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By and 1935
By 1935 Wills had added horn, reed players as well as drums to the Playboys.
By 1935, the company had established a true production line, following the example of Ford, and were producing a car closely resembling the Austin 7.
By 1920, it was 47. 946 ; by 1925 it was 63. 870 and in 1935 that had ballooned to 103. 030.
By October 1935 his flat-mates had moved out and he was struggling to pay the rent on his own.
By 1935 Lord Peter is in continental Europe, acting as an unofficial attaché to the British Foreign Office.
By the time a ceasefire was negotiated on 12 June 1935, Paraguay had seized control of most of the region, as was later recognized by the 1938 truce.
By 1935, Beria was one of Stalin's most trusted subordinates.
By 1935, the school was about to close because of its poor financial condition.
By the end of the year, people again tired of Warner Bros. musicals, and the studio – after the huge profits made by the 1935 film Captain Blood – shifted its focus on producing Errol Flynn swashbucklers.
By 1935 economic conditions had improved somewhat, and the new government had more positive financial conditions.
By 1935, Wright had completed his first novel, Cesspool, published as Lawd Today ( 1963 ), and in January 1936 his story " Big Boy Leaves Home " was accepted for publication in New Caravan.
By decision of the Ministry of Defense-Air Force, in 10 December 1975 the airport was named Tito Minniti, first pilot crashed in East Africa December 26, 1935 during the Ethiopian war.
Among the most notable are Jumbo ( 1935 ), On Your Toes ( 1936, which included the ballet " Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ", choreographed by George Balanchine ), Babes in Arms ( 1937 ), I Married an Angel ( 1938 ), The Boys from Syracuse ( 1938 ), Pal Joey ( 1940 ), and their last original work, By Jupiter ( 1942 ).
By 1935, there were 3, 500, 000 African Americans ( men, women and children ) on relief, almost 35 percent of the African-American population ; plus another 250, 000 African-American adults were working on WPA projects.
By signing this act on August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt became the first president to advocate federal assistance for the elderly.
By 1935 the Japanese pearl industry was facing oversupply issues and plummeting prices for Japanese cultured pearls.
By 1935 he claimed that the Comintern had fallen irredeemably into the hands of the Stalinist bureaucracy.
By 1935 a hard wired cable-based radio network was later deployed throughout the country to broadcast the Rediffusion service directly from London to homes and business across Barbados.
By 1935, rerecording of vocals by the original or different actors in postproduction, a process known as " looping ", had become practical.
By 1935, recognizing the limitations of her " lovely red Vega " in long, transoceanic flights, Earhart contemplated, in her own words, a new " prize ... one flight which I most wanted to attempt – a circumnavigation of the globe as near its waistline as could be.
By the time of the earthquake on 31 May 1935 Quetta had developed into a bustling city with a number of multistory buildings.
By 1935, the society had over 7. 5 million members in 27, 000 clubs across the country.
By 1935, Long's most recent consolidation of personal power led to talk of armed opposition from his enemies.
By the middle of the decade Renoir was associated with the Popular Front, and several of his films, such as The Crime of Monsieur Lange ( Le Crime de Monsieur Lange, 1935 ), Life Belongs to Us ( 1936 ) and La Marseillaise ( 1938 ), reflect the movement's politics.

By and only
By `` image '' is meant not only a visual presentation, but also remembered sensations of any of the five senses plus the feelings which are immediately conjoined therewith.
By distinguishing superlunary ( celestial ) and sublunary ( terrestrial ) existence, and reinforcing this with the four-element physics of Empedocles, Aristotle came to speak of the stars as perfect bodies, which moved in only a perfect way, viz. in a perfect circle.
By these measures, Congress, so the Court ( in effect ) now decides, gave not only needless but inadequate relief, since it now appears that the federal courts have inherent power to sterilize the Act of 1875 against all proceedings challenging local regulation ''.
By the end of the nineteenth century, in 1893, when the Big Three, Columbia, and Penn were populous centers of learning, Dartmouth graduated only sixty-nine.
By 1926, when the mighty Yanks were at their mightiest, only a few of these were left but they still shone brightest, even beside able and agile rookies like Tony Lazzeri ( who managed never to have one of his epileptic fits on the field ), Mark Koenig, Lou Gehrig, George Pipgras, and gray-thatched Earl Combs.
By 1840 there were still only ten colonial bishops for the Church of England ; but even this small beginning greatly facilitated the growth of Anglicanism around the world.
By preserving the value, only one division operation is needed and the higher-order statistics can thus be calculated for little incremental cost.
By the 2005 series Australia's wins had increased to 115 whereas England's had increased to only 93 ( with 82 draws ).
By the Rule of St Benedict, which, until the Cluniac reforms, was the norm in the West, the abbot has jurisdiction over only one community.
Puttenham, in the time of Elizabeth I of England, wished to start from Elissabet Anglorum Regina ( Elizabeth Queen of the English ), to obtain Multa regnabis ense gloria ( By thy sword shalt thou reign in great renown ); he explains carefully that H is " a note of aspiration only and no letter ", and that Z in Greek or Hebrew is a mere SS.
By 1073 there were only two Englishmen in episcopal sees, and by the time of William's death in 1089, there was only one, Wulfstan II of Worcester.
By 454, the Delian League could be fairly characterized as an Athenian Empire ; at the start of the Peloponnesian War, only Chios and Lesbos were left to contribute ships, and these states were by now far too weak to secede without support.
By 1946, as the growing fellowship quarreled over structure, purpose, and authority, as well as finances and publicity, Wilson began to form and promote what became known as AA's Twelve Traditions, guidelines for an altruistic, unaffiliated, non-coercive, and non-hierarchical structure that limited AA's purpose to only helping alcoholics on a non-professional level while shunning publicity.
By adding a CRTC6845 to the package, a full hardware solution was created that did not reduce CPU performance and only used 1 kB of memory for the display.
By working very hard, one may be able to make this part 5 times faster, but this only reduces the time for the whole computation by a little.
By the end of the 18th century there were no factories or mills and only a few small cottage industries along the border with Zurich.
By a further act of 1541 — which was not repealed until 1845 — artificers, labourers, apprentices, servants and the like were forbidden to play bowls at any time except Christmas, and then only in their master's house and presence.
By 1972, however, with only a minimum of work done on the I-95 right of way and none on the potentially massively disruptive Inner Belt, Governor Francis Sargent put a moratorium on highway construction within the MA-128 corridor, except for a short stretch of Interstate 93.
By the summer of 1912 Heelis had proposed marriage and Beatrix had accepted, although she did not immediately tell her parents who once again disapproved because Heelis was only a country solicitor.
By now the rebel forces were said to have numbered 230, 000, however, this number should be treated with scepticism — Dio's account is known only from a late epitome, and ancient sources commonly exaggerate enemy numbers.
By 24: 00 only Tonnant remained engaged, as Commodore Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars continued his fight with Majestic and fired on Swiftsure when the British ship moved within range.
By 1950, there were only 100, 000 monolingual Bretons, and a rapid decline since, with likely no monolingual speakers left today.
By the 1960s, " the Big Apple " was known only as an old name for New York.
By 1943, the Partisan resistance movement had gained the upper hand, against the odds, and in 1945, with help from the Soviet Red Army ( passing only through small parts such as Vojvodina ), expelled the Axis forces and local supporters.

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