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By and 1852
By 1852, it had fallen below £ 1, 000 and would never recover.
By 1852, the French Army included three regiments of Zouaves.
By 1852, it had premiered in all the major cities of Italy, although sometimes under different titles due to the vagaries of censorship ( e. g. as Viscardello, Lionello, and Clara de Perth ).
By the same author is the List of people associated with the comunero Juan Bravo sculpture, made in 1921 and located in the heart of the city in the Square of the Sirens, the name given to two statues that top the stairs and representing these mythological beings, made by Francisco Bellver in 1852.
By 1852, regular rail transportation from Columbia to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg made the town the commercial center for the area halfway between the county seats of Lancaster and York.
By 1852, the skits that had been part of blackface performance for decades expanded to one-act farces, often used as the show's third act.
" By 1852, Capt.
By 1852, it was already a motley collection of a dozen rude shanties scattered along the road, each one containing a cantina which catered to the vaqueros of the San Andreas and Los Corralitos Ranchos.
By 1852, Yuba City had one hotel, a grocery store, a post office, approximately 20 dwelling homes with a population of about 150.
By 1852, there were 8 hotels, 4 banks, 17 general stores, 2 firehouses, 2 bookstores, 1 newspaper, 3 churches, and over 40 drinking / gambling establishments.
By an act of the Indiana General Assembly in 1852, any county could change its seat if two-thirds of its residents signed a petition and put forward a fifty-dollar deposit for an architect to design a new courthouse.
By 1852 La Porte had become a well established settlement of considerable size for its time and vicinity, with 5, 000 residents.
By annexing land from towns around it, including part of Poland in 1852, Minot in 1873, and all of Danville ( first called Pejepscot ) in 1867, Auburn grew geographically into one of Maine's largest municipalities.
By 1852, the dam was completed and a saw mill was in operation.
By 1852, he opened his own business, starting with a store.
By 1882, the Company had relocated to their present building, which was erected in 1852 as a Market House.
By the time Ely died in 1852, Elyria had 5 churches, 3 grocery stores, 3 flour mills, a newspaper, and a population of more than 1, 500.
By 1852, the town of Oberlin was an active terminus on the underground railroad, and thousands had already passed through it on their way to freedom.
In 1852, sixty-three-year-old Elijah Davidson and his family set out for Oregon Territory By 1854, more than a dozen Disciples families from Monmouth, many of them related to each other or to Davidson, had joined him.
By 1852, Sherman had a population of 300.
By 1852, he had become a leading figure in Saint Petersburg's musical life, performing as a soloist and collaborating with some of the outstanding instrumentalists and vocalists who came to the Russian capital.
By 1852 the financial problems of the society were deteriorating.
By the end of 1852 hundreds of thousands of copies of the book had been sold in the United States.
By 1 June 1852 all the remaining German states joined the Union.

By and county
By this time, portions of Ormsby County had been given over to neighboring counties, reducing the county to Carson City and a few outlying settlements.
By the 6th century the majority of the modern county was part of the East Saxon kingdom.
By 1211 the Livonian province of Metsepole ( now Limbaži district ) and mixed Livonian-Latgallian inhabited county of Idumea ( now Straupe ) was converted to the Roman Catholic faith.
By Eastern Han times, the central government monopolies were repealed in favor of production by commandery and county administrations, as well as private businessmen.
By opening the ports of the county to all nations, and proclaiming full freedom of trade ( 1626 ), the commerce of the city was given great stimulus, the noble families taking part in its mercantile enterprises.
By the 1890s the county contained the following burghs, which were largely outside the county council's jurisdiction:
By 1793, four towns had been added to the county by division of the existing towns:
By the 1860s the towns of Harmony, Knightsville, and Brazil were growing rapidly, due in part to their location along the National Road, and also because of the many coal companies in that section of the county.
By 1951, enrollment stood at 35, 000 and included teachers, county and city employees.
By a treaty with Louis IX of France, he wrested the county of Barcelona from nominal French suzerainty and integrated it into his crown.
By 2030, the county is expected to have a population of about 360, 000.
By 2008 the county population had grown 43 % to 137, 589.
By votes in the commission, the commissioners are given executive responsibilities for the various county departments, which fall under the categories of " Roads and Transportation ", " Community Development ", " Environmental Services ", " Health and Human Services ", " Technlogy and Land Development ", and " Finance and General Services ".
By contrast, in other municipalities, the sheriff's office may be merged with most or all city-level police departments within a county to form a consolidated city-county or metropolitan police force responsible for general law enforcement anywhere in the county.
By 1810, the county seat was at Denbigh.
By the time of the American Revolution, it was the most populous county in Virginia.
By 2005 non-Hispanic whites were 84. 5 % of the population of the county.
By the late 1950s, although immune from annexation by the bigger cities, the most recent suit by the city of Norfolk against Norfolk County would have taken all of the county land adjoining South Norfolk.
By the time most indentured workers had earned freedom and some rose to common planter status, the wealthiest planter families in the county already controlled the valuable riverfront.
By the late 1950s a majority of those graduating from high school in the county were Mexican American.
By January 1, 1991, almost of oil had been taken from county lands since 1936.
By 1920 only eighty-one people lived in the county, and only twenty-seven farms remained.

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