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from Brown Corpus
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By and automobile
By the early 1960s, the monument had grown very blackened from coal soot and automobile exhaust, and during 1965 – 1966 it was cleaned through bleaching.
By 1907, REO had gross sales of $ 4. 5 million and the company was one of the four wealthiest automobile manufacturers in the U. S. After 1908 however, despite the introduction of improved cars designed by Olds, REO's share of the automobile market decreased due in part to competition from emerging companies like Ford and General Motors.
By the 1950s, the ubiquity of the automobile allowed Wetumpka's residents to commute daily to Montgomery for work.
By 1910 the population was 603, and Louisburg was known as a good supply town for agricultural districts .. w By the 1920s, the town also had a gas station, as automobile ownership and traffic through town had increased.
The arrival of the automobile eventually transformed the area into a commuter suburb of Washington, D. C. By the 1950s, the area had sprouted a number of developer-conceived neighborhoods with tract houses for the middle-class.
By the mid-twentieth century the automobile caused the railroad to cease operation in Forestburgh.
By the 20th century, the town was a manufacturing center for vaults and safes, machine tools, cans for veggies, paper, paper making machinery, locomotives, frogs and switches for railroads, steam engines, diesel engines, foundry products, printing presses, automobile parts, war materiel, Liberty ship engines, gun lathes.
By 1957, with the growth of the automobile industry, Streetsboro experienced a population explosion.
By being absolutely half-truthful, he sells the car as a potential anti-American propaganda tool, exemplifying shoddy, outdated U. S. automobile workmanship.
By far the most commonly found size around the household, automobile, and office is the # 2, — which fits computers, printers and photocopiers, light switches, carburetors, furniture, household appliances, door hinges, and so forth.
By the 1930s, the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation took responsibility for providing the automobile ferry service.
By the end of April 2005, Sir Richard Branson had reportedly expressed an interest in buying the remaining assets of the company for the purpose of reviving the marque in order to enter the hybrid automobile market, and several other parties were also rumoured as wishing to buy the remnants.
By 1931, the Harmony Line had been replaced by the popularity of the automobile.
By the 1920s, the prevalence of the automobile further facilitated travel along Yonge Street.
By the mid-1930s, bits of metal percussion were being used in the tamboo bamboo bands, the first probably being either the automobile brake hub " iron " or the biscuit drum " boom ".
By early December 1901, the local newspaper announced that the H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company began operation of its automobile factory at West Fayette and South Geddes streets in the building owned by the Lipe estate.
By the mid-1910s, Louis Chevrolet had shifted into the racing car industry, partnering with Howard E. Blood of Allegan, Michigan to create the Cornelian, a state-of-the-art racing car, which he used to place 20th in the 1915 Indianapolis 500 automobile race.
By the mid-1990s Hyundai comprised over 60 subsidiary companies and was active in a diverse range of activities including automobile manufacturing, construction, chemicals, electronics, financial services, heavy industry and shipbuilding.
By far the most common form of torque converter in automobile transmissions is the device described here.
By 1907, the manufacture of sewing machines had become unprofitable for Demorest, and the company was sold and restructured as the Lycoming Foundry and Machine Company, shifting its focus toward automobile engine manufacture.
By the advent of the automobile in the early 20th century, the street became a major thoroughfare, carrying automobile traffic between areas north of the city and St Kilda Road throughout most of the 20th century.

By and from
By now Harmony could see that most of the adults in the train were winded and resting, or else siphoned off from the games by the challenging lure of the great cliff towering above them.
By virtue of his self-reliance, his individualism and his freedom from external restraint, the private eye is a perfect embodiment of the middle class conception of liberty, which amounts to doing what you please and let the devil take the hindmost.
By monitoring, we mean some system of control over the types of information sent from the various centers.
By the time Lilian had been graduated from public school, her parents were doing quite well.
By this time, as we shall see, the Tories were already planning to `` punish '' Steele for his political writing by expelling him from the House of Commons.
By now he was undergoing a fresh torrent of abuse from Tory papers and pamphlets, and action was being taken to effect his punishment by expulsion from Parliament.
By comparison, Stone Harbor bird sanctuary's allies seem less formidable, for aside from the Audubon Society, they are mostly the snowy, common and cattle egrets and the Louisiana, green, little blue and black-crowned herons who nest and feed there.
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
Serum potassium at this time was 3.8 mEq. per liter, and the hemoglobin was 13.9 gm. By Dec. 1, 1958, the weakness in the pelvic and quadriceps muscle groups was appreciably worse, and it became difficult for the patient to rise unaided from a sitting or reclining position.
By means of geographical isolation and high fertility rates, inbreeding can be fostered and the pattern of isolation from the greater society maintained.
By these steps the final AIA list was reduced from 8,000 to 3,500.
By early summer, he wrote from Laramie that he was suffering from the wound inflicted in the ambush and was in a bad way financially, so Pels sent him a draft for $100, warning that it was still not wise for him to return.
By 1871 L. C. Orvis, manager of the `` Western Union Telegraph Company '', expressed willingness to send emergency telegrams on Sundays from his Village drugstore.
By this procedure rinsing progresses in two stages, first by dilution until the time when the drains are separated and thereafter by displacement of the soil-bearing liquor by clean rinse water, since soiled liquor squeezed from the specimens at the nip passes directly to waste from the suds box drains.
By airline from Concord to Burlington is a distance of about 150 miles, counting a slight deviation for the stop at either Barre or Montpelier.
By July 1, six weeks from now, motel-keepers all over the nation will, by 6 p.m., be switching on that bleak -- to motorists -- sign, `` No Vacancy ''.
By way of explanation we ourselves are prone to imagine that this achievement stems from the same American Catholic zeal and generosity which brought the parochial school system into existence.
By analogy, the church also has been regarded as entirely independent of the `` world '' in the sense of requiring nothing from it in order to be the church.
By the end of 1863, at Lincoln's direction, General Lorenzo Thomas had recruited 20 regiments of blacks from the Mississippi Valley.

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