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By and considering
By considering the propagation of the negative energy modes of the electron field backward in time, Ernst Stueckelberg reached a pictorial understanding of the fact that the particle and antiparticle have equal mass m and spin J but opposite charges q.
By considering circumscribed spheres, the notion of Delaunay triangulation extends to three and higher dimensions.
By spring 1942, he was considering involvement in war work.
By considering NRM members innocent " victims " of psychological coercion these theories open the door for psychological treatments.
By contrast, socialism emphasises distributing output among trades as required by each trade, not necessarily considering how trades organise internally.
By selling vast quantities of shrimp and catfish to the U. S., Vietnam triggered antidumping complaints by the U. S., which imposed tariffs in the case of catfish and was considering doing the same for shrimp.
By 1942 Rockefeller had become increasingly impatient that his purchased property might never be added to the park, and wrote to the Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes that he was considering selling the land to another party.
By the mid-1980s, therefore, it had become essential that the PNDC demonstrate that it was actively considering steps towards constitutionalism and civilian rule.
By 1702, Victor Amadeus was considering changing allegiance to the emperor again having entered secret correspondence with the emperor who promised him the Duchy of Montferrat.
By 1925 she was considering how to prepare a laboratory guide in that field but " was persuaded by colleagues to write an advanced text " ( quoted in Hutchinson, p. 107 ).
By only considering geodesic distances or other isometric properties as done in spectral shape analysis, it is possible to retrieve all cats in a database of animals independent of the pose.
By trying the killer move before other moves, a game playing program can often produce an early cutoff, saving itself the effort of considering or even generating all legal moves from a position.
By considering bets on more than one event de Finetti could justify additivity.
By considering a coordinate transformation on a manifold as a map from the manifold to itself, the transformation of covariant indices of a tensor are given by a pullback, and the transformation properties of the contravariant indices is given by a pushforward.
By 08: 00 the Russians were occupying redoubts 1, 2 and 3, and, considering it too close to the enemy, had razed redoubt No. 4.
By 1925 he was considering appointing Stewart to the Senate, to remove him from active political involvement, but was handicapped by the absence of any other Alberta representation in his cabinet.
By considering the complex analytic structure induced on this compact surface we are led to the theory of compact Riemann surfaces.
By then considering perturbations by various mass terms they were able to calculate the superpotential in the presence of arbitrary numbers of colors and flavors, valid even when the theory is no longer weakly coupled.
By February, the opposition lords were considering accusing the Duke of York of high treason, which resulted in the king proroguing parliament on 24 February in order to protect his brother.
By 1985, their campaign had acquired sufficient traction for Congress to begin considering passing protectionist laws.
By considering the three possible outcomes ( Red Sox, Yankees, some other team ), you will see that regardless of which of the three outcomes eventuates, you lose.
By considering Riemann surface with boundary, we can couple it to the d = 1 conformal theory instead of coupling d = 2 theory to d = 0.
By not considering whether the person could afford the payments if they were to increase in the future, many of these loans may have put the borrowers at risk for default.
By considering the occurrences of values from, one has an alternate way to refer to, through.

By and impact
By the same test predispositions destructive of human personality exercise their most sinister impact, with the result that men of good will are often trapped and nullified.
" Caplan comments on the impact of the Supreme Court's decision making it necessary for there to be evidence of guilt in such a plea, " By requiring that there be some evidence of guilt in such a situation, the decision attempts to protect the ' really ' innocent from the temptations to which plea-bargaining and defense attorneys may subject them.
By figuratively rolling her eyes at the hype, Peters gives us a rich, warm and comedically human Desiree, which reaches full impact when she pierces the facade with a nakedly honest, tears-on-cheek ' Send in the Clowns.
By the time the fighting ended in November 1918, the war had had a profound impact, affecting the social, political and economic systems of Europe and inflicting psychological and physical damage.
By investigating the impact of rituals, the efficacy of myths, and all the possible sources of collective behavior, he became the " father of historical anthropology.
By design, PRiSM is a repeatable, practical and proactive methodology that ensures project success while decreasing an organization's negative environmental impact.
By 2008, such pressures appeared to have an insignificant impact on oil prices given the onset of the global recession.
By the 1830 ’ s, many settlers were afraid that the Mexicans would take the slaves away, which made them favor independence. The non slave owning settlers recognized the economic impact of the prohibition, and as beneficiaries of the slavocratic economy, supported independence as well
By dealing early, cooperatively, and effectively with the challenges of industrialization and its impact on Swedish social, political, and economic structures, Swedish social democrats were able to create one of the most successful social democratic systems in the world, including both a welfare state and extensive protections of civil liberties.
By varying the gun ’ s angle of elevation with respect to the target vacuum chamber, impact angles from 0 ° to 90 ° relative to the gravitational vector are possible.
By the mid 1980s, manufacturers had increased the pincount of the impact printhead from 9 pins to 18, or 24.
By adding a unique ink replenishment system based on a peristaltic pump mechanism, TallyGenicom produced the first impact printers to offer consistent print quality.
By reinforcing the area most likely to break, the arrow is more likely to survive impact, while maintaining overall flexibility and lighter weight.
By their very nature, indices are simple, and combine many details into a generalized, overall description of the atmosphere or ocean which can be used to characterize the factors which impact the global climate system.
By 2008 the price of rice had more than tripled in some regions, which had an especially severe impact in developing countries.
By 1950, these differences, and the impact of colonial rule, had given rise to three African political blocks: conservative, moderate nationalist and militant nationalist.
By the same token, the arrival time of the impactor must be known to this accuracy in order to forecast the impact at all, and to determine how to affect its velocity.
By the time the legislation allowing this was introduced into the 1968 Transport Act ( Section 39 of this Act made provision for a subsidy to be paid by the Treasury for a three-year period ) many of the services and railway lines that would have qualified and benefited from these subsidies had already been closed or removed, thus lessening the impact of the legislation.
By 2004, search engines had incorporated a wide range of undisclosed factors in their ranking algorithms to reduce the impact of link manipulation.
By 1964, over a million fatalities resulting from steering wheel impact had been recorded, a significant percentage of all fatalities ; the introduction by General Motors in the early 1960s of the collapsible steering column cut the risk of steering-wheel death by fifty percent.
By this stage the design concept had been superseded by medium and heavy tanks and neither variant was produced in sufficient numbers to have a real impact on the progress of the war.
By this time, affairs in Europe had begun to have an impact on Iraq — the fall of France in June 1940 encouraged some Arab nationalist elements to seek, in the style of the United States and Turkey, to move toward neutrality toward Germany and Italy rather than being part of the British war effort.
By contrast, megatsunamis are caused by giant landslides and other impact events.
By 1939, Aquinas Hall dormitory had been built to accommodate more students enrolling in general studies, but with the impact of World War II upon enrollment, President John J. Dillon, O. P.

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