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By and 1824
By late 1824, Monroe approved Calhoun's plans and in a special message to the Senate on January 27, 1825, requested the creation of the Arkansas Territory and Indian Territory.
By 1824 the caucus system practically collapsed.
By 1824 the party was split 4 ways and lacked a center.
By 1824, the unparalleled success of the Democratic-Republican Party had driven all other parties from the field.
By overland travel, American missionaries and early settlers ( initially mostly ex-trappers ) started showing up in Oregon around 1824.
An 1824 draft on the Bank written and signed by Daniel Webster, its attorney and the director of the Boston branch. By the time of Jackson's inauguration in 1829, the national bank appeared to be on solid footing.
By the end of 1824, the county had of taxable land.
By 1824, with restrictions on importation of French silks relaxed, up to half these looms became idle and prices were driven down.
By March 1824 fence viewers were paid $. 75 per day.
By 1824, several mills had been built along the Wallkill by Ezekiel Eltinge.
By 1824 a sanatorium was opened to the public, as well as a 63-metre pier, cloakrooms, and a park.
By 1824, the Chappe brothers were promoting the semaphore lines for commercial use, especially to transmit the costs of commodities.
By way of confirmation of this supposition that there is no distinction between the two parishes, as recently as 1824, lay documents relate to land transactions, in which land was described as being " in Great Bookham in the parish of Bookham ".
Though early examples were warehouse conversions, the first purpose-built spinning mill was constructed in 1797, and By 1824 there were 24.
By the time of the island's first contact with European travellers in 1824, Kosrae had a highly stratified society, typical of the surrounding islands of the time.
By 1824, he had executed 70 busts in marble of which 20 were of colossal size.
By the Middle Ages, Loos-en-Gohelle was a large village whose inhabitants lived mainly by farming: in 1569, 350 inhabitants, in 1759, 600 people ; In 1824, 700 inhabitants and in 1850 around 800 people.
By 1824 he had successfully negotiated a treaty that kept the United States from becoming embroiled in issues surrounding the Mexican struggle for independence.
By 1824, the congressional nominating caucus had fallen into disrepute and collapsed as a method of nominating presidential and vice presidential candidates.
By the Battle of Ayacucho in 1824, less than 1 % of the soldiers were European.
By 1824, The Virginia Housewife by Mary Randolph was published containing a recipe for Soda Cake.
By 1824, Buckland had a piece of a lower jaw with teeth, some vertebrae, and fragments of pelvis, scapula and hind limbs, probably not all from the same individual.
By 1822 he had moved to live with a family in Brandenburg-on-the-Havel where he was later accused of arson and 1824 was jailed for three years for counterfeiting.
By 1824 he had already been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and in that year he battled the royalist Spanish Army under the commando of lieutenant colonel Agustín Agualongo, in Barbacoas, ( Nariño ).

By and decision
By contrast, the energetic reaction of the leader to the full demands his decision imposes upon him strengthens the moral intuition and gives us the measure of the man.
By making inroads in the name of law enforcement into the protection which Congress has afforded to the marriage relationship, the Court today continues in the path charted by the recent decision in Wyatt v. United States, 362 U.S. 525, where the Court held that, under the circumstances of that case, a wife could be compelled to testify against her husband over her objection.
" Caplan comments on the impact of the Supreme Court's decision making it necessary for there to be evidence of guilt in such a plea, " By requiring that there be some evidence of guilt in such a situation, the decision attempts to protect the ' really ' innocent from the temptations to which plea-bargaining and defense attorneys may subject them.
By 1990, after efforts by Wendy's agency, Backer Spielvolgel Bates, to get humor into the campaign, a decision was made to portray Thomas in a more self-deprecating and folksy manner, which proved much more popular with test audiences.
By the terms of the Honduran constitution, this stalemate left the final choice of president up to the legislature, but that body was unable to obtain a quorum and reach a decision.
By 1937, the members had made the decision to create a new language, to the surprise of the world's interlanguage community.
By extension, it may be used for a decision to ignore the person or subject in other media.
By the assumptions of increasing marginal costs, exogenous inputs ' prices, and control concentrated on a single agent or entrepreneur, the optimal decision is to equate the marginal cost and marginal revenue of production.
By early November 1939, Adolf Hitler had decided on forcing a decision in the West by invading Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
By contrast, court decisions in some civil law jurisdictions ( most prominently France ) tend to be extremely brief, mentioning only the relevant legislation and not going into great detail about how a decision was reached.
By doing so the victorious Spartans proved to be the most clement state that fought Athens and at the same time they turned out to be its saviour as neither Corinth nor Thebes at the time could challenge their decision.
By 4 January 1912, the last two four-man groups had reached 87 ° 34 ′ S. Scott announced his decision: five men ( Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans ) would go forward, the other three ( Teddy Evans, William Lashly and Tom Crean ) would return.
In Stephen's words of mourning: By God's secret decision death took him, so that wickedness would not change his soul and false imaginations would not deceive his mind – as the Book of Wisdom teaches about early death.
By the 15th century, its authority in the Spanish Jewish community was such that Joseph ibn Shem-Tov drew from it arguments in his attacks against Maimonides, and even representatives of non-mystical Jewish thought began to assert its sacredness and invoke its authority in the decision of some ritual questions.
By permitting the publication of Fanny Hill, the U. S. Supreme Court set the bar for any ban so high that Rembar himself called the 1966 decision " the end of obscenity ".
By way of example, and following Germany's decision after the Franco-Prussian War ( 1870 – 1871 ) to extract reparations to facilitate a move to the gold standard, Japan gained the needed reserves after the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 – 1895.
By the mid 1970s, as other cities became increasingly choked in traffic and air pollution, Melbourne was convinced that its decision to retain its trams was the correct one, even though patronage had been declining since the 1950s in the face of increasing use of cars and the shift to the outer suburbs, beyond the tram network's limits.
By actively processing evidence, making inferences, using common sense and personal experiences to inform their decision-making, research has indicated that jurors are effective decision makers that seek thorough understanding, rather than passive, apathetic participants unfit to serve on a jury.
By decision of the Ministry of Defense-Air Force, in 10 December 1975 the airport was named Tito Minniti, first pilot crashed in East Africa December 26, 1935 during the Ethiopian war.
By the time of Diocletian, however, this two-stage process had largely disappeared, and the Praetor would either hear the whole case in person or appoint a delegate ( a iudex pedaneus ), taking steps for the enforcement of the decision ; the formula was replaced by an informal system of pleadings.
: By 1954, when Brown came up for decision, it had been apparent for some time that segregation rarely if ever produced equality.
By the October 1941, the rapid German drive to Moscow, triggered the decision to relocate the Moscow automotive manufacturer ZIS to the Volga town of Ulyanovsk.
# By coming out, trans and intersex people disclose their gender identity and, if applicable, their decision to transition to the gender role with which they more closely identify.

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