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By and 2010
By the end of 2010, Armenia ’ s external debt is projected to form about 42 percent of GDP, and 50 percent in 2012.
By the time EU accession negotiations were completed on 30 June 2010, Croatian legislation was fully harmonised with the Community acquis.
By the early 2000s, the CD largely replaced the audio cassette player as standard equipment in new automobiles, with 2010 being the final model year for any car in the US to have a factory-equipped cassette player.
By the year 2010 there were 5, 906 Dominican friars, including 4, 456 priests.
In 2010, singer Rihanna sampled " One By One " on a song from her new album Loud.
By 2010, the market for Ethernet equipment amounted to over $ 16 billion per year.
By late April 2012, the remaining copies of the 2010 edition had sold out at Britannica's online store.
By the end of 2010, the party's support had dropped to as low as 5 %.
By 2010, the navy had over 2000 personnel.
By 2010 there were about 4 million people of Turkish descent in Germany.
By the 21st century, the Netherlands had become a modern, dynamic country with a successful, internationally oriented economy ( the 16th largest in the world in 2010 ) and a high standard of living.
By 2010, ADSL speeds of several millions of bits per second had become commonplace.
By 2010 some of these concessions, but not Britain's non-membership of the Single Currency, had been overtaken by subsequent events.
By 2010 under one of the National Key Economic Areas ( NKEA ) and under the Government Transformation Programme ( GTP ), the federal government have announced to improve the public transport system by building a Mass Rapid Transit ‘”( MRT )”’ system in the Klang Valley / Greater KL.
By decree of the President of the Italian Republic of 2 June 2010, Kabir Bedi was officially knighted.
By December 15, 2010 it broke the record for longest serving spacecraft at Mars, with 3, 340 days of operation, claiming the title from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.
By 2006, most of the collection had been sold off and the museum was on a time-out ; by 2010 Rooseum had been dismantled and a subsidiary of the national Museum of Modern Design inaugurated in its place.
By the June 2010, China had 420 million internet users.
By the end of 2010, China's highways extends 74, 000 Kilometers, with the total length of all public roads reaching 3, 984, 000 km.
By 2010, 35 % of the world's shipping is expected to originate from China.
By the end of 2010, the network could exceed 90.
By 2010, 3G networks covered largely most of Russia.
By 2010, 273 of the 1648 members of the Rabbinical Assembly were women.
By 2010 the supply had increased by about 10 % to 1056. 8 million ounces of which 72. 7 million ounces were used in the photographic sector, a decline of 38 % compared with 2007.
By 2010 therefore Slovakia will be among the highest per capita car producers in the world.

By and Peugeot
By 1903, Peugeot produced half of the cars built in France, and they offered the Bébé, a four-seater, and an and resembling contemporary Mercedes models.
By the time production ceased, the Peugeot 106 was one of the longest running production cars still made in Europe but it was still proving fairly popular, especially in its home market of France.
By March 2010 the plant was operational, building Peugeot 308s for the Russian market and would also produce Citroën and Mitsubishi models.
By 1975, Peugeot had taken over Citroën ( forming the PSA Group ), and the 104 coupé bodyshell then formed the basis of the 602 cc two-cylinder engined Citroën LN.
By 2001, however, the Bravo / Brava range was looking increasingly dated in the face of new competition like the Ford Focus, Opel / Vauxhall Astra and Peugeot 307.
By the time the Tagora was discontinued, only about 20, 000 had been built ; by comparison, over 116, 000 Peugeot 505s and 74, 000 Citroën CXs were made in 1981 alone.
By 1977 manufacturers introduced turbocharged cars in the US and Europe like the Buick Regal and LeSabre sports coupe as well as European cars by Volvo, Saab, Peugeot and Mercedes.
By the end of the first world war, he'd become a skilled businessman and helped both Peugeot and Citroën stave off bankruptcy.
By taking the trouble to extend the wheelbase for the estate and family versions, the company set a pattern which they would follow with several succeeding generations of midsized Peugeot estate cars such as the 404 and 504.
By 1955 when Panhard gained access to the Citroën dealership network, the 203 was well established in the market place and Peugeot themselves had moved beyond their one model policy.
By 1958, only the bumpers, the fuel tank, the engine cooling shroud and most of the engine and transaxle cases were aluminium, but the weight was still quite low for a relatively comfortable six-seater saloon, when compared with narrower competitor models from Peugeot and Simca.

