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By and end
By the end of the spring of 1961, assuming that a general business recovery gets under way, interest rates should begin to edge upward again, depending upon the vigor of the recovery and the determination with which the monetary authorities move to restrain credit availability.
By the end of the nineteenth century, in 1893, when the Big Three, Columbia, and Penn were populous centers of learning, Dartmouth graduated only sixty-nine.
By the end of the century the Roman Catholic Church was beginning to make itself felt, mainly through such institutions as hospitals but also through its attitude towards organized labour.
By the end of the third act, the artist is dead but the body lingers on, a shell among other shells.
By the end of 1863, at Lincoln's direction, General Lorenzo Thomas had recruited 20 regiments of blacks from the Mississippi Valley.
By the end of his life Huxley was widely acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent intellectuals of his time and respected as an important researcher into visual communication and sight-related theories as well.
By the end of the 14th century, most of Anatolia was controlled by various Anatolian beyliks.
By the end of 2010, Armenia ’ s external debt is projected to form about 42 percent of GDP, and 50 percent in 2012.
By the end of the reign of Naram-Sin's son, Shar-kali-sharri ( 2217 – 2193 BC ), the empire had weakened.
By seeking close alliances with powerful noble families, Alexios put an end to the tradition of imperial exclusivity and coopted most of the nobility into his extended family and, through it, his government.
By the end of the novel, the elite cavalry wing is led by a dashing young warrior prince named Artos, whom Sutcliff postulates to be the real Arthur.
By the end of Andronikos II's reign, much of Bithynia was in the hands of the Ottoman Turks of Osman I and his son and heir Orhan.
By now, the war is nearing its end and the German Army is retreating.
By the end of the book, Paul realizes that he no longer knows what to do with himself and decides that he has nothing more to lose.
By the end of the twentieth century " Negro " had come to be considered inappropriate and was rarely used and perceived as a pejorative.
By the end of the 18th century there were no factories or mills and only a few small cottage industries along the border with Zurich.
By the end of 1898, Western pilgrims started coming to Akka on pilgrimage to visit ` Abdu ' l-Bahá ; this group of pilgrims, including Phoebe Hearst, was the first time that Bahá ' ís raised up in the West had met ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
By the end of 2013, a total of 461 km of high-speed lines are expected to be built.
By the end of 1865, almost 100 clubs were members of the NABBP.
By the end of the game, the ball would be dark with grass, mud, and tobacco juice, and it would be misshapen and lumpy from contact with the bat.
By convention, the top strand is written from the 5 ' end to the 3 ' end ; thus, the bottom strand is written 3 ' to 5 '.
By the end of the 16th century, Bethlehem had become one of the largest villages in the District of Jerusalem, and was subdivided into seven quarters.
By the end of his sole rule ( AD 14 ), Augustus had expanded the empire to the line of the Danube river, which was to remain its central / eastern European border for its entire history ( except for the occupation of Dacia 105-275 ).
The money was devoted largely to developing “ technical advice on the conduct of defoliation and anti-crop activities in Southeast Asia .” By the end of fiscal year 1962, the Chemical Corps had let or were negotiating contracts for over one thousand chemical defoliants.

By and year
By the fall of that year, their benefactor Haines died suddenly and the Alcotts again suffered financial difficulty.
By 1987 Ethernet was clearly winning the standards battle over Token Ring, and in the middle of that year Apple introduced EtherTalk 1. 0 for the newly released Macintosh II computer.
By working with Motorola, AMD was able to refine copper interconnect manufacturing to the production stage about one year before Intel.
By 1559 the Germany city of Aachen alone was capable of producing 300, 000 cwt of brass per year.
By the following year their ranks had grown to include German painter, sculptor and designer Oskar Schlemmer who headed the theater workshop, and Swiss painter Paul Klee, joined in 1922 by Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.
By 1704, the War of the Spanish Succession was in its fourth year.
By the age of four, he was able to play 40 pieces on the piano ; his mother began formally teaching him the next year.
By the end of the year, all French and Zairian troops were withdrawn.
By 1972, the economic progress of Allende's first year had been reversed, and the economy was in crisis.
By convention, a calendar year consists of a natural number of days.
By the early 2000s, the CD largely replaced the audio cassette player as standard equipment in new automobiles, with 2010 being the final model year for any car in the US to have a factory-equipped cassette player.
By 1968, the design had reached the one known today, and has been used continuously from this year, apart from a period in the 1970s when the just the letters CAFC appeared on the team's shirts.
By the end of the year, 365 Uyezd-level Chekas were established.
By January 1934, the second year of the CCC program, 300, 000 men were enrolled.
By the end of the year Mobutu had created a rival government with its own prime minister.
By 1959 more than 1, 000 homes a year were being constructed.
" By the end of the following year he had taken up the ukelele and tea-chest bass and begun to participate in skiffle sessions with friends, and had started to play the piano ; meanwhile his stage presentation of numbers by both Presley and Chuck Berry — complete with gyrations in tribute to the original artists — to his local Wolf Cub group was described as " mesmerizing ... like someone from another planet.
By the year 2010 there were 5, 906 Dominican friars, including 4, 456 priests.
By 2010, the market for Ethernet equipment amounted to over $ 16 billion per year.
By the end of the year he had founded the ( the Metropolitan Church of Art of the Leading Christ ).
By mistake, the year of his birth was given as 1848, not the correct 1845.
By the end of the year, it had surpassed competitor Ultima Online in number of subscriptions.
By the 6th year, peasants abandoning fields and rebellion became rampant.
By 1969 West German cinema attendance at 172. 2 million visits per year was less than a quarter of its 1956 post-war peak.

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