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By and equalizing
By keeping track of every flow going through the AP, equalizing technology can identify those taking an unequal share of bandwidth and thus crowding out flows from weaker nodes.

By and immigration
By this time the post-war economic recovery was in full swing, fueled by massive immigration and the growth in housing and manufacturing that this produced.
By November 1959 his wife had found a London apartment, but Wright's illness and " four hassles in twelve days " with British immigration officials ended his desire to live in England.
By mid-1760s, with peace made with the Cherokees, immigration into the area increased, and Boone began to look for a new place to settle, as competition decreased the amount of game available for hunting.
By this time, South Deerfield and other New England villages were already absorbing a new wave of Eastern European immigration, particularly from Poland.
By 2010, the post-war immigration program had received more than 6. 5 million migrants from every continent.
By deputation, it enforced immigration law, customs law, forestry law, quarantine law, election law, public service law, and amusement law and weight and standards on rice and palay.
By 1912 its circulation was 120, 000, and by the late 1920s / early 1930s, The Forward was a leading U. S. metropolitan daily with considerable influence and a nationwide circulation of more than 275, 000 though this had dropped to 170, 000 by 1939 as a result of changes in U. S. immigration policy that restricted the immigration of Jews to a trickle.
By promising to phase out Jewish immigration into Palestine, Britain hoped to win back support from wavering Arabs.
By the time of the Civil War, tensions over race and immigration, as well as economic competition between Jews and non-Jews, combined to produce the worst outbreak of antisemitism to that date.
By the end of 1871, a large population had already gathered on the diamond fields, and immigration increased dramatically, which brought in many newcomers.
By mid-19th century, owing to widespread Russian Jewish and Galician Jewish immigration into Moldavia, the city was at least one-third Jewish.
By 1997, the Reform Party attempted to shed the negative public outlook on the party's views on immigration and minority rights by selecting multiple ethnic minority candidates to run as Reform Party candidates in the 1997 federal election to demonstrate that the Reform Party's policies were not intended to be intolerant.
By 214, Zhao Tuo and Ren Xiao had returned and pacified the Western Valley Yue, opening up Guangxi and the south to the immigration of hundreds of thousands of Chinese.
By the late 19th century the British began large-scale immigration projects, mainly from Barbados, in an effort to Anglicise the island, which resulted in a decline in the use of French Creole in the songs so that by the 1930s English Creole became the language of Trinidad Calypso.
By challenging established policies on immigration, civil rights and racial integration, white nationalists seek to build bridges with moderately conservative white citizens.
By the mid-1870s, Taranaki was enjoying a rapid growth in immigration, with the founding of Inglewood and other farming towns, the creation of inland roads as far south as Stratford and a rail link from New Plymouth to Waitara.
By the beginning of the 19th century, many settlements such as San Carlos de Bariloche, General Roca and Choele Choel were already constituted and received French and German immigration, and other such as Cipolletti, Ingeniero Huergo and others installed in the Alto Valle ( Upper Valley ) region.
By 2009, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said his government would tighten the then prevailing immigration policy, which would make it harder for immigrants to be granted asylum in Norway.
By the late 1940s, KMB ridership increased with the huge influx of immigration after the war.
By the 1990s, America's population growth was more than one-third driven by legal immigration, as opposed to one-tenth before the act.
By 1918, as a result of immigration of Ukrainian peasants from nearby villages in Galicia and Podolia, there were over 200, 000 Ukrainians, out of a total of 730, 000.
By the 1880s immigration from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Italy started rivaling immigration from Western Europe.

By and policies
By that time, the misdirection and irrationality of BCP economic policies had become quite clear.
By this time the long-suppressed tensions between the Coalition partners over economic and trade policies were also beginning to emerge.
By 1997, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications was created to formulate and implement policies regarding the development of the ICT sector.
By contrast, neighboring Chinese leader Mao Zedong was mostly ignored and Kim Il-sung rejected most of his policies such as the Hundred Flowers Campaign and ( later ) the Cultural Revolution.
By not outing gay Bishops who support policies which harm homosexuals, we would be protecting those Bishops and thereby allowing them to continue to inflict suffering on members of our community.
By this time however, the influence of Slobodan Milošević was confined to Serbia only as Montenegro had experienced internal regime change in 1996 when former Milošević ally Milo Đukanović reversed his policies, showed resilience by becoming leader of his party and subsequently dismissing former Montenegrin leader Momir Bulatović, a man who remained loyal to Milošević.
By limiting outside influences, these policies would gradually cause almost complete isolation of Soviet composers from the rest of the world.
By 1950, similar policies and legislation had been adopted by other states and territories.
By the early 1980s there was no clear neoconservative in the Tory leadership cadre, but Brian Mulroney, who became leader in 1983, eventually came to adopt many policies from the Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan governments.
By 1875 the conservative white Southern opposition regained control of every state in the South and as he left the White House in March 1877 his policies were being undone.
By the early 1960s, many of the Great Leap's economic policies were reversed by initiatives spearheaded by Liu, Deng, and Zhou Enlai.
By 1933, the younger SS was no longer the mere bodyguard of Hitler and showed itself more suited to carry out Hitler's policies thereby taking over the previously held roles of the SA.
By the 1950s, there was no statistically significant difference between Republicans and Democrats on tariff policies.
By 1938, however, he had realised that Hitler's policies and plans would lead Germany to disaster and secretly began to work against the régime.
By 1962 Liu's opposition to Mao's policies had led Mao to distrust Liu.
By contrast, the policies of his successors, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao have widely been seen as efforts to address these imbalances and move away from a sole focus on economic growth toward a broader view of development which incorporates non economic factors such as health and the environment.
By July, just months before the December 2001 elections to the Legislative Yuan, these factors accumulated to result in the formation of the TSU to continue Lee's policies, and fill the void in Taiwanese politics caused by the DPP's abandonment of its strongly pro-independence political stance.
* By showing that appeasement was a popular policy and that there was continuity in British foreign policy after 1933, he shattered the common view of the appeasers as a small, degenerate clique that had mysteriously hijacked the British government sometime in the 1930s and who had carried out their policies in the face of massive public resistance.
By placing high tariffs on imports and other protectionist, inward-looking trade policies the citizens of the respected country by simple supply and demand rationale will substitute the lesser expensive good for the more expensive.
By the 1630s, Philip's domestic policies were being increasingly impacted by the financial pressures of the Thirty Years ' War, and in particular the growing war with France.
By then, Brigham Young had formalized church's policies against black people.
By the time of Deep Space Nines penultimate series episode, " The Dogs of War ", it was indicated that Ferengi capitalism was coming under greater regulation, with historic changes towards left-wing politics and policies being made with respect to things such as universal health care, workers ' rights, etc.
By showing that appeasement was a popular policy and that there was continuity in British foreign policy after 1933, he shattered the common view of the appeasers as a small, degenerate clique that had mysteriously hijacked the British government sometime in the 1930s and who had carried out their policies in the face of massive public resistance ; and by portraying the leaders of the 1930s as real people attempting to deal with real problems, he made the first strides towards attempting to explain the actions of the appeasers rather than merely to condemn them.
By using local recycling this will help move people away from the slash-and-burn techniques that are the characteristic feature of shifting cultivators are often cited as inherently destructive, yet slash-and-burn cultivation has been practiced in the Amazon for at least 6000 years ; serious deforestation did not begin until the 1970s, largely as the result of Brazilian government programs and policies.

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