By and planned
By 2007, the Falkland Islands had a road network of with a further roads planned for construction link to all occupied mainland settlements by 2013.
By December 10, Kearny believed all hope was gone, and planned to attempt a breakout the next morning.
By the end of 2008, parties had a hard time agreeing on further budget cuts, ( mainly in the social sphere ) the planned reorganization of the government, and layoffs.
By the late 1940s the ' Type 10 ' was ready to be handed over to Philips ' subsidiary Johan de Witt in Dordrecht to be productionised and incorporated into a generator set as originally planned.
By early July of 2012, however, it was announced that the canal expansion project had fallen six months behind schedule, leading the expansion to open in April 2015 rather than October 2014, as originally planned.
By comparison to Grierson and his unit, Flaherty's habitual working methods involved shooting relatively large amounts of film in relation to the planned length of the eventual finished movie, and the ensuing cost overruns obliged Grierson to take Flaherty off the project, which was edited by other hands into three shorter films.
* 06: 53 UT The Khabarovsk ground station sends Gagarin the following message via HF radio, " By order of No. 33 ( General Nikolai Kamanin ) the transmitters have been switched on, and we are transmitting this: the flight is proceeding as planned and the orbit is as calculated.
By 2015, the school will be moved to a new, more spacious facility at Columbia's planned new campus on 125th Street in Manhattanville.
By that time, however, the age of the great cathedrals had come to an end and declining finances prevented the ambitious project from being finished, the construction of the central nave being suspended before the planned flying buttresses could be finished.
By 2007, Grenada had participated as planned in the hosting of the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
By 2010 survey is planned to be conducted on-line and immediately reported.
By identifying each square with reference to the player on move, descriptive notation better reflects the symmetry of the game's starting position (" both players opened with P-K4 and planned to play B-KN2 as soon as possible "), and because the pieces captured are named, it is easy to skim over a game record and see which ones have been taken at any particular point.
By 2010, it had a total of 14 stops with 3 or 4 more stops planned for 2011 / 2012.
By contrast, DTH can apply to similar services transmitted over a wider range of frequencies ( including standard and ) transmitted from satellites that are not part of any internationally planned band.
By July 1974, the Vietnamese leadership had decided to set the victory year to 1975, instead of 1976 as originally planned, because they believed an earlier Vietnamese unification would put Vietnam in a stronger position against Chinese and Soviet influence in the region.
By the time of Bodley ’ s death in 1612, further expansion to the library was being planned.
By the end of the voyage, this had reduced to 144 due to deaths, desertions, being left ashore due to illness, and planned departures.
By coordinated and planned cooperation of the elements, the organization is able to solve tasks that lie beyond the abilities of the single elements.
By April 1871 the mule trail and post were both completed and General Stoneman planned on making Camp Pinal his headquarters, but the project was abandoned after General George Crook replaced General Stoneman because of the Camp Grant Massacre of April 1871.
By 1949, Prairie Village was named the best planned community in America by the National Association of Home Builders.
By June 1944 the conspirators had given up on him ( and indeed on all the senior field commanders ), because he was not approached by the group around Tresckow and Stauffenberg who hatched the unsuccessful plot to kill Hitler with a bomb at the Wolf's Lair ( Wolfsschanze ), his headquarters in East Prussia, and had no inkling of what was planned.
By the end of the 1960s, traffic congestion had reached such a level that the use of the square as a modern wholesale distribution market was becoming unsustainable, and significant redevelopment was planned.
By the end of 1998, the band had prepared a concept album called The Sun, The Storm and The Traveler, based on Aesop's fable of The North Wind and the Sun, and they planned to record it after a recess in the fall of 1999.
By the winter of 1283, the first of the inner walls had been constructed, allowing the castle to be defended in the event of an attack, and a small, planned town had been founded alongside the castle.

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