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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 324
from Brown Corpus
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By and death
By saying `` another emotional death '', she reveals that there has been a previous one, although she has not described it in words.
* " Hanging By His Hair " from the 1998 WORMWOOD album by The Residents recounts Absalom's defiance and death.
By 1073 there were only two Englishmen in episcopal sees, and by the time of William's death in 1089, there was only one, Wulfstan II of Worcester.
By 473 BC, after the death of Phrynichus, one of his chief rivals, Aeschylus was the yearly favorite in the Dionysia, winning first prize in nearly every competition.
By the time of his relatively early death at the age of 51, Erlang created the field of telephone networks analysis.
By the time of his death, Mahmud ruled a vast empire that stretched from Kurdistan to the entire Hindu Kush region as far east as the Punjab as well as territories far north of the Amu Darya.
By the time of his death sales of the company had reached C $ 20 million, which is the equivalent of C $ 160 million in 2004 dollars.
By law, the vice president will succeed in the event of the president's resignation, illness, or death.
By Stalin's death in 1953, the Central Committee had become largely a symbolic organ, which was responsible to the Politburo, and not the other way around.
" By various stratagems the jealous king seeks his death, but the plots only endear David the more to the people, and especially to Saul's son Jonathan, who loves David ( 1 Samuel 18: 1, 2 Samuel 1: 25 – 26 ).
By the time of her death, she had outlived all her children except for King John and Eleanor, Queen of Castile.
By the English Middle Ages the term had been expanded to include not only the message, but also the New Testament which contained the message, as well as more specifically the four books of the Bible in which the life, death and resurrection of Jesus are portrayed.
By the time of Honorius ’ s death in 423, Britain, Spain and large parts of Gaul had effectively passed into barbarian control.
By late autumn, the death toll began to slow until, in February 1666, it was considered safe enough for the King and his entourage to return to the city.
By contrast, an informal investigation by the High Priest and his cronies ( without witnesses being called ), as told by John, is both historically possible in an emergency on the day before a festival, and accords with the external evidence from Rabbinic sources that Jesus was put to death on the Day of Preparation for the Passover.
By far the strongest hereditary claim was that of Edgar the Ætheling, but his youth and apparent lack of powerful supporters caused him to be passed over, and he did not play a major part in the struggles of 1066, though he was made king for a short time by the Witan after the death of Harold Godwinson.
By this account, no clear evidence suggests that Gertrude is an adulteress: she is merely adapting to the circumstances of her husband's death for the good of the kingdom.
By the time of Frederick's death in 1250, little centralized power remained in Germany.
By way of a folk memorial, he is recalled in the Australian vernacular expression " do a Harold Holt " ( or " do the Harry "), rhyming slang for " do a bolt " meaning " to disappear suddenly and without explanation ", although this is usually employed in the context of disappearance from a social gathering rather than a case of presumed death.
By crushing the aspirations of humans for over three thousand years, Leto caused the Scattering, an explosion of humanity into the rest of the universe upon his death.
By the time of her death in 1796, Catherine's expansionist policy had made Russia into a major European power.
* Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin ... By disobeying, Eve became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race.
By reaching into his mind, Emma reactivates Bobby's powers through opening a series of mental blocks he has placed on himself, and saves him from near death.
By the time of his death in 1891, Canada had secured most of the territory it occupies today.

By and father
By leaving me everything he wouldn't be doing me a favor, my father told him, and he didn't want to see his daughter involved in a lawsuit.
By the summer of 1823, Alcott returned to Connecticut in debt to his father, who bailed him out after his last two unsuccessful sales trips.
By his first wife, Eschiva of Ibelin, he was the father of Hugh I of Cyprus and was crowned in Nicosia on September 22, 1197.
By Endeïs Aeacus had two sons, Telamon and Peleus ( father of Achilles ), and by Psamathe a son, Phocus, whom he preferred to the two others, both of whom contrived to kill Phocus during a contest, and then fled from their native island.
By 6, Domitian's mother and sister had long died, while his father and brother were continuously active in the Roman military, commanding armies in Germania and Judaea.
By his wife Ninlil or Sud, Enlil was father of the moon god Nanna / Suen ( in Akkadian, Sin ) and of Ninurta ( also called Ningirsu ).
By Ereshkigal Enlil was father of Namtar.
By this time he had started what was to be an enduring friendship with the romantic poet Patrice Contamine, and had had his first compositions published by his father.
By all accounts, Eleanor's father ensured that she had the best possible education.
By late 372 Gregory returned to Nazianzus to assist his dying father with the administration of his diocese.
By confronting Opal and his father in her simulation, Iceman realized that Emma was right and managed to transform back to his human body with his chest fully intact.
By the jötunn Angrboða, Loki is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr.
By his wife Sigyn, Loki is the father of Nari or Narfi.
By investigating the impact of rituals, the efficacy of myths, and all the possible sources of collective behavior, he became the " father of historical anthropology.
By the time Mieszko I took over from his father, the Polans ' tribal federation of Greater Poland had for some time been actively expanding.
By emphasizing Roderigo's failed bid for Desdemona, and his own dissatisfaction with serving under Othello, Iago convinces Roderigo to wake Brabantio, Desdemona's father, and tell him about his daughter's elopement.
By his various wives and concubines Priam was the father of fifty sons and many daughters.
By the time he was 13 years old, his father was also dead, having ended his days in Ballymena dependent on the charity of relatives.
By the age of sixteen, Richard commanded his own army, putting down rebellions in Poitou against his father, King Henry II.
By the laws of genetic relatedness, one might find a paradox here, in that Fry being his own grandfather means his father is both 50 % related to him ( since he is Fry's father ) and 62. 5 % related to him ( since Fry's father is also his son and the son of Fry's grandmother, who's by virtue of being Fry's grandmother, is 25 % related to Fry ).
By 1840, Tubman's father, Ben, was manumitted, freed from slavery at the age of 45, as stipulated in a former owner's will, though his real age was closer to 55.
By the 1283 Treaty of Rheinfelden his father entrusted Albert with their sole government, while Rudolph II ought to be compensated by the Further Austrian Habsburg home territories.

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