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By and 1898
By Spanish actress María del Carmen Ruíz y Moragas ( 1898 – 1936 ):
By the end of 1898, Western pilgrims started coming to Akka on pilgrimage to visit ` Abdu ' l-Bahá ; this group of pilgrims, including Phoebe Hearst, was the first time that Bahá ' ís raised up in the West had met ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
By 1898, the family was self-sustaining with suitable accommodations for their large family.
By 1898, Diesel had become a millionaire.
By 1898 Georges Méliès was the largest producer of fiction films in France, and from this point onwards his output was almost entirely films featuring trick effects, which were very successful in all markets.
By 1898 Valdemar Poulsen had demonstrated a magnetic recorder and proposed magnetic tape.
By 1898, Madagascar, Réunion, and the Comoros Islands produced 200 metric tons of vanilla beans, about 80 % of world production.
By the time of his fiftieth birthday in July 1898, Grace had developed a somewhat corpulent figure and had lost his former agility, which meant he was no longer a capable fielder.
By 1898 steam traction engine trains with up to four wagons were employed in military manoeuvres in England.
By far its most famous resident was Charlie Chaplin who was at the school from June 1896 until January 1898.
By June 1898, with a population between 8, 000 and 10, 000, Skagway was the largest city in Alaska.
By 1898, its population had exceeded 1, 700.
By 1898 things had gotten better.
By coincidence, George Nathaniel Curzon, the most illustrious member of this family became Viceroy of India in 1898 and consequently resident of both houses.
Incorporation: By the fall of 1898, it was found that 180 people lived in the community of Brewster.
By 1898, there were 101 schools in Newton County with 139 teachers and 7, 618 pupils.
By 1900, the area became a tourist area, assisted by the winter carnivals begun in 1898.
By 1898, the Herricks School was one of Nassau County's last single-room schools.
By 1898, the village voted to disband the communal society and the property was divided among the remaining residents.
By 1898, H. K.
By 1898, the old growth hemlock was exhausted and the Proctor tannery, then owned by the Elk Tanning Company, was closed and dismantled.
By 1898, Berry Creek Academy was the second-largest school in Rockwall County, boasting a total enrollment of 301 students.
By 1898, the Pleasant Valley Coal Company had acquired the rights to the coal from Tidwell.
By 1898 the trains were running.

By and rustling
By 1856, he was actively rustling horses.
By the late 4th century, Emperor Theodosius the Great had made Christianity the state religion, thereby transforming the Classical Roman world, which Peter Brown characterized as " rustling with the presence of many divine spirits.
By their own account on September 1931, the Irving family, consisting of James, Margaret and 13 year old daughter Voirrey, heard persistent scratching and rustling noises behind their farmhouse's wooden wall panels.

By and losses
By the time this reaches 5 losses ( 11 rolls left ), his probability of winning on one of the remaining rolls will have dropped to ~ 50 %.
By the turn of the 19th century they became new powers, having divided Poland between them, with Sweden and Turkey having experienced substantial territorial losses to Russia and Austria respectively as well as pauperisation.
By using a ferromagnetic core, the inductance is greatly increased for the same amount of copper, multiplying up the Q. Cores however also introduce losses that increase with frequency.
By the end of 1940 the Luftwaffe had suffered heavy losses and needed to regroup.
By doing so, it reduces nitrogen losses by volatilization, accelerates mineralization and increases short-term nitrogen availability for transformation of organic matter into humus.
By January 1837, an alliance of 107 Boers, sixty Rolong, and forty Coloured men, organised as a commando under the leadership of Potgieter and Gert Maritz, attacked Mzilikazi's settlement at Mosega, which suffered heavy losses, and early in 1838 Mzilikazi fled north beyond the Limpopo ( to current day Zimbabwe ), never to return to the Transvaal.
Romania: Included in total are 177, 000 killed or missing in action and died of wounds The statistic of 250, 000 military dead is " The figure reported by the Rumanian Government in reply to a questionnaire from the International Labour Office Other estimates of Romanian casualties are as follows: By UK War Office in 1922: 335, 706 Killed and missing By US War Dept in 1924: 335, 706 killed and died Civilian deaths exceeded the prewar level by 430, 000, caused by military action, food shortages, epidemics and the Spanish Flu A Russian journalist in a 2004 handbook of human losses in the 20th century estimated 120, 000 Romanian civilian deaths due to military activity, 10, 000 in Austro-Hungarian prisons and 200, 000 caused by famine and disease
By US War Dept in 1924: 45, 000 killed and died Civilian deaths exceeded the prewar level by 450, 000, due to military activity, food shortages, epidemics and the Spanish Flu A Russian journalist in a 2004 handbook of human losses in the 20th century estimated 120, 000 Serbian civilian deaths due to military activity and 30, 000 in Austro-Hungarian prisons.
By comparison, the Third Army suffered 16, 596 killed, 96, 241 wounded, and 26, 809 missing in action for a total of 139, 646 men, a ratio of enemy to U. S. losses of nearly thirteen to one.
By 1917, Bulgaria fielded more than a quarter of its 4. 5 million population in a 1, 200, 000-strong army, and inflicted heavy losses on Great Britain ( Doiran ), France ( Monastir ), the Russian Empire ( Dobrich ) and the Kingdom of Romania ( Tutrakan ).
# By tracking who pays, and when, the distributor can see potential problems developing and take steps to reduce or increase the allowed amount of trade credit he extends to prospering or posure to losses from customers going bankrupt who would never pay for the ice cream delivered.
By enacting ( relating to limitations on deductions for passive activity losses and limitations on passive activity credits ) to remove many tax shelters, especially for real estate investments, the Act significantly decreased the value of many such investments which had been held more for their tax-advantaged status than for their inherent profitability.
By the end of September, the full extent of the credit situation became obvious as major lenders including Citigroup and UBS AG announced major writedowns due to credit losses.
By moving the heat away from the collection surface, it greatly reduces thermal losses at night and improves net heat gain.
By 1903, though Johnson's " official " record showed him with nine wins against three losses, five draws and two no contests, he had won at least 50 fights against both white and black opponents.
By its end the losses on the Somme had exceeded those at Verdun.
" By the end of the battle, the British had learned many lessons in modern warfare while the Germans had suffered irreplaceable losses.
By the end of the year, the tide changed dramatically and Perseus had regained most of his losses, including the important religious city of Dion.
By 1934 the White Star Line was failing and the British Government was concerned about potential job losses.
By the end of his amateur career, Louis's record was 50 wins against 4 losses, with 43 knockouts.
By now, it was past 20: 00, night was falling and Oudinot had been repulsed with significant losses.
By 1984 he had a record of 160 wins and 14 losses, with 76 KO.
By this time, however, Kleist's armoured forces were thinly stretched and had suffered losses of up to 50 % of their tanks.

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