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when and film
Only George Santayana seemed to understand and appreciate the film when he wrote: `` Miss Poitrine has perpetrated the most eloquent argument for the Protestant faith yet unleashed by Hollywood ''.
For example, when the film is only four minutes old, Neitzbohr refers to a small, Victorian piano stool as `` Wilhelmina '', and we are thereupon subjected to a flashback that informs us that this very piano stool was once used by an epileptic governess whose name, of course, was Doris ( the English equivalent, when passed through middle-Gaelic derivations, of Wilhelmina ).
Rudyard Kipling's scorn for the `` jargon '' of psychical research was altered somewhat when he wondered `` how, or why, had I been shown an unreleased roll of my life film ''??
He said that drawings of the Dreadnought and printed details about the ship were found reproduced in an undeveloped roll of film taken from Lonsdale when he was arrested with the two civil servants outside the Old Vic theater Saturday afternoon, Jan. 7.
The episode in which Sancho Panza concludes the joke that is played on him when he is facetiously put in command of an `` island '' is one of the best in the film.
Rutherford, who was 70 years old when the first film was made, insisted that she wear her own clothes during the filming of the movie, as well as having her real-life husband, Stringer Davis appear alongside her as the character ' Mr Stringer '.
Arau appeared in the 1972 Mexican film El rincón de las vírgenes (" The Virgins ' Corner "), where he played the assistant of a fake mystical doctor traveling from town to town, who reminisce about their travels, when a group of women decide to propose the doctor for sainthood.
Andrew Powell appeared as arranger of orchestra ( and often choirs ) on all albums except Vulture Culture, when he was composing the score of Richard Donner's film Ladyhawke.
In the 1960 film David and Goliath, Abner ( Massimo Serato ) tries to murder David ( Ivica Pajer ) when he returns in triumph after killing Goliath ; however, Abner is slain by King Saul ( Orson Welles ).
Passenger 57 is a film starring Wesley Snipes as an airline security expert trapped on a passenger jet when terrorists seize control.
* In episode 2, season 4 of " How I Met Your Mother ", entitled " The Best Burger in New York ", Marshall's description of the taste of the best burger uses music that alludes to the 1984 film " Amadeus ", when Antonio Salieri describes the same music ( by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ) with the same accuracy and passion with which Marshall speaks of the burger.
* In episode 17, season 5 of " Family Guy ", entitled " It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One ", the Griffin family is wearing powdered wigs in their living room and Stewie Griffin begins playing several classical compositions, including those by Joseph Haydn and George Frideric Handel, when Peter Griffin, as Salieri, says " Play Peter Griffin ", alluding to the 1984 film Amadeus, when the disguised Salieri character requests that Mozart imitate his compositional style.
Mirroring the film further, Peter is then in the same setting in which the much older Salieri was when he says " Go ahead, mock me.
Most of the film took place at night and the filmmakers shot most of the film during the summer when the days were longest and the nights were the shortest.
The sound can be heard, for example, when Spike Jones sings " Der Fuehrer's Face " ( from the 1942 Disney animated film of the same name ), repeatedly lambasting Adolf Hitler with: " We'll Heil!
The film, which was co-directed with Leach and producer Cynthia Munroe, had been shot in 1963 but remained unreleased until 1969, when De Palma's star had risen sufficiently within the Greenwich Village filmmaking scene.
* Crackerjack – a 2002 Australian comedy film about a wisecracking layabout who joins a lawn bowls club in order to be allowed to use a free parking spot but is forced to play bowls with the much older crowd when the club enters financial difficulty.
Despite his ill health, Haley began compiling notes for possible use as a basis for either a biographical film based on his life, or a published autobiography ( accounts differ ), and there were plans for him to record an album in Memphis, Tennessee, when the brain tumor began affecting his behavior and he went back to his home in Harlingen, Texas, where he died early in the morning of February 9, 1981.
An example may be Paul Verhoeven's big budgeted, highly sexualized Showgirls ( 1995 ), initially intended to be a drama film about the rise of a Las Vegas stripper, that flopped both critically and commercially when released theatrically ; afterward, it enjoyed success on the home video market, generating more than $ 100 million from video rentals.
William Gibson would later reveal that upon first viewing the film, he was surprised at how the look of this film matched his vision when he was working on Neuromancer.
Another example occurs in the 1998 film Waking Ned, when two of the film's characters, Jackie and Michael, are walking through a storm towards Ned's house.

