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By and December
By December, 1958, when ' Abdallah Ibrahim became President of the Council, elections had even greater importance.
By December 1863 a proposed constitutional amendment that would outlaw slavery absolutely was brought to Congress for passage.
By December 1790 Phillip was ready to return to England, but the colony had largely been forgotten in London and no instructions reached him, so he carried on.
By December they decided to try his plan and made him a Colonel.
By a decree of 27 December 1999, the constitution was suspended and all the institutions of government were dissolved.
By December, the capital city of Nanjing had fallen to the Japanese, and Chiang moved the government inland, first to Wuhan and later to Chongqing.
By December 2001, it was ratified by the ECMA, with ISO standardization following in April 2003.
By December 1918, he left his father's home to attempt to find a job in San Francisco, California.
By December 1981, however, the U. S. had already begun to support armed opponents of the Sandinista regime.
By the time of the national assembly elections in December 1992, only three had qualified.
By the afternoon of 20 December Vitellius was dead, his armies having been defeated by the Flavian legions.
By the middle of December, some high-speed runs were made, in excess of but still well below Campbell's existing record.
By December 2006, over 1, 237, 000 square kilometers of forest land in Canada ( about half the global total ) had been certified as being sustainably managed ( Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition ).
By the end of July 1948 Orwell was able to return to Jura and by December he had finished the manuscript of Nineteen Eighty-Four.
By the first week in December 2005, it had sold over 1 million physical copies.
By December 1958, the game Gettysburg from the Avalon Hill company had particularly captured Gygax's attention.
By late December to early January, eastern grays begin to arrive in the calving lagoons of Baja.
By December 1941, Hitler's troops had advanced to within 20 miles of the Kremlin in Moscow.
By December 1996 the Conservatives had lost their majority in the House of Commons.
By December 5, three months after leaving Los Angeles, Carson had brought Kearny's men to within of their destination San Diego.
By the end of the second day, December 7, the Americans were nearly out of food and water, low on ammunition and weak from the journey along the Gila River.
By December 10, Kearny believed all hope was gone, and planned to attempt a breakout the next morning.
By 28 December, the museum was cleared of most works, except those that were too heavy and " unimportant paintings were left in the basement ".
By December 15, 2010 it broke the record for longest serving spacecraft at Mars, with 3, 340 days of operation, claiming the title from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

By and 5
By comparing the form of several yupanas, researchers found that calculations were based using the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and powers of 10, 20 and 40 as place values for the different fields in the instrument.
The largest species are red alder ( A. rubra ) on the west coast of North America, and black alder ( A. glutinosa ), native to most of Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, both reaching over 30 m. By contrast, the widespread Alnus viridis ( green alder ) is rarely more than a 5 m tall shrub.
By picturing Roman authority negatively proponents of this view believe that it is emphasizing the fact that Christian ’ s should obey and submit to Christ ’ s authority ( Acts 4: 19-20 ; 5: 29 ).
By working very hard, one may be able to make this part 5 times faster, but this only reduces the time for the whole computation by a little.
By expanding the conditions for which they were indicated, Astrazeneca's Seroquel and Eli Lilly's Zyprexa had become the biggest selling antipsychotics in 2008 with global sales of $ 5. 5 billion and $ 5. 4 billion respectively.
By convention, the top strand is written from the 5 ' end to the 3 ' end ; thus, the bottom strand is written 3 ' to 5 '.
By 1950 it had increased to between 3, 710, 107 and 4, 073, 967, and in 1962 it had reached 5. 7 million.
By the 1960s NATO had adopted the 5. 56 NATO cartridge.
By the 1990s, the US had adopted the M4 carbine, a derivative of the M16 family which fired the same 5. 56mm cartridge but was lighter and shorter ( in overall length and barrel length ), resulting in marginally reduced range and power.
By quickly setting up for the next play ( often within 5 – 10 seconds after the last play despite being afforded 45 seconds ) this hindered the other team's defense from substituting situational players, regrouping for tactics, and, some suggest, increased the defense's rate of fatigue ( This is attributed to the belief that the offense dictates when a play starts so they tend to be more mentally relaxed and prepared for the start of a play where the defense must remain on a higher level of alert before the play starts ).
By 1933, the party had approximately 3. 5 million members but as a result of the Great Purge party membership was cut down to 1. 9 million by 1939.
By the 1860s, there were around 5, 000 residents, and the population grew to around 10, 000 by the late 1880s.
By the end of the decade, similar calculators were priced less than $ 10 (£ 5 ).
By the year 2010 there were 5, 906 Dominican friars, including 4, 456 priests.
By 1968 Thomas had increased sales in the four fried chicken restaurants so much that he sold his share in them back to Sanders for more than $ 1. 5 million.
Therefore both and are inverses of By Theorem 1. 5,
By birthplace one can derive the following origins of the inhabitants: born on the Faroes 91. 7 %, in Denmark 5. 8 %, and in Greenland 0. 3 %.
By the mid-twenties the British film industry was losing out to heavy competition from Hollywood, the latter helped by having a much larger home market-in 1914 25 % of films shown in the UK were British, but by 1926 this had fallen to 5 %.
By the end of 2010, the party's support had dropped to as low as 5 %.
By use of a pulsed irrigation timer, existing overhead sprinklers may be used to deliver water at a low average precipitation rate ranging from 2. 5 to 5ml / Hour for frosts down to-5deg.
By 1970 the national census registered 8. 5 million people, about a 27 percent increase, while the most recent official census in 1984 recorded a figure of 12. 3 million — almost double the 1960 figure ( see table 2, Appendix ).

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