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By and 1937
`` By one fell swoop the Court now finds that Congress indulged in needless legislation in the acts of 1910, 1913, 1925, 1934 and 1937.
By French aristocrat Mélanie de Gaufridy de Dortan ( 1876 – 1937 ), he had Roger Marie Vincent Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin ( 12 September 1905 – 20 July 1980 )
By 1937 Wilson separated from the Oxford Group.
By 1937, Labour had jettisoned its pacifist position and came to support rearmament and oppose Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement.
By January 1937 he was at Alcubierre above sea level, in the depth of winter.
By 1937 a means of controlling the disease had been found, but many of the affected areas remained out of production because a significant share of the market formerly held by Honduras had shifted to other nations.
By analogy with the ancient Greek term for agriculture, geoponics, the science of cultivating the earth, Gericke coined the term hydroponics in 1937 ( although he asserts that the term was suggested by W. A. Setchell, of the University of California ) for the culture of plants in water ( from the Greek hydro -, " water ", and ponos, " labour ").
By 1937, all Harley-Davidson's flathead engines were equipped with dry-sump oil recirculation systems similar to the one introduced in the " Knucklehead " OHV engine.
By 1937, the members had made the decision to create a new language, to the surprise of the world's interlanguage community.
By 1937, the network took in $ 28, 700, 000 and had 114 affiliates, almost all of which cleared 100 % of network-fed programming, thus keeping ratings, and revenue, high.
By 1937, after five years, the 31-year-old Huston returned to Hollywood intent on being a " serious writer.
By acquiring the Cirrus-Hermes company in 1937, Blackburn started producing aircraft engines, the Blackburn Cirrus range.
By 1937, the theme music for Looney Tunes was " The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down " by Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin ; the theme music for Merrie Melodies was an adaptation of " Merrily We Roll Along " by Charles Tobias, Murray Mencher and Eddie Cantor.
Among the most notable are Jumbo ( 1935 ), On Your Toes ( 1936, which included the ballet " Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ", choreographed by George Balanchine ), Babes in Arms ( 1937 ), I Married an Angel ( 1938 ), The Boys from Syracuse ( 1938 ), Pal Joey ( 1940 ), and their last original work, By Jupiter ( 1942 ).
By 1937 the " free and dutiable tariff rate " was reduced to 15. 6 % when the recession of 1937-1938 occurred.
In Stephen Vincent Benét's 1937 story " By the Waters of Babylon " ( originally titled " The Place of the Gods "), a young man explores the ruins of a city in the northeastern United States, possibly New York, generations after a war in which future weapons caused " The Great Burning ".
By the end of 1937 twenty TPV experimental prototypes had been built and tested.
By contrast, under Neil McBain and subsequently Bill Findlay, the team recorded five consecutive top six finishes between 1934 – 35 and 1938 – 39, and won the Football League Third Division South Cup in 1937.
By the 1920s, the Library needed further expansion space, and in 1937 building work began on the New Bodleian building, opposite the Clarendon Building on the north-east corner of Broad Street.
By the end of 1974 had been extracted from county lands since 1937.
By 1937, he had designed the bathyscaphe, a small steel gondola built to withstand great external pressure.
By 1937 she relocated to San Francisco, joined the O ' Neille Sisters Kiddie Revue and performed shows at the Golden Gate Theatre.
By 1937, the demand reached a point of air service necessity.
By 1937, production had increased to 40 tons a day and the mill employed 250 people.

By and had
By failing to do as he was told instantly -- to take out a permit or return the gun to his car -- he had played into Lord's hands.
By 1898, rustling losses had been driven down to the lowest level ever seen in Wyoming.
By the death of his father in 1888 he had come into possession of the family estate and had re-assumed its traditions.
By the time Lilian had been graduated from public school, her parents were doing quite well.
) By the time the streetcar pulled away, he had fallen in love with Paula.
By this time she had learned that it was futile to argue with her young husband, yet the uncomfortable fact remained: the American Congregationalists were sending them as missionaries to the Far East and paying their salaries.
By the age of six young Johnny indicated that he had the call.
By September 1940 the Suite had developed into a collection of six songs, `` four spirituals, a dream, and a lullaby ''.
By now he had become Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge and had been honored by the award of the Order of Merit.
By both standards Thomas had the right to be proud.
By June 19, 1788, he had presented himself to its Commander in Chief, the Governor of the Southern Provinces, the Director of the War College -- The Prince.
By 1783 her legions had managed to annex the Crimea amid scenes of wanton cruelty and now, in this second combat with the Crescent, were aiming at suzerainty over all of the Black Sea's northern shoreline.
By this time word had got around that an American doctor was on the premises.
By this time Woodruff had accurately measured Pike as a man of great personal pride, a man who would fly into a towering rage if his integrity were questioned, and who would be anxious to avenge himself.
By 1834 the art of oratory had reached a very high level in the United States as a literary form.
By the time he was under the covers he had forgotten about seeing Kate.
By the time the film was released we were three million dollars over-spent, war was imminent and the public apparently had forgotten all about Mother Cabrini.
By this time Churchill was not so cordial toward moving Poland westward as he had been at Teheran, where he and Eden had both heartily approved the idea.
By December, 1958, when ' Abdallah Ibrahim became President of the Council, elections had even greater importance.
By 800 social and cultural security had been achieved, at least on a simple plane ; ;
By this time large numbers of the audience had left the hall.

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