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By and 1940
By September 1940 the Suite had developed into a collection of six songs, `` four spirituals, a dream, and a lullaby ''.
By 1940 the Third Reich had occupied many of the Alpine countries.
By the end of 1940 all of the Indian cavalry had been mechanised, receiving light tanks, armoured cars or 15cwt trucks.
By 1940 the CCC was no longer wholly a relief agency, rapidly losing its non-military character, and becoming a system for work-training as its ranks had become increasingly younger, with life-inexperienced enrollees.
By the late 1930s and the 1940s, Italian Fascism completely denounced capitalism as an obsolete and oppressive system, Mussolini in 1940 at the entry of Italy into World War II, said:
By the summer of 1940 Belgium had fallen to Germany along with most of Western Continental Europe.
By 1940, the institute had outgrown itself as more than just a small institute and was virtually functioning as an independent university.
By 1970, the city had a total area of approximately, more than five times its size in 1940.
By the end of 1940 the Luftwaffe had suffered heavy losses and needed to regroup.
By August 1940, the War Office produced training instructions for the creation and use of Molotov cocktails.
By 1940, the Navy had ordered seven more aircraft carriers and four cruisers.
By autumn 1940, after conquering its portion of Poland, the Third Reich shared an extensive border with USSR, with whom it remained neutrally bound by their non-aggression pact and trade agreements.
By 1940, Stalin began to relent, restoring approximately one-third of previously dismissed officers to duty.
By late 1940, German armies had swept through most of Western Europe.
By the time the war began, the number of members rose to 250, 000, and the Waffen-SS was formed in August 1940, expanding the earlier armed SS troops who had fought in Poland and France in 1939 – 40, to serve alongside the Wehrmacht, Germany's regular armed forces.
By 1940, the Villaggio Duca degli Abruzzi ( Jowhar ) had a population of 12, 000 people, of whom nearly 3, 000 were Italian Somalians, and enjoyed a notable level of development with a small manufacturing area with agricultural industries ( sugar mills, etc.
By 1940 Schipol had four asphalt runways at 45-degree angles, all 1020 meters or less.
By February 1945, 73 % of children received milk in school, compared with 50 % in July 1940.
By 1945, roughly 33 % of all children ate at school compared with one in thirty in 1940, while those taking milk increased from about 50 % to roughly 75 %.
By 1940 Germany had threatened to break of diplomatic relations with Uruguay.
By 1940 multisection tubes had become commonplace.
Other estimates of Austro-Hungarian casualties are as follows: By Austrian Ministry of Defense in 1938: Military dead 1, 016, 200 By UK War Office in 1922: Dead 1, 200, 00 By US War Dept in 1924: 1, 200, 00 killed and died A study published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 1940 estimated civilian 467, 000 deaths " attributable to war ", the primary cause being famine.
By 1940, only 3200 farmers had arrived to Ethiopia, less than ten percent of the Fascist regime's goal.

By and according
By 2001, the population had jumped to 206, 073, and it was 217, 988, in 48, 061 families, according to 2006 census.
By 1977, in its first edition, Disk / Trend, a leading hard disk drive industry marketing consultancy segmented the industry according to MBs ( decimal sense ) of capacity.
" By the mid 2000s, bikinis had become a $ 811 million business annually, according to the NPD Group, a consumer and retail information company.
By prescribing recent advances in medicine, the Boston ministers modified the doctrine of theological pathogenesis in an attempt to maintain the old order according to which it was the clergy ’ s duty and privilege to interpret illnesses and their cures.
For example, periodic acid according to Kekuléan structure theory could be represented by the chain structure I-O-O-O-O-H. By contrast, the modern structure of ( meta ) periodic acid has all four oxygen atoms surrounding the iodine in a tetrahedral geometry.
By 1704 the Julian calendar was eleven days behind the Gregorian, and the siege thus began on 21 July according to the Julian.
By 2005, Greenland was beginning to lose more ice volume than anyone expected – an annual loss of up to per year, according to more recent satellite gravity measurements released by JPL.
By the time he composed the Gospel, he must have been a highly practiced and competent author-able to compose in a wide variety of literary forms according to the demands of the moment.
By the early 14th century, according to N. J. G.
By sorting formulas according to the number of atoms of each element present in the formula according to these rules, with differences in earlier elements or numbers being treated as more significant than differences in any later element or number — like sorting text strings into lexicographical order — it is possible to collate chemical formulas into what is known as Hill system order.
By the later 19th century, history painting was often explicitly rejected by avant-garde movements such as the Impressionists ( except for Édouard Manet ) and the Symbolists, and according to one recent writer " Modernism was to a considerable extent built upon the rejection of History Painting ... All other genres are deemed capable of entering, in one form or another, the ' pantheon ' of modernity considered, but History Painting is excluded ".
By the twenty-first century, the number of non-native English speakers has come to significantly outnumber the number of native speakers by a factor of three, according to the British Council.
By comparison, according to the Gnostic view of Salvation, creation was perfect to begin with ; it did not need time to grow and mature.
Eric D. Weitz wrote, " By 1948, according to Nicolas Werth, the mortality rate of the 600, 000 people deported from the Caucasus between 1943 and 1944 had reached 25 %.
By decree of Ptolemy III Euergetes, all visitors to the city were required to surrender all books and scrolls, as well as any form of written media in any language in their possession which, according to Galen, were listed under the heading " books of the ships ".
By contrast, Leto labored for nine nights and nine days for Apollo, according to the Homeric Hymn to Delian Apollo, in the presence of all the first among the deathless goddesses as witnesses: Dione, Rhea, Ichnaea, Themis and the " loud-moaning " sea-goddess Amphitrite.
By the release of 1984's Meat Puppets II, the bandmembers " were so sick of the hardcore thing ," according to Bostrom.
By extension, the term " manichean " is widely applied ( often disparagingly ) as an adjective to a philosophy or attitude of moral dualism, according to which a moral course of action involves a clear ( or simplistic ) choice between good and evil, or as a noun to people who hold such a view.
By the end of 1977, according to music historian Clinton Heylin, they were " England's arch-exponents of New Musick, and the true heralds of what came next.
" By the mid-1970s ," according to The Continuum Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East, " the idea of Arab unity became less and less apparent in Arab politics, though it remained a wishful goal among the masses.
By this definition, dictatorial states are not republics, whereas, according to some such as Kant, constitutional monarchies may be.
By organizing the articles in a newsgroup according to threads of discussion, using headers that had long been present in Usenet articles but practically unused, a threaded newsreader would allow users to keep up with topics and discussions they were interested without having to explicitly deselect uninteresting threads.
By late April, after three days of " actual fighting " according to Saladin, the Ayyubids had captured Amid.
By language, according to 2008 data, 21 % of the population always speak in Galician, 15 % always speak in Spanish and the rest use both interchangeably.

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