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Page "humor" ¶ 9
from Brown Corpus
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By and time
By counting the number of stalls and urinals I attempted to form a loose estimate of how many men the hall would hold at one time.
`` By God '', Waddell said, `` we don't want to upset the boy at this time of all times.
By the time Lilian had been graduated from public school, her parents were doing quite well.
) By the time the streetcar pulled away, he had fallen in love with Paula.
By this time she had learned that it was futile to argue with her young husband, yet the uncomfortable fact remained: the American Congregationalists were sending them as missionaries to the Far East and paying their salaries.
By early June they were a hundred miles off the coast of Ceylon, by which time all four missionaries were hardened seafarers.
By this time, as we shall see, the Tories were already planning to `` punish '' Steele for his political writing by expelling him from the House of Commons.
By this time word had got around that an American doctor was on the premises.
By this time Woodruff had accurately measured Pike as a man of great personal pride, a man who would fly into a towering rage if his integrity were questioned, and who would be anxious to avenge himself.
By the time they reach that age, however, Aristotle no longer worries about the evil influence of comedies.
By the time he was under the covers he had forgotten about seeing Kate.
By the time he was prosperous enough -- his goals were high -- he was bald and afraid of women.
By that time, perhaps something better can be done ''.
By that time we should be in a much better position to determine the value of that aircraft as a