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By and autumn
By the autumn of 1855, the royal apartments were ready, though the tower was still under construction and the servants had to be lodged in the old house.
By mid-1892 Satie had composed the first pieces in a compositional system of his own making (), had provided incidental music to a chivalric esoteric play ( two ), had had his first hoax published ( announcing the premiere of, an anti-Wagnerian opera he probably never composed ), and had broken with Péladan, starting that autumn with the Uspud project, a " Christian Ballet ", in collaboration with.
By the autumn of 1537, Elizabeth was in the care of Blanche Herbert, Lady Troy who remained her Lady Mistress until her retirement in late 1545 or early 1546.
By the autumn of 1559 several foreign suitors were vying for Elizabeth's hand ; their impatient envoys engaged in ever more scandalous talk and reported that a marriage with her favourite was not welcome in England: " There is not a man who does not cry out on him and her with indignation ... she will marry none but the favoured Robert ".
By autumn 1917, in the power vacuum following the dissolution of parliament and in the absence of a stable government or a Finnish army, such forces began assuming a more military character.
By autumn 1917, however, these attempts at peaceful resolution had failed, and the power vacuum began to be filled by the paramilitary troops of the right and left.
By late autumn, the death toll began to slow until, in February 1666, it was considered safe enough for the King and his entourage to return to the city.
By this time, Parsons's own use of drugs had increased to the extent that new songs were rare and much of his time was diverted to partying with the Stones, who briefly relocated to America in the summer of 1969 to finish their forthcoming Let It Bleed album and prepare for an autumn cross-country tour, their first series of regular live engagements since 1967.
By the outbreak of World War II in autumn 1939, there were six camps housing some 27, 000 inmates.
By 1996, the club was set to build a new ballpark near the site of County Stadium, which would have a retractable roof to counter the unpredictable Wisconsin weather in the spring and autumn.
By the autumn of 1800, the United States Navy and the Royal Navy, combined with a more conciliatory diplomatic stance by the government of First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte, had reduced the activity of the French privateers and warships.
By autumn 1940, after conquering its portion of Poland, the Third Reich shared an extensive border with USSR, with whom it remained neutrally bound by their non-aggression pact and trade agreements.
By the autumn of 1933, Hitler's personal bodyguard ( previously the 1st SS Standarte located in Munich ) had been called to Berlin to replace the Army Chancellery Guard as protectors of the Chancellor of Germany.
By the autumn of 365 he had reached Cappadocian Caesarea when he learned that a usurper had proclaimed himself in Constantinople.
By the autumn of 1975 Magnavox, bowing to the popularity of Pong, cancelled the Odyssey and released a scaled down version that played only Pong and hockey, the Odyssey 100.
By the autumn of 1890, Morris had had enough and he, too, withdrew from the Socialist League.
By autumn, the epidemic had spread throughout the Balkans, possibly through contact with Venetian ports along the Adriatic Sea.
By the late autumn of 1944, Soviet forces had ushered in a second phase of Soviet rule on the heels of the German troops withdrawing from Estonia, and followed it up by a new wave of arrests and executions of people considered disloyal to the Soviets.
By the autumn of 1531, Cromwell had taken control of the supervision of the King's legal and parliamentary affairs, working closely with Thomas Audley, and had joined the inner circle of the Council.
By the autumn of 1559 several foreign princes were vying for the Queen's hand ; their impatient envoys came under the impression that Elizabeth was fooling them, " keeping Lord Robert's enemies and the country engaged with words until this wicked deed of killing his wife is consummated.
By autumn of 1835, Bakunin had conceived of forming a philosophical circle in his home town of Pryamukhino ; a passionate environment for the young people involved.
By autumn 1915, with Asquith ’ s Coalition close to breaking up over conscription, he was blamed for the failure to bring in that measure and for the excessive influence which civilians like Churchill and Haldane had come to exert over strategy, allowing ad hoc campaigns to develop in Sinai, Mesopotamia and Salonika.
By autumn 1549, his costly wars had lost momentum, the crown faced financial ruin, and riots and rebellions had broken out around the country.
By the autumn, however, after the censor had banned every play that the theatre proposed to stage, Gorky abandoned the project.

By and 1950
By 1950, there were only 100, 000 monolingual Bretons, and a rapid decline since, with likely no monolingual speakers left today.
By 1950 it had increased to between 3, 710, 107 and 4, 073, 967, and in 1962 it had reached 5. 7 million.
By the time You Bet Your Life debuted on TV on October 5, 1950, Groucho had grown a real mustache ( which he had already sported earlier in the films Copacabana and Love Happy ).
By 1950, the IBM card had become ubiquitous in industry and government.
By 1950 systems based on this early research started to reach operational service, including the US Army's Nike Ajax, the Navy's " 3T's " ( Talos, Terrier, Tartar ), and soon followed by the Soviet S-25 Berkut and S-75 Dvina and French and British systems.
By 1950, after the virtual completion of the by then much watered-out " level of industry " plans, equipment had been removed from 706 manufacturing plants in western Germany and steel production capacity had been reduced by 6, 700, 000 tons.
By 1950 there would be 50, 000 motels serving half of the 22 million US vacationers ; by 1951 motels would surpass hotels in consumer demand.
By late 1950, the Russians were exporting these Kremlin Kadetts to Belgium, stressing in their promotion that spare parts could easily be obtained from Germany.
By 1950, similar policies and legislation had been adopted by other states and territories.
By 1950, enrollment had reached 21, 000, of whom more than one third: 7, 700 were veterans supported by the G. I.
By 1950, over a hundred were known, and by 1999, over 2, 000 were known.
By 1950 it was the main line of communications between the British and New Zealand governments.
By 1950, another emerging musical trend, the African-American popular music style known as Rhythm and Blues driven by musicians like Fats Domino was drawing young audiences away.
By 1950, the total County population was 625, 816.
By 1950 wild boar had once again reached their original northern boundary in many parts of their Asiatic range.
By 1950, the number of cars and passengers carried on Silver City's cross-Channel services roughly doubled to 5, 000 and 24, 000 respectively.
By 1950, a much younger and more left-wing part of the Lettrist movement began to emerge.
By 1950, there were reported to be just under 1, 000 Quechan living on the reservation and another 1, 100 + off it ( Forbes 1965: 343 ).
By 1950, Beneke and the Miller estate parted ways.
By 1950, Argentina's GDP per capita accounted just nearly half of the United States.
By 1950 several design proposals for a supersonic interceptor were explored which included versions with swept wings, a tail-less delta wing ( similar to the Dassault Mirage IV ), side-body engine intakes, in-nose engine intakes ( similar to the Mig-21 ), turbine engines and rocket engines, and combinations of several.
By 1950, after the virtual completion of the by-then much watered-down " level of industry " plans, equipment had been removed from 706 manufacturing plants in the west, and steel production capacity had been reduced by 6. 7 million tons.
By 1950 this collection had swollen to more than 1, 500 volumes including 150 printed before 1600 and even a small amount predating 1500.

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