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destruction and coupled
These factors, coupled with poverty and the total destruction of Vietnam during the Vietnam war, caused millions of Vietnamese to flee.
As one prominent journal has noted, al-Ḥākim has attracted the interest of modern historians more than any other member of the Fatimid dynasty because of ... " His eccentric character, the inconsistencies and radical shifts in his conduct and policies, the extreme austerity of his personal life, the vindictive and sanguinary ruthlessness of his dealing with the highest officials of his government coupled with an obsession to suppress all signs of corruption and immorality in public life, his attempted annihilation of Christians and call for the systematic destruction of all Christian holy places in the middle east culminating in the destruction of the most holy Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, his deification by a group of extremist Isma ' li missionaries who became the forerunners and founders of the Druze religion, all combine to contrast his reign sharply with that of any of his predecessors and successors and indeed of any Muslim ruler ....
Supporters of environmentalism feel that increasing materialism is unsustainable, especially when coupled with population growth, and most often leads to an increased destruction of nature.
This is coupled with selective scholarship designed to pick out the worst examples of anti-Christian behavior by Muslim governments, usually in time of war and threats to their own destruction ( as in the case of the deplorable Armenian genocide of 1915 ).
Their proximity to the Citadel, coupled with its imminent explosion, which would level much of City 17, requires them to go back inside and stabilize the core, stalling the structure's destruction long enough for both themselves and much of the human population to escape.
The battle marked the destruction of the Ulster army the only remaining military obstacle to pacifying Ulster, the loss of men and material coupled with the loss of much of the many experienced officer cadre in all reality removed the Ulster army as a operational force, with time these loses could be turned around but time was now the enemy.
This is coupled with selective scholarship designed to pick out the worst examples of anti-Christian behavior by Muslim governments, usually in time of war and threats to their own destruction ( as in the case of the deplorable Armenian genocide of 1915 ).
The Byzantines followed this up with the destruction of the North African flotillas, and coupled their successes at sea with severe trading limitations imposed on Muslim traders.
That connection, coupled with the heart-wrenching reports and images of the destruction left behind by the 6. 1 magnitude quake, convinced RaceTrac's leadership to take action.

destruction and with
Each scene is shot straight through, as had been the universal custom, from a camera fixed in a single position, but in the outdoor scenes, especially in the capture and destruction of the outlaws, Porter's camera position breaks, necessarily, with the camera position standard until then, which had been, roughly, that of a spectator in a center orchestra seat at a play.
Even Professor Arnold Toynbee, agreeing with his son, does so in these terms: `` Compared to continuing to incur a constant risk of the destruction of the human race, all other evils are lesser evils.
`` You see, first of all and in a sense as the source of all other ills, the unshakeable American commitment to the principle of unconditional surrender: The tendency to view any war in which we might be involved not as a means of achieving limited objectives in the way of changes in a given status quo, but as a struggle to the death between total virtue and total evil, with the result that the war had absolutely to be fought to the complete destruction of the enemy's power, no matter what disadvantages or complications this might involve for the more distant future ''.
His arrival must have occurred during the " dark ages " that followed the destruction of the Mycenaean civilization, and his conflict with Gaia ( Mother Earth ) was represented by the legend of his slaying her daughter the serpent Python.
Darius thus began to contemplate the complete conquest of Greece, beginning with the destruction of Athens and Eretria.
649 people were reported arrested, five were charged with destruction of property, while the others were charged with parading without a permit, or failing to obey police orders to disperse.
The term abaddon appears six times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible ; abaddon means destruction or " place of destruction ", or the realm of the dead, and is associated with Sheol.
*# The division of mankind threatens it with destruction ... Only universal cooperation under conditions of intellectual freedom and the lofty moral ideals of socialism and labor, accompanied by the elimination of dogmatism and pressure of the concealed interests of ruling classes, will preserve civilization ...
On the one hand, Reagan stated that SDI was " consistent with ... the ABM Treaty ", but on the other hand, he viewed it as a defensive system that would help reduce the possibility that mutual assured destruction ( MAD ) would become reality ; he even suggested that the Soviets would be given access to the SDI technology.
He was formerly identified with an Egyptian priest who, after the destruction of the pagan temple at Alexandria ( 389 ), fled to Constantinople, where he became the tutor of the ecclesiastical historian Socrates.
Moses is ordered to make plates to cover the altar with the two hundred fifty censers left after the destruction of Korah's band.
The book opens with a vision of Yahweh, God of Israel ; moves on to anticipate the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, explains this as Yahweh's punishment, and closes with the promise of a new beginning and a new Temple.
Deane and J. R. Thomson write this valid conclusion, “ The Book of Obadiah is occupied with one subject the punishment of Edom for its cruel and unbrotherly love conduct towards Judah ...” One can link this idea of punishment to one of the major prophets “ Ezekiel ” who “... interprets the exile to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem as deserved punishments for the sins of those who themselves committed them .” Verses 3-7 in Obadiah explain to the reader the reason for the punishment theme, “ Confidence in one ’ s power, intelligence, allies, or the topographical features of one ’ s territory is often mentioned as an attribute of those who foolishly confront the Lord and are consequently punished .” Although destruction is vital to understanding Obadiah, it is of note to understand the destruction being a consequence of action.
It comes to conclusion with a taunt song and funeral dirge of the impending destruction of Nineveh and the " sleep " or death of the Assyrian people and demise of the once great Assyrian conqueror-rulers.
The western / lowland bongo faces an ongoing population decline as habitat destruction and meat hunting pressures increase with the relentless expansion of human settlement.
On 23 July Austria-Hungary delivered a toughly worded letter to Serbia with ten enumerated demands and additional demands in the preamble aimed at the destruction of the anti-Austrian terrorist and propaganda network in Serbia.
In recent decades Canadians have become less willing to accept the environmental destruction associated with exploiting natural resources.
illegal logging activities throughout the country and strip mining for gems in the western region along the border with Thailand have resulted in habitat loss and declining biodiversity ( in particular, destruction of mangrove swamps threatens natural fisheries ); soil erosion ; in rural areas, most of the population does not have access to potable water ; declining fish stocks because of illegal fishing and overfishing
The Roman period ends with Avar and Croat invasions in the VI-VII century and the destruction of almost all Roman towns.

destruction and protracted
But the fleet of the Ionians was defeated off the island of Lade, and the destruction of Miletus after a protracted siege was followed by the reconquest of all the Asiatic Greeks, insular as well as continental.
After the destruction of Gaza airport by Israeli army Arabic States delegations submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and IMO Council aohail subject to the terms of the delegation in Arabic ( Algeria, Saudi, Egypt ;, Lebanon ) by subtracting the issue in accordance with the texts of treaties and international law and after protracted deliberations, the US delegation used every means to prevent the condemnation of Israel by the Council, but the Council, under the insistence of Arabic delegations, came again to vote with the result of condemning Israel for the destruction of a civilian airport and navigational devices used for civilian purposes only.
These are relatively new due to protracted disputes over appropriate development following the destruction of the old cafe in the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires.
Major protests around the construction of the parking lot continued through the summer of 2005, including the occupation of President Jeffrey Lehman's office on April 28, 2005 by eight students, as well as a protracted direct action occupation of the woods themselves by students, faculty, and community members, in opposition to what appeared to be imminent destruction.

destruction and siege
According to the book, the Prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin, who lived in the last years of the Kingdom of Judah just prior to, during, and immediately after the siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the raiding of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.
On Tiglath-Pileser's death Israel rebelled, resulting in an Assyrian counter-attack and the destruction of the capital, Samaria, in 721 after a three-year siege.
Ezra, thirty years into the Babylonian Exile ( 4 Ezra 3: 1 / 2 Esdras 1: 1 ), recounts the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of Solomon's Temple.
According to the Hebrew Testament, Hezekiah witnessed the destruction of the northern Kingdom of Israel by Sargon's Assyrians in c 720 BC and was king of Judah during the invasion and siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib in 701 BC.
Although badly outnumbered, he escaped destruction from pursuing Bolshevik forces and laid siege to Ekaterinodar, the capital of the Kuban Soviet Republic, on 10 April.
The Third Punic War ( 149 146 BC ) involved an extended siege of Carthage, ending in the city's thorough destruction.
Dresden suffered heavy destruction in the Seven Years ' War ( 1756 1763 ), following its capture by Prussian forces, its subsequent re-capture, and a failed Prussian siege in 1760.
* October 8 October 14 English Civil War: Third siege of Basing House by Cromwell results in its destruction.
After the destruction of Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar engaged in a thirteen year siege of Tyre ( 585 572 BCE ), which ended in a compromise, with the Tyrians accepting Babylonian authority.
4: 7 ), as well as an account of Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem and looting and destruction of the temple ( Jer.
As consul he will be the commander of the final siege and destruction of Carthage and will be the leader of the senators opposed to the Gracchi ( d. 129 BC )
They and their native allies returned in the spring of 1521 to lay siege to Tenochtitlan, a battle that ended on August 13 with the destruction of the city.
* 405 Lysander captures Athenian fleet, Spartan king Pausanias lays siege to Athens, Cleophon executed, Corinth and Thebes demand destruction of Athens
As consul he will be the commander of the final siege and destruction of Carthage and will be the leader of the senators opposed to the Gracchi ( d. 129 BC )
In 870 an army led by the Viking chiefs known in Irish as Amlaíb Conung and Ímar laid siege to Alt Clut, a siege which lasted some four months and led to the destruction of the citadel and the taking of a very large number of captives.
During the siege of Jerusalem, when it was finally obvious that Jeremiah ’ s prophecies of disaster would be fulfilled and that destruction and exile were imminent, the Lord instructed Jeremiah to make a real-estate investment by purchasing a field at Anathoth from his cousin Hanamel.
According to Cornelius Nepos, in his defense Epaminondas merely requested that, if he be executed, the inscription regarding the verdict read: Epaminondas was punished by the Thebans with death, because he obliged them to overthrow the Lacedaemonians at Leuctra, whom, before he was general, none of the Boeotians durst look upon in the field, and because he not only, by one battle, rescued Thebes from destruction, but also secured liberty for all Greece, and brought the power of both people to such a condition, that the Thebans attacked Sparta, and the Lacedaemonians were content if they could save their lives ; nor did he cease to prosecute the war, till, after settling Messene, he shut up Sparta with a close siege.
It was during the 1690 siege that the infamous destruction of the Williamite guns at Ballyneety, near Pallasgreen was carried out by General Patrick Sarsfield.
It was a siege operation, starting sometime between 149 and 148 BC, and ending in the spring of 146 BC with the sack and complete destruction of the city of Carthage.
While the day recalls general tragedies which have befallen the Jewish people over the ages, the day focuses on commemoration of five events: the destruction of the two ancient Temples in Jerusalem, the sin of ten of the twelve scouts sent by Moses who spoke disparagingly about the Promised Land, the razing of Jerusalem following the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and the failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire.
** Scipio Aemilianus Africanus, politician general who led the final siege and destruction of Carthage in 146 BC.
As consul he commanded at the final siege and destruction of Carthage in 146 BC, and was a leader of the senators opposed to the Gracchi in 133 BC.

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