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By and annexing
By informally tying the Oregon boundary dispute to the more controversial Texas debate, the Democrats appealed to both Northern expansionists ( who were more adamant about the Oregon boundary ) and Southern expansionists ( who were more focused on annexing Texas as a slave state ).
By the time of his death in 1353, he had succeeded in annexing territories to the north and west, as well as Zahumlje and parts of Dalmatia.
By 1933, the City of Iowa City began annexing land on the west side of the river and in 1935, the city of University Heights was incorporated.
By 1979, the town had grown to three square miles after annexing several residential developments.
By December, North Charleston had become the 4th largest city in the state after annexing the Naval Base, the Air Force Base and the Charleston International Airport.
By annexing Poland and the Baltic States, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union eliminated the buffer states between them and magnified the threat of war
By the Treaty of Jassy in 1792, Russia expanded southward to the Dniestr river, annexing most of Yesidan.
By annexing large territories in northeastern France, Hitler hoped to marginalize the country to prevent any further continental challenges to Germany's hegemony.
By annexing Alexandria in 1847, Virginia may have breached its contractual obligation to " forever cede and relinquish " the territory.
* The Kurdish resistance to Southern Kurdistan annexing with Iraq, By Dr. Rebwar Fatah.
By 1795, the French had once again conquered the Austrian Netherlands and the left bank of the Rhine, annexing them directly into France.

By and land
By mid-June, millions of Americans will take to the road on vacation trips up and down and back and forth across this vast and lovely land.
By this time the caecilian has constructed a burrow and is living on land.
By November 1890, Monet was prosperous enough to buy the house, the surrounding buildings and the land for his gardens.
By December 2006, over 1, 237, 000 square kilometers of forest land in Canada ( about half the global total ) had been certified as being sustainably managed ( Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition ).
By 1952, Arbenz supported a land reform, and took unused agricultural land, about, from owners who had large properties, and made it available to rural workers and farmers.
By 1900, he had acquired land and built a villa on the lake, now known as the " Villa Museo Puccini.
By granting land to the abbotts and bishops he appointed, Otto actually made these bishops into " princes of the Empire " ( Reichsfürsten ); in this way, Otto was able to establish a national church.
By contrast, Pétion broke up the former colonial estates and parceled out the land into small holdings.
By restricting the sale of land leases, the Hong Kong government keeps the price of land at what some would say are artificially high prices and this allows the government to support public spending with a low tax rate.
By the 13th century, Hindustān emerged as a popular alternative name of India, meaning the " land of Hindus ".< ref >
By 790, Offa controlled Hastings effectively enough to confirm grants of land in Hastings to the Abbey of St Denis, in Paris.
By 1814 Butler County's growing population and rising land prices made it difficult for the Society to expand, causing the group's leaders to look for more land elsewhere.
By 1819 the Harmonites had built 150 log homes, a church, a community storehouse, barns, stables, and a tavern, along with thriving shops and mills, and cleared land for farming.
By 1824 the decision had been made to sell their property in Indiana and search for land to the east.
By then Israel had retained its independence and increased its land area by almost 50 % compared to the 1947 UN Partition Plan.
By far the greatest part of the East Bank is desert, displaying the land forms and other features associated with great aridity.
By the later 1930s government began to intrude on ordinary Africans through marketing controls, stricter educational supervision, and land changes.
By the late 18th century, Bornu rule extended only westward, into the land of the Hausa.
By 1914 there were twelve seaplanes and one land plane and an 8. 5 million GM budget.
By the end of chapter 25, both the people of King Limhi, and the people of Alma have been guided by the Lord away from the Lamanites and to the land of Zarahemla.
By the time the Bonneville Salt Flats became the premier location for pursuit of land speed records, in 1936, Daytona beach had become synonymous with fast cars .< ref >
By 1858 attention had swung back to local issues with a land dispute in New Plymouth prompting Governor Thomas Gore Brown to call out its Militia under Captain Charles Brown.

By and from
By now Harmony could see that most of the adults in the train were winded and resting, or else siphoned off from the games by the challenging lure of the great cliff towering above them.
By virtue of his self-reliance, his individualism and his freedom from external restraint, the private eye is a perfect embodiment of the middle class conception of liberty, which amounts to doing what you please and let the devil take the hindmost.
By monitoring, we mean some system of control over the types of information sent from the various centers.
By the time Lilian had been graduated from public school, her parents were doing quite well.
By this time, as we shall see, the Tories were already planning to `` punish '' Steele for his political writing by expelling him from the House of Commons.
By now he was undergoing a fresh torrent of abuse from Tory papers and pamphlets, and action was being taken to effect his punishment by expulsion from Parliament.
By comparison, Stone Harbor bird sanctuary's allies seem less formidable, for aside from the Audubon Society, they are mostly the snowy, common and cattle egrets and the Louisiana, green, little blue and black-crowned herons who nest and feed there.
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
By automobile from New York, for example, you can take a one or two-day tour to Annapolis, Maryland to see the colonial homes and the U.S. Naval Academy ( where you can shoot the dress parade on Wednesdays ) ; ;
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
Serum potassium at this time was 3.8 mEq. per liter, and the hemoglobin was 13.9 gm. By Dec. 1, 1958, the weakness in the pelvic and quadriceps muscle groups was appreciably worse, and it became difficult for the patient to rise unaided from a sitting or reclining position.
By means of geographical isolation and high fertility rates, inbreeding can be fostered and the pattern of isolation from the greater society maintained.
By these steps the final AIA list was reduced from 8,000 to 3,500.
By early summer, he wrote from Laramie that he was suffering from the wound inflicted in the ambush and was in a bad way financially, so Pels sent him a draft for $100, warning that it was still not wise for him to return.
By 1871 L. C. Orvis, manager of the `` Western Union Telegraph Company '', expressed willingness to send emergency telegrams on Sundays from his Village drugstore.
By this procedure rinsing progresses in two stages, first by dilution until the time when the drains are separated and thereafter by displacement of the soil-bearing liquor by clean rinse water, since soiled liquor squeezed from the specimens at the nip passes directly to waste from the suds box drains.
By airline from Concord to Burlington is a distance of about 150 miles, counting a slight deviation for the stop at either Barre or Montpelier.
By July 1, six weeks from now, motel-keepers all over the nation will, by 6 p.m., be switching on that bleak -- to motorists -- sign, `` No Vacancy ''.
By way of explanation we ourselves are prone to imagine that this achievement stems from the same American Catholic zeal and generosity which brought the parochial school system into existence.
By analogy, the church also has been regarded as entirely independent of the `` world '' in the sense of requiring nothing from it in order to be the church.
By the end of 1863, at Lincoln's direction, General Lorenzo Thomas had recruited 20 regiments of blacks from the Mississippi Valley.

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