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By and June
By early June they were a hundred miles off the coast of Ceylon, by which time all four missionaries were hardened seafarers.
By June 30, the city picked Rankin Smith and the NFL.
By early June, Nami was living in apartment 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club condominiums with Saeed al-Ghamdi in Delray Beach, Florida.
By the 13 June, the Imperial Field Commander, Prince Louis of Baden, had joined them in Großheppach.
By the summer of 1944, victories in the Southwest and Central Pacific had brought the war closer to Japan, with American bombers able to strike at the Japanese main islands from air bases secured during the Mariana Islands campaign ( June — August 1944 ).
By the time EU accession negotiations were completed on 30 June 2010, Croatian legislation was fully harmonised with the Community acquis.
By June 23, the situation appeared to have normalised, with members of the House of Ariki accepting to return to their regular duties.
By June 2003, all foreign armies except those of Rwanda had pulled out of Congo.
Plaque explaining the history of Deception Pass " Deception Pass-Named By Captain George Vancouver 10 June 1792.
" By June 1947, the Central Committee of Yugoslavia began publicly condemning Hoxha, accusing him of talking an individualistic and anti-Marxist line.
By June 1945, the RCA had pushed the FCC hard on the allocation of electromagnetic frequencies for the fledgling television industry.
By the time of Operation Overlord in June 1944, the Allies had gained near complete air superiority over the Western Front.
By 27 June, the royal party had overtly given in, although the military began to arrive in large numbers around Paris and Versailles.
By the middle of June the political situation in Barcelona had deteriorated and the POUM — painted by the pro-Soviet Communists as a Trotskyist organisation — was outlawed and under attack.
By the end of 1968 there were at least 1, 300 Moroccan workers resident in Gibraltar and this more than doubled following the final closure of the frontier with Spain in June 1969.
By the June 1954 Arbenz had resigned.
By 22 June 2012, the Angolan vessel Rio M ' bridge, carrying the mission's equipment, had arrived back in Luanda.
By June construction had reached the second level platform, and on Bastille Day this was used for a fireworks display, and Eiffel held a celebratory banquet for the press on the first level platform.
By June he left the area.
By June 1920, the Polish armies were past Vilnius, Minsk and ( allied with the Directorate of Ukraine ) reached Kiev, but then the massive Bolshevik counteroffensive moved the Poles out of most of Ukraine and on the northern front arrived at the outskirts of Warsaw.
By June 1934, Albania had signed trade agreements with Yugoslavia and Greece, and Mussolini had suspended all payments to Tirana.
By June 2011, all sub-districts in Indonesia will be connected with internet.
By June 1921, Collins ' assessment was that the IRA was within weeks, possibly even days, of collapse.
By the time Itanium was released in June 2001, its performance was not superior to competing RISC and CISC processors.

By and 19
By this time Diane was a beguiling lass of 19 and still seeking her place in the world.
By Béatrice Noon he had Juana Alfonsa Milán y Quiñones de León ( 19 April 1916 – 16 May 2005 )
By age 19, Diabelli had already composed several important compositions, including six masses.
By 1781 three more societies had been established in Birmingham, with a fourth in the nearby town of Dudley ; and 19 more formed in Birmingham between 1782 and 1795.
Boroughs proliferated in the suburban areas of the larger cities: By the 1980s there were 19 boroughs and three cities in the area that is now the City of Auckland.
By 1974, another challenge to the state's authority and legitimacy had come from 19 April Movement ( M-19 ), a mostly urban guerrilla group founded allegedly in response to an electoral fraud during the final National Front election of Misael Pastrana ( 1970 – 1974 ) and the defeat of former dictator Gustavo Rojas.
By October 19, frequent U-2 spy flights showed four operational sites.
By comparison, the former colony of the United Province of Canada ( divided into the District of Canada East, and the District of Canada West ) and the western provinces were dozens of times larger and in some cases were expanded to take in territory formerly held in British Crown grants to companies such as the Hudson's Bay Company ; in particular the November 19, 1869 sale of Rupert's Land to the Government of Canada under the Rupert's Land Act 1868 was facilitated in part by Maritime taxpayers.
By July 2009, the IHF listed 166 member federations-approximately 795, 000 teams and 19 million players.
By the start of the First World War, the German Imperial Navy possessed 22 pre-Dreadnoughts, 19 dreadnought battleships and 7 battlecruisers.
By the end of the Renaissance the number of courses had grown to ten, and during the Baroque era the number continued to grow until it reached 14 ( and occasionally as many as 19 ).
By taking 19 wickets in the series and delivering a historic 2 – 1 victory, the off-spinner silenced the doubters.
By 19 February 1938, when the group was picked up by the ice breakers Taimyr and Murman, their station had drifted 2850 km to the eastern coast of Greenland.
By July 2005, Coca-Cola enjoyed a market share of 19. 4 percent, followed by Pepsi with 13 percent.
By 2000 the comic was in 2000 newspapers in 57 countries and 19 languages.
By 1946, company payroll reached $ 600, 000 a week and net profit $ 19. 4 million.
By 23 February 1877 he had completed a second and more extensive prose draft of the work, and by 19 April of the same year he had transformed this into a verse libretto ( or “ poem ”, as Wagner liked to call his libretti ).
By proxy at the Leuchtenberg Palace in Munich on 22 May 1823 and in person at a wedding ceremony conducted in Stockholm on 19 June 1823 he married the Princess Josephine, daughter of Eugène de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg, and granddaughter of the Empress Josephine.
By February 19, Atta and Shehhi were in Virginia.
A star like Deneb, for instance, has a radius that is 203, yielding a mass of 19 and luminosity of 196, 000, which means that this blue-white supergiant radiates one hundred and ninety-six thousand times as much energy as the Sun .< ref name =" SCHILLER1 "> By contrast, the much cooler Betelgeuse has a luminosity of approximately 120, 000, a figure which is only possible because it is considerably larger than Deneb ; with a radius of about 995, Betelgeuse is about 15 times its size.
By the middle of May 2012 the asteroid will become brighter than magnitude 19. 5.
By the time they finally reached Charles and the main force on October 19 ( October 8 OS ), virtually no supplies and only 6, 000 men remained, only increasing Charles ' victuals problem.
By extension the LXX always uses it to portray a rebellion against God ( Joshua 22: 22 ; 2 Chronicles 29: 19 ).
By all accounts, infidelity was responsible for the breakup of van Meegeren ’ s marriage to Anna de Voogt ; they were divorced on 19 July 1923.

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