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By and encouraging
`` By fall they'll be back in school '', I'd say, trying to sound encouraging.
By encouraging countries to keep wastes within their boundaries and as close as possible to its source of generation, the internal pressures should provide incentives for waste reduction and pollution prevention.
By encouraging the inclusion of semantic content in web pages, the Semantic Web aims at converting the current web dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a " web of data ".
By encouraging children to ask questions, they will be more open to hearing the answers.
By 17 April 1948 the situation in Palestine had deteriorated further and the Security Council adopted Resolution 46 ( 1948 ), calling upon all persons and organizations in Palestine to immediately cease all military activities, as well as acts of violence, terrorism and sabotage ; to refrain from any actions endangering the safety of the Holy Places in Palestine and refrain from importing or acquiring or assisting or encouraging the importation or acquisition of weapons and war materials ( arms embargo ).
By encouraging belief in a fictional character, parents allow themselves to be comforted that their child still believes in fantasy and is not yet " grown up ".
By the conclusion of the training, the Lifespring trainer and volunteers attempted to recruit participants for subsequent, advanced trainings, as well as encouraging them to invite guests to their post training.
By April with no success the venture was close to collapse and D ' Arcy almost bankrupt, but on May 16 there were encouraging signs and on May 26 at they struck oil.
By knowledge transfer in landscape ecology, means a group of activities that increase the understanding of landscape ecology with the goal of encouraging application of this knowledge.
By 1467 the simmering dispute had evolved, encouraging a split amongst the powerful daimyō and clan factions.
By encouraging women to join the public sphere, especially in the educational system and labour force, the Ba ’ ath party made an impact on the change of relations between men and women in Iraq.
By the conclusion of these sessions, she was logging on and became an activist for the cause of encouraging elders to use the Internet.
By increasing the number of issues that a person needs to consider in order to make a rational decision between candidates, they can level the playing field by encouraging single-issue voting or party-line voting.
Much has been done for education of late, but if the funds were tripled and quadrupled, that would hardly be enough … A new national literature may spring up, impregnated with western ideas, yet retaining its native spirit and character … By encouraging a study of their own ancient literature, as part of their education, a national feeling of pride and self-respect will be reawakened among those who influence the large masses of the people.
By this he is encouraging collective responsibilities from the leaders in the European Council now it is an institution like any other.
By keeping the nose clear and encouraging nasal breathing during the day, night-time symptoms can also improve.
By the end of the sequel, it is revealed that due to their constant exposure to small doses of triffid venom present in their food, a quarter of the inhabitants of the Isle of Wight are immune to triffid venom, thus encouraging them to return to the British mainland.
By encouraging the development of attractive waterside apartments along the River Thames and the old docks, the LDDC brought new, middle class residents into the area, closely followed by shops, restaurants and bars.
By submitting reports and encouraging others to submit reports, he manages to have a fleet of huge spaceships deliver a bulky cargo for the benefit of the Cepheids.
By the mid 1870s the company had recovered its financial stability through a policy of encouraging the more intensive use of the existing lines, and reducing operating costs.
By the age of 13, he had decided to make a career of music, despite many ( especially his father ) encouraging him to enter different fields, because he felt the music he wrote was the only thing that was his own.
By encouraging interaction between international and French students, and through educational and social activities promoting cross-cultural understanding, exchange and cohesion, Shuffle ESCP helps strengthen the school ’ s internationality.
By the time of the Treaty of Arras it was clear that the split had hardened, and Orange therefore finally conceded defeat and signed the Union of Utrecht on 3 May 1579, while encouraging the Flemish and Brabant cities in Protestant hands to also join the Union.
By the early 1990s, United Video began encouraging cable systems still using either the full-or split-screen versions of the Amiga 1000-based EPG Sr. to upgrade to the Amiga 2000-based Prevue Guide.