when and was
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
You see, he lied to us when he said he was leavin alone ''.
He was too old -- when he passed up and through the corridor of pines that lined the trail he could see ahead, he was passing from life.
A bullet tore the earth from beneath his foot when he was a stride or two from safety.
It was a relief when they finally came.
He was riding between two warriors, who held him erect when he started to slump.
Once, pressing him, I learned that his job was only part-time, in the afternoons when nothing went on in the hall.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
At last, when I put it to him directly, the clerk was forced to admit that the delay in my case was unusual.
The slight flutter that had disturbed the motion of her heart when she entered the forest was gone now, and even the dim groves of trees through which she occasionally passed did not reawaken her fear.
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
How could he comprehend her need when he himself was innocent??
His face was stiff with anger when they let go of his arms.
He was uttering threats in a low but savage voice when they closed and padlocked the door.
No man's name brought more cheers when it was announced in a rodeo.
In the cow camps, Tom Horn was regarded as a hero, as the same kind of champion he was when he entered and invariably won the local rodeos.
Out in the center of the circle the farmer, who was Dan, wasted no time when they came to the line, `` The farmer choose his wife ''.
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
Stevens was grunting over the last empty pocket when Russ abruptly rose and lunged toward Carmer's hat, which had tumbled half-a-dozen feet away when he first fell.

when and released
Most drill presses have a quill return spring that raises the spindle automatically when the feed lever is released and holds the quill in the raised position.
The return spring tension may be adjusted to suit individual requirements by gripping the spring housing with a pair of pliers ( to prevent the spring from unwinding when it is released ), loosening the lock nut or screw, and rotating the housing until the desired tension is achieved.
Of course, when your 6-inch torrent of water is released, it may cause a lot of comment as it passes through or by neighboring properties.
The verdict brought vindication to the dead woman's stepson, Vincent Hengesbach, 54, who was tried for the same crime in December, 1958, and released when the jury failed to reach a verdict.
Although his respect for Aristotle was diminished as his travels made it clear that much of Aristotle's geography was clearly wrong, when the old philosopher released his works to the public, Alexander complained " Thou hast not done well to publish thy acroamatic doctrines ; for in what shall I surpass other men if those doctrines wherein I have been trained are to be all men's common property?
* 1915 – The use of poison gas in World War I escalates when chlorine gas is released as a chemical weapon in the Second Battle of Ypres.
Interview Island ( the largest wildlife sanctuary in the territory ) in Middle Andaman holds a population of feral elephants, which were brought in for forest work by a timber company and released when the company went bankrupt.
Lavoisier's explanation of combustion disproved the phlogiston theory, which postulated that materials released a substance called phlogiston when they burned.
This work is stored in the bow as elastic potential energy, and when the bowstring is released, this stored energy is imparted to the arrow much more quickly than can be delivered by the muscles, resulting in much higher velocity and, hence, greater distance.
In archery, some energy is dissipated through elastic hysteresis, reducing the overall amount released when the bow is shot.
Voiceless aspiration occurs when the vocal cords remain open after a consonant is released.
These securities, known as ADRs ( American Depositary Receipt ) or GDRs ( Global Depositary Receipt ) depending on where they are issued, are typically considered " foreign " and therefore trade at a lower value when first released.
Known as " Big Mac ", the encyclopedia became the standard baseball reference until 1988, when Total Baseball was released by Warner Books using more sophisticated technology.
In addition, biopolymers have the potential to cut carbon emissions and reduce CO < sub > 2 </ sub > quantities in the atmosphere: this is because the CO < sub > 2 </ sub > released when they degrade can be reabsorbed by crops grown to replace them: this makes them close to carbon neutral.
The use of acellular human or animal dermal grafts have been described as an onlay patch to increase coverage of the implant when the pectoral muscle is released, which purports to improve both functional and aesthtic outcomes of implant-expander breast reconstruction.
In 1927, when Williams moved to OKeh Records, he took Jefferson with him, and OKeh quickly recorded and released Jefferson's " Matchbox Blues " backed with " Black Snake Moan ," which was to be his only OKeh recording, probably because of contractual obligations with Paramount.
Bud Selig also did not attend the San Francisco Giants ' baseball game on August 7 when Barry Bonds hit his record-breaking 756th home run ; after the event, Selig released a statement congratulating Bonds.
RoHS seeks to limit the dangerous substances in circulation in electronics products, in particular toxins and heavy metals, which are subsequently released into the environment when such devices are recycled.
In 1975 until when he continued to release singles, he released his first non-compilation LP 2023, a concept album that includes many instrumental songs.
Although the game had " incredible role-playing potential ", the concept of role-playing rabbits can be viewed as bizarre, and as such at least one commentator believes that " most people thought it was stupid " when it was first released.
in Paris, which enforces the library's copyrights and decides how and when this material can be released.
The spring pressure is released when the clutch pedal is depressed thus either pushing or pulling the diaphragm of the pressure plate, depending on type.
As a result, these first releases were followed by further distributions across much of the region, although their effectiveness on other crops, such as cabbages, has been questioned ; when the toads were released at Wau, the cabbages provided insufficient shelter and the toads rapidly left the immediate area for the superior shelter offered by the forest.
Many superstitious fans attribute this collapse to an incident at Shea Stadium when a fan released a black cat onto the field, further cursing the club, although the " Amazin ' Mets " ended the season at a torrid pace, finishing with a remarkable 100 wins.

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