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By and continuing
By continuing in this path, one can find Spica, " Arc to Arcturus, then spike to Spica.
By shifting the comb back and forth slightly, the entire pixel row could be printed, continuing the example, in just eight cycles.
By 1938, they had all become wealthy men, but their wealth was dependent on Hitler ’ s continuing goodwill and willingness to turn a blind eye to their corruption.
By then two additional editors had been promoted from assistant work to independent work, continuing without much trouble.
By 1904 he was clearly expressing his own understanding of these themes in his essays and books, though continuing to refer to a wide variety of historical sources.
By 1873, Grant was confronted by a Northern public angry with the economic depression that began in 1873 and tired of continuing to use the army to control politics in the former Confederate states.
By visually tracing a line from Merak through Dubhe and continuing, one's eye will land on Polaris, accurately indicating true north.
By 1998, however, output of copper had fallen to a low of 228, 000 tonnes, continuing a 30-year decline in output due to lack of investment, and until recently, low copper prices and uncertainty over privatization.
" Per John Maynard Keynes " By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens ".
By 1973, factional struggles were continuing in factories, railways, and local government.
By shifting the comb back and forth slightly, the entire pixel row could be printed ( continuing the example, in eight cycles ).
By 1928 he had joined the Kaiserslautern youth academy, and he made his first team debut at 17, continuing an association with the club that would be his only professional club.
By 1970, while continuing on the Mirrors series, he started work on the subject of entablatures.
By continuing the " priorité à droite " rule it allows shorter ramps and thus less space is consumed as entering traffic are guaranteed to be able to get on the boulevard without spending undue time waiting to merge.
By 1960, the ABC Radio Network found its audience continuing to gravitate to television.
By 1880, sculpture had become one more strand to Degas's continuing endeavour to explore different media, although the artist displayed only one sculpture publicly during his lifetime.
By the late 2nd century Chauci raiding was ongoing and more serious than before, continuing in the North Sea Channel until their last recorded raids c. 170 – 175.
By 1905, the two institutions were large and active forces in the area, and the Municipal College of Technology, forerunner of UMIST, formed the Faculty of Technology of the Victoria University of Manchester while continuing as a technical college in parallel with the advanced courses of study in the faculty.
In television, she achieved success during this period, in the series A Fine Romance from 1981 until 1984 and in 1992 began a continuing role in the television romantic comedy series As Time Goes By.
By the end of the 19th century, with struggles over labor and disfranchisement, and continuing agricultural depression, lynchings rose again.
By this happy incident general Putnam, by continuing his march, escaped ... It has since become almost a common saying among our officers, that Mrs. Murray saved this part of the American army.
By then, most were discouraged from continuing with school and found jobs to help their parents.
By now Marshal Villeroi had replaced Boufflers as commander in the Spanish Netherlands, but although Marlborough was able to take Bonn, Huy, and Limbourg in 1703, continuing Dutch hesitancy prevented him from bringing the French to a decisive battle.
By 2010, Armadillo had 7 full time employees, and was profitable on ongoing operations ( though Carmack was continuing to invest in development efforts ).

By and production
By no means would we discourage the production of ideas: they provide raw materials with which to work ; ;
By the middle of the 19th century, industrialisation swept away most of the city's medieval rules of production and commerce, although the entirely corrupt remains of the city's mediæval constitution was kept in place ( compare the famous remarks of Georg Forster in his Ansichten vom Niederrhein ) until 1801, when Aachen became the " chef-lieu du département de la Roer " in Napoléon's First French Empire.
By 1997, the refinery reached the same rate of production it was at before the war.
By bringing engine production back to within the company, the promise was that Aston Martin would be able to produce small runs of higher performance variants engines.
By working with Motorola, AMD was able to refine copper interconnect manufacturing to the production stage about one year before Intel.
By boosting farm productivity, biotechnology plays a crucial role in ensuring that biofuel production targets are met.
By 1957, the eight plutonium production reactors at Hanford dumped a daily average of 50, 000 curies of radioactive material into the Columbia.
By manufacturing the aircraft in China, Cessna reports it saved USD $ 71, 000 in production costs per aircraft, or about 40 % of the cost.
By the time he stepped down in 1988 he had completed 13 years at the production helm.
By the time production ended in 1969, 53 PDP-1s had been delivered.
By 1935, the company had established a true production line, following the example of Ford, and were producing a car closely resembling the Austin 7.
By using doublespeak in advertisements, aspirin production rose by almost 50 percent from over 23 million pounds in 1960 to over 35 million pounds in 1970.
By the end of the civil war, however, all production had stopped.
By 1905, Pathé was the largest film company in the world, a position it retained until World War I. Léon Gaumont began film production in 1896, with his production supervised by Alice Guy.
By the end of the war such films formed an appreciable but minor part of production: e. g. The Gun Woman ( F. Borzage, 1918 ) and Jubilo ( Clarence Badger, 1919 ).
By 1937 a means of controlling the disease had been found, but many of the affected areas remained out of production because a significant share of the market formerly held by Honduras had shifted to other nations.
By April, complete motorcycles were in production on a very limited basis.
By the late 19th century, harmonica production was a big business, having evolved into mass-production.
By world standards, production costs for Iraqi oil are relatively low.
" By default, American individualists had no difficulty accepting the concepts that " one man employ another " or that " he direct him ," in his labor but rather demanded that " all natural opportunities requisite to the production of wealth be accessible to all on equal terms and that monopolies arising from special privileges created by law be abolished.
By the release of 1979's The Original Disco Man, Brown wasn't providing much production or writing, leading most of it to producer Brad Shapiro, resulting in the song " It's Too Funky in Here " becoming Brown's most successful single in this period.
By the time production wrapped, Welles had been dropped from RKO, and, as part of the settlement, was required to edit the film to suitable length.
By the end of 1942, 3, 237 Katyusha launchers of all types had been built, and by the end of the war total production reached about 10, 000.
By working sloppily, the unskilled workers may drag down the average skill of labor, thus increasing the average labor time necessary for the production of each unit commodity.

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