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when and opened
As he reached for the door there was a knock on it and when he opened he found Artie, who came in and sat down on a bunk.
Meltzer stayed with Alfred, and when the door opened they both came out.
Mr. Podger was just adding this to his pictures of the day when the screen door opened and Pam burst out.
`` And Jesus, when he was baptized went up straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him ''.
White wines should be opened when served, having been previously chilled in proportion to their sweetness.
Actually, he regretted having opened his mouth when the truck came to a stop and the angry driver jumped down from the cab and walked back toward them.
Then, when the case went to the jury, the judge excused one of the jurors, saying the juror had told him he had been accosted by masked men at his motel the night before the trial opened.
As a result, ever since 1851 when the Senate restaurant opened in the new wing of the Capitol Building, the senators have never ceased to grumble about the food -- even while they opposed every move that might improve it.
Between 1881 when the club was opened, and 1889, the dam frequently sprang leaks and was patched, mostly with mud and straw.
Alford left the house, and afterwards the victim received a fatal gunshot wound when he opened the door responding to a knock.
1960 saw the Sharpeville incident, in which 69 people were killed when police opened fire on anti-apartheid protesters.
Its institutions included a post-graduate theological college ( opened in connection with the Church of England in 1892, until 1907, when it was removed to Llandaff ).
Since 1885, when the Duke of Montrose constructed a road over the eastern shoulder of Craigmore to join the older road at the entrance of the Trossachs pass, Aberfoyle has become the alternative route to the Trossachs and Loch Katrine ; this road, known as the Duke's Road or Duke's Pass, was opened to the public in 1931 when the Forestry Commission acquired the land.
Holly's transition to rock continued when he opened for Bill Haley & His Comets at a local show organized by Eddie Crandall, the manager for Marty Robbins.
Hill Top Farm was opened to the public by the National Trust in 1946 ; her artwork was displayed there until 1985 when it was moved to William Heelis ’ s former law offices in Hawkshead, also owned by the National Trust as the Beatrix Potter Gallery.
The Great Court, opened in 2000, while undoubtedly improving circulation around the museum, was criticised for having a lack of exhibition space at a time when the museum was in serious financial difficulties and many galleries were closed to the public.
Work was also progressing on the northern half of the West Wing ( The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery ) 1826 – 1831, with Montagu House demolished in 1842 to make room for the final part of the West Wing, completed in 1846, and the South Wing with its great colonnade, initiated in 1843 and completed in 1847, when the Front Hall and Great Staircase were opened to the public.
Gate House, with the rest of Upper Burwash, opened in 1913 and has held students every year since then except 1995, when it was renovated.
Butler stated, "… the Sunday Bloody Sunday thing had just happened in Ireland, when the British troops opened fire on the Irish demonstrators ...
Costa Rica maintained official relations with the Republic of China ( commonly known as " Taiwan ") instead of the People's Republic of China ( commonly known as " China ") until June 1, 2007, when it opened relations with China.
Three were completed when the War of 1812 broke out ; these were the Santee Canal ( opened 1800 ) in South Carolina, the Middlesex Canal ( opened 1802 ) in Massachusetts and the Dismal Swamp Canal ( opened 1805 ) in Virginia.
When the partial pressure of is reduced, for example when a can of soda is opened, the equilibrium for each of the forms of carbonate ( carbonate, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, and carbonic acid ) shifts until the concentration of in the solution is equal to the solubility of CO < sub > 2 </ sub > at that temperature and pressure.

when and at
I felt strongly attached to the hall, however, and hardly a day passed when I did not go to look at it from a distance.
Andy Ross had just started swinging an ax at his second willow when the distant blast of a rifle sounded.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
And so when Miss Langford came to teach at the one-room Chestnut school, where Jack was a pupil in the eighth grade, the Woman of Jack's mind assumed the teacher's face and figure.
He could not keep his eyes off her when at school ; ;
when he went home at night, he took her with him in his mind, and she did the things the anonymous Woman used to do, and he did the thing afterwards each time as he used to do.
And so when the others stampeded out that afternoon Jack remained docilely in his seat near a window, looking out in what he hoped was a pitiable manner, while the other kids laughed and yelled in at him and made faces as they dispersed, going home.
Yet when, at war's end, the ex-Tory made the first move to resume correspondence, Jay wrote him from Paris, where he was negotiating the peace settlement:
That, I thought, is at least one thing I can find out when we meet.
But now we can keep it out no longer, because we have come into a time when `` it invades our experience at every moment.
The consciousness it mirrors may have come earlier to Europe than to America, but it is the consciousness that most `` mature '' societies arrive at when their successes in technological and economic systematization propel them into a time of examining the not-strictly-practical ends of culture.
How is the beat poet to achieve unity of form when he is at the same time engaged in a systematic derangement of senses.
Another, more interesting explanation, is hinted at by Watson when he observes on several occasions that Holmes would have made a magnificent criminal.
but when the bird is found at last, it turns out to be a fake.
Precisely at the moment when it has lost its vision the mind of the community turns out from itself in a search for the ontological standard whereby it can measure itself.
And when the child dies in Lawrence's story in a delirium that is somehow brought on by his mania to win and to make his mother rich, the manifest absurdity of such a disease and such a death does not enter into our thoughts at all.
His sailing vessel is guided by fate to the shores of his own country at a time when Sibylla's domain is overrun by the armies of one of her rejected suitors.
They have an ancestry extending back, however, at least to 1728, when William Byrd described the Lubberlanders he encountered in the back country of Virginia and North Carolina.
Actually, you could wish for some passion, now and then, but when you look around the world and see the little volcanos of current history which partisan social passions have wrought, you are glad that in these pamphlets there is at least some civilized calm.
To return now to the four-element physics, a mixture of muddy, frothy water will, when standing in a jar, separate out with earth at the bottom, water on top, and the air on top of that.
Henrietta, however, was at that time engaged in a lengthy correspondence with Joe's older and more serious brother, Morris, who was just about her own age and whom she had got to know well during trips to Philadelphia with Papa, when he substituted for Rabbi Jastrow at Rodeph Shalom Temple there during its Rabbi's absence in Europe.
And when he complained of the lack of time for all he wanted to do, Henrietta advised him to rise at five in the morning as she and Papa did.
Yet somehow, when officers were prodded into visiting Taliesin to execute the warrants, they would find neither Wright nor Olgivanna at home.
Little enough joy was afforded Wright in the spring of 1925, when another destructive fire broke out at Taliesin.

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