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By and Act
By these measures, Congress, so the Court ( in effect ) now decides, gave not only needless but inadequate relief, since it now appears that the federal courts have inherent power to sterilize the Act of 1875 against all proceedings challenging local regulation ''.
By virtue of Article II of the Treaty of Union, which defined the succession to the throne of Great Britain, the Act of Settlement became part of Scots Law as well.
By comparison, the former colony of the United Province of Canada ( divided into the District of Canada East, and the District of Canada West ) and the western provinces were dozens of times larger and in some cases were expanded to take in territory formerly held in British Crown grants to companies such as the Hudson's Bay Company ; in particular the November 19, 1869 sale of Rupert's Land to the Government of Canada under the Rupert's Land Act 1868 was facilitated in part by Maritime taxpayers.
By the end of the 19th century the Sherman Act, New Jersey allowing holding companies, and mergers resulted in larger corporations with dispersed shareholders.
By employing the well-established legal distinction between ordinary and hazardous work, the governor also won legislative approval for a Dangerous Trades Act that barred young workers from thirty occupations.
By 2006, such was the confusion from these multiple Acts, each amending the others ( and not all of which were ever actually commenced and thus were in the public record but not enforced as actual legislation ); and the amendments of Irish firearms legislation by other Acts ranging from the Wildlife Acts ( mostly relating to hunting law ) to the Road Traffic Acts ( relating to how and where firearms could be transported ) and others ; the large amount of secondary legislation ( Statutory Instruments, which set out regulations, the design of application forms for licences and so forth, as well as the details of when various parts of the Acts came into force ); as well as the introduction of EU firearms law into the canon of Irish legislation ; led the Irish Law Reform Commission to recommend that all the extant legislation be restated a legal process by which all the existing primary and secondary legislation would be read as one and a single document produced as the new Firearms Act ( and all prior Acts would be repealed ).
By virtue of practice directions issued under section 75 ( 1 ) of the Supreme Court Act 1981, an indictment must be tried by a High Court judge, a Circuit judge or a recorder ( which of these it is depends on the offence ).
By May 1914 the Bill had complied with the requirements set down by the Parliament Act 1911, allowing the government to force its enactment over the heads of the unionist-dominated House of Lords.
By the terms of the Local Government Act 2001, the counties of North Tipperary and South Tipperary were created.
By 1890 the atoll's entire guano deposits had been depleted ( mined out ) by U. S. interests operating under the Guano Islands Act.
By this time the " New " Labour Party was seen as a reformed and fresh alternative under the leadership of Tony Blair, and after eighteen years in office the Conservatives lost the 1997 general election in one of the worst electoral defeats since the Great Reform Act of 1832.
By fifteen he had developed his " Record Act ", in which he exaggeratedly mimed the lyrics to songs on a phonograph.
By most accounts, Coca-Cola was India's leading soft drink until 1977 when it left India after a new government ordered The Coca-Cola Company to turn over its secret formula for Coke and dilute its stake in its Indian unit as required by the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act ( FERA ).
By the clause in the Levant Trade Act of 1752 vessels for the United Kingdom with a foul bill ( i. e. coming from a country where plague existed ) had to repair to the lazarets of Malta, Venice, Messina, Livorno, Genoa or Marseille, to perform their quarantine or to have their cargoes sufficiently opened and aired.
By the Benefices Act 1892, a person guilty of simony is guilty of an offence for which he may be proceeded against under the Clergy Discipline Act 1892.
By October 1857, Wagner had begun the composition sketch of the first Act.
By 1893, his views on silver had evolved, and on the floor of the House of Representatives, he delivered a riveting three-hour address against repeal of the Silver Purchase Act.
By the late 17th century, the electorate of the three seats comprised the resident freemen of Monmouth, Newport and Usk, and after the Great Reform Act of 1832 the constituency was generally referred to as the Monmouth Boroughs.
By the terms of the English Act of Settlement 1701, George's mother, Sophia, was designated as the heir to the English throne if the then reigning monarch ( William III ) and his sister-in-law, Princess Anne of Denmark ( later Queen Anne ) died without surviving issue.
By the end of the year, " Babylon Deluxe " had spawned further favorites in " X-Rated ", " Gods and Monsters ", " Edge of 17 " and " Final Destination " which all were performed to the delight of the audience at Top Act in Zapfendorf on New Year's Eve.
By 18 March, an Act for the Suppression of the Lesser Monasteries, those with a gross income of less than £ 200 per annum, had passed both houses.
By the time of those opinions, political contributions to candidates in federal races by corporations had been prohibited since the Tillman Act of 1907, even though individual contributions remained unlimited.
By explicitly setting requirements and goals for the federal government to attain, the Act is markedly stronger than its predecessor.

By and 1870
By 1870 Liberia had sunk into financial crisis, which dragged on into the 1930s.
By 1870, The Joseph Dixon Crucible Company was the world ’ s largest dealer and consumer of graphite and later became the contemporary Dixon Ticonderoga pencil and art supplies company.
By way of example, and following Germany's decision after the Franco-Prussian War ( 1870 – 1871 ) to extract reparations to facilitate a move to the gold standard, Japan gained the needed reserves after the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 – 1895.
By September 1870, the blockade was finally abandoned altogether for the winter, and the French Navy retired to ports along the English Channel, remaining in port for the rest of the war.
By 1870 the population in the states served by the Oregon Trail and its offshoots increased by about 350, 000 over their 1860 census levels.
By around 1870, palm oil constituted the primary export of some West African countries, such as Ghana and Nigeria, although this was overtaken by cocoa in the 1880s.
By 1870, the League had more than one hundred branches, mostly in cities and peopled largely by men of trades unions and working men's organisations.
By 1870 after the Civil War, the total population decreased slightly to 10, 313, but the number of blacks rose to 6610, or 64 % of the total.
By May 1870 the District railway had opened its line from West Brompton to Blackfriars via Gloucester Road and South Kensington, services being operated at first by the Metropolitan.
By the end of the Prussian Kingdom in 1870, over 3 million people lived in the Ruhrgebiet and the new coal-mining district had become the largest industrial region of Europe.
By comparison, the county had 15, 714 residents in 1870, 20 % of whom were White.
By 1870 the game as described in England used a mixture of French and English words and spellings:
: By 1870, the words used in the game were a mixture of French and English words and spellings.
By 1870, there was a Chinese population of 200.
By 1870, it was a thriving town full of small businesses ( many owned by the Sharp family ), a school, post office, and Union Guard Armory.
By 1840 the town ’ s population had dropped to 2, 269 and by 1870 it was down to 1, 759.
By 1870, the District's population had grown 75 % from the previous census to nearly 132, 000 residents.
By 1870, however, much of the excess population of the region had been drained off to other mining rushes and returns on claims had fallen somewhat.
By 1870, Schaumburg Township had become completely German.
By 1870 17 % of Jeffersonville residents were foreign-born.
By 1870, Richmond ( Wayne Township ) had surpassed Centerville in business, population, and tax revenue.
By 1870, there was a Methodist church and a school, and Oliver Tyson had purchased the mill and expanded it, adding a flour mill.
By 1870, when the population was 725, it had two post offices — Rome and Belgrade Mills.
By 1870, the community had a population of 1, 191.

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