By and clarity
By 1937 he had clarified his intentions to serve his people: `` I have striven for clarity and melodious idiom, but at the same time I have by no means attempted to restrict myself to the accepted methods of harmony and melody.
By 1949, Weyl was thoroughly disillusioned with the ultimate value of intuitionism, and wrote: " Mathematics with Brouwer gains its highest intuitive clarity.
By not allowing the original preparation to boil you will increase the clarity.
Because of these many flows into the bay, its large watershed covers portions of five Florida counties By 2010, measures of sea grass coverage, water clarity, and biodiversity had improved to levels last seen in the 1950s.
Opera houses listed ( 1 ) by Sub-Category ( country ), then name of Opera House ; and ( 2 ) Alphabetically By name of Opera House: ( Opera company sometimes included for clarity )
By the 1940s, brother duets, in which two brothers sang harmony with precision and clarity, had become popular and was known as close harmony.
By the autumn of that year Radio Tees was also broadcasting on 95 VHF, the first radio station in the area to offer the clarity of FM transmissions.

By and on
By this time word had got around that an American doctor was on the premises.
Suggest the following twenty-first-century amendment: By moving the term `` Republic '' to lower case, substituting the modern phrase, `` move ahead '' for the stodgy `` keep '', and by using the Postmaster's name on every envelope ( in caps, of course, with the `` in spite '' as faded as possible ), the slogan cannot fail.
By odd coincidence, on the evening of her return Shelley chose to read Parisina, which was the latest of the titled poet's successes.
By fixing the tax rate in advance of spending, upper limits are set on expenditures.
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
By automobile from New York, for example, you can take a one or two-day tour to Annapolis, Maryland to see the colonial homes and the U.S. Naval Academy ( where you can shoot the dress parade on Wednesdays ) ; ;
By submerging the patient in a tub and rotating the transducer while the scanning goes on, they have been able to get cross-section views of the neck, as shown in Fig. 7, as well as many other hitherto impossible insights.
Reports Jim Lendrum: `` By studying men on the job, we found that two men -- a carpenter and a helper -- can lay a floor faster than three.
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
By Nov. 8, 1958, weakness, specifically involving the pelvic and thigh musculature, was pronounced, and a common complaint was `` difficulty in stepping up on to curbs ''.
By all means the most important distinction is that between those total-cost apportionments which superimpose a distribution of admittedly unallocable cost residues on estimates of incremental or marginal costs, and those other apportionments which recognize no difference between true cost allocation and mere total-cost distribution.
By 800 social and cultural security had been achieved, at least on a simple plane ; ;
By 1871 L. C. Orvis, manager of the `` Western Union Telegraph Company '', expressed willingness to send emergency telegrams on Sundays from his Village drugstore.
By themselves they may not be able to save the life on this planet, but without them there would be very little left worth saving.
By preying on the sick, by playing callously on the hopes of the desperate, by causing the sufferer to delay proper medical care, these medical ghouls create pain and misery by their very activity.
By fall, 443 survivors of this arduous journey were clustered about Fort Snelling, but most of them were sent on to Galena and St. Louis, with a few going as far as Vevay, Indiana, a notable Swiss center in the United States.
By the time her hindquarters were in a standin' position, her knees were on the ground in a prayin' attitude.
By 1926, when the mighty Yanks were at their mightiest, only a few of these were left but they still shone brightest, even beside able and agile rookies like Tony Lazzeri ( who managed never to have one of his epileptic fits on the field ), Mark Koenig, Lou Gehrig, George Pipgras, and gray-thatched Earl Combs.
By a wrenching effort, he managed to hunch and draw in, to take the final fall on his back and shoulders rather than his head.
`` By winning against Bradley, Kentucky and Notre Dame on those teams' home courts, they showed that the home court advantage can be overcome anywhere and that it doesn't take a super team to do it ''.
By mid-June, millions of Americans will take to the road on vacation trips up and down and back and forth across this vast and lovely land.
By July 1, six weeks from now, motel-keepers all over the nation will, by 6 p.m., be switching on that bleak -- to motorists -- sign, `` No Vacancy ''.
By the end of the third act, the artist is dead but the body lingers on, a shell among other shells.
By the time the fielder got his hands on the ball Deegan was rounding third base and heading for home.

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