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these and workers
He concludes that these data show a `` remarkably high '' percentage of consciously dissatisfied and unhappy persons among factory and clerical workers.
In late summer migratory workers lived five and six to a room in these.
Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central Egypt during the 15th century BC for or by Semitic workers, but only one of these early writings has been deciphered and their exact nature remains open to interpretation.
Fine arts artists such as painters succeeded in the Renaissance in raising their status, formerly similar to these workers, to a decisively higher level, but in the 20th century the distinction became rather less relevant.
Hence these words of David: In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land, that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.
Hospital staff, such as shipping and receiving personnel, custodial workers, laundry workers, and waste handlers, all have potential exposure to these drugs during the course of their work.
The increased use of antineoplastic agents in veterinary oncology also puts these workers at risk for exposure to these drugs.
The workers lived at these locations, and at villages scattered around the island.
In the early 1970s, setbacks to US military capabilities in the region including the fall of Saigon, victory of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the closure of the Peshawar Air Station listening post in Pakistan and Kagnew Station in Ethiopia, the Mayaguez incident, and the build-up of Soviet Naval presence in Aden and a Soviet Air Base at Berbera, Somalia, caused the US to request, and the UK to approve, permission to build a fleet anchorage and enlarged airfield on Diego Garcia, and the Seabees doubled the number of workers constructing these facilities.
A distinct Creole culture called the Ilois, which means " Islanders " in French Creole, evolved from these workers.
For these workers, it was effectively a lottery as to whether they would get work-and pay, and food-on any particular day.
The Directive permits Member States to not implement these default worker involvement provisions in their national law, but then an SE cannot be created in that member state if the provisions in the Directive would apply and negotiations between workers and management are unsuccessful.
The repercussions of these events had a lasting effect on the future of the movement, with several powerful leaders staking positions within the party, and losing support among the radical workers.
Apart from these factors, hard work and long hours at full capacity among the population in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s and extra labor supplied by thousands of Gastarbeiter (" guest workers ") provided a vital base for the economic upturn.
Before these privileges were legislated, these groups of handicraft workers were simply called ' handicraft associations '.
Strikes and worker demonstrations became more common as the workers gave vent to these frustrations.
Skilled workers were hard to replace, and these were the first groups to successfully advance their conditions through this kind of bargaining.
If these ends could not be immediately achieved, then an international body attached to the League of Nations should enact and enforce legislation to protect workers and trade unions.
The US also suggested that representation from communist countries was not truly " tripartite "— including government, workers, and employers — because of the structure of these economies.
Many of these workers, who became affected by the 1837 disaster, were members of a union.
" There were forty-eight strikes in 1936 in which the strikers remained at their jobs for at least one day ; in twenty-two of these work stoppages, involving 34, 565 workers, the strikers stayed inside the plants for more than twenty-four hours.
During these strikes, business owners were unable to bring in new workers to replace the ones who were on strike because they were still in their seats at the factory.

these and cannot
The distances of these points of light is a problem he cannot master, beyond crude conjectures as to the orderings of the planetary orbits viewed outward from earth.
I cannot express to you the depth of my conviction that, in our own and free world interest, we must co-operate with others to help these people achieve their legitimate ambitions, as expressed in their different multi-year plans.
The somewhat Petrarchan love story which these poems suggest cannot obscure the fact that undoubtedly they have more than a little of autobiographical sincerity.
One cannot but wonder whether these doubts about the success of Khrushchev's agricultural policy have not at least something to do with one of the big surprises provided by this Congress -- the obsessive harping on the crimes and misdeeds of the `` anti-party group '' -- Molotov, Malenkov, Kaganovich and others -- including the eighty-year-old Marshal Voroshilov.
War, under these circumstances, cannot be one massive exchange of nuclear devastation.
Whether this abnormal TSH differs chemically from pituitary TSH, or is, alternatively, normal TSH with its period of effectiveness modified by some other blood constituent, cannot be decided without chemical study of the activity in the blood of these patients and a comparison of the substance responsible for the blood activity with pituitary Aj.
One cannot assume, of course, that all these accumulated meanings were inherent in the stereotype at the beginning of the therapy, or at any one time later on when the stereotype was uttered ; ;
This second conclusion, independently arrived at by independent study of material from two pairs of language families as different and remote from one another as these four are, cannot be ignored.
In view of these shortcomings in both the amount and the interpretation of survey-type findings on public opinion, and considering the criticisms which can be brought against Fromm's philosophical anthropology, such a passage as the following cannot be taken seriously.
Still, these guesses about the outcome of the struggle cannot be as important as the actual power relationship between the Soviet Union and ourselves.
`` They cannot do otherwise than live in dread of each other since these weapons imply the possibility of such grisly surprise attack.
The repeated efforts in Christian history to describe death as altogether the consequence of human sin show that these two aspects of death cannot be separated.
The embarrassment of these theories over the naturalness of death is an illustration of the thesis that death cannot be only a punishment, for some termination seems necessary in a life that is lived within the natural order of time and change.
The axiom of choice produces these intangibles ( objects that are proven to exist, but which cannot be explicitly constructed ), which may conflict with some philosophical principles.
The concept that matter is composed of discrete units and cannot be divided into arbitrarily tiny quantities has been around for millennia, but these ideas were founded in abstract, philosophical reasoning rather than experimentation and empirical observation.
However, as the preservation of behaviour in the fossil record is exceedingly rare, these ideas cannot readily be tested.
Besides them, many smaller systems exist ( tactical ABMs ), that generally cannot intercept intercontinental strategic missiles, even if within range — an incoming ICBM simply moves too fast for these systems.
Corporations, using these economic institutions for their special corporate and financial interests, exercising privileges that human citizens cannot, including
It cannot be claimed, beyond all doubt, whether any or all of these specific allegations were true, but Rubenstein suggests that Athanasius employed a level of force when it suited his cause or personal interests.
The ships approaching from the opposite direction cannot be seen round these bends.
While they can synthesize arginine and histidine, they cannot produce it in sufficient amounts for young, growing animals, and so these are often considered essential amino acids.
These anthropologists continue to concern themselves with the distinct ways people in different locales experience and understand their lives, but they often argue that one cannot understand these particular ways of life solely from a local perspective ; they instead combine a focus on the local with an effort to grasp larger political, economic, and cultural frameworks that impact local lived realities.
The result is that Clipperton is now virtually a sandy desert, with only 674 remaining palms counted by C. Jost during the " Passion 2001 " French mission, and five islets in the lagoon with grass that these terrestrial crabs cannot reach.
There are also, however, a large number of idiosyncratic theories that cannot cleanly be assigned to any of these camps.
" Samar Khatiwala, an oceanographer at Columbia University concludes that the studies suggest " we cannot count on these sinks operating in the future as they have in the past, and keep on subsidizing our ever-growing appetite for fossil fuels.

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