be neatly sorted, packaged and put in the inventory to be drawn on for the solution of any human problem.
And then there is St. Louis county, where the Democratic leadership has shown little appreciation of the need for sound zoning, of the important relationship between proper land use and economic growth.
But then one day, while on a week's visit to the country home of a retired Swiss jeweler, Rousseau amused the company with a few little melodies he had written, to which he attached no great importance.
The thin legs twitched convulsively once, then Kate felt the little body stiffening in her arms and heard one strangled sound.
Outside of cutting your fingers, maybe you would come up with nothing at all, but then again, you might turn out some dandy little gadgets.
and allowed little initiative in early play and work patterns -- then in adolescence her normal degree of vanity, sensitivity, and preoccupation with whether others find her appearance and behavior acceptable, will be compounded.
Two weeks, a month, we talk it over again, and maybe if nothing happens meanwhile to say the cops know this and that, then we make a little deal, isn't it ''??
Slowly he pulled out the hand throttle until the boat was moving at little more than a crawl, and watched Elaine rapidly spin from one station to another, tune in the null, then draw in a line on the chart.
`` They can be going along, doing little damage, then bang, bang -- they can hit a couple of passes on you for touchdowns and put you in trouble ''.
I've tried to compromise by letting them take the little car now and then.
And then think how little hydrogen we have in us compared with the hydrogen in Delaware Bay or in the ocean beyond.
And little Zeme North, a Dora with real spirit and verve, was fascinating whether she was singing of her love for Floyd, the cop who becomes sewer commissioner and then is promoted into garbage, or just dancing to display her exuberant feelings.
These keys are the working principles of physics, mathematics and astronomy, principles which are then extrapolated, or projected, to explain phenomena of which we have little or no direct knowledge.
You laughed and then your chest swelled and you felt you could cry for a little bit, and then a feeling hit you like a chill in your stomach and the goose bumps rippled along your arm.
`` I been spotting a little now and then '', she said quietly, no emotion in her voice.
Yet even then we did nothing much but talk, and maybe neck a little.
When he at last did go to his room, he couldn't sleep and instead paced up and down before his little image of Acala, thinking first of Charlotte's tale of the man at Ryusenji, then of his biwa and the invisible Pacific waters.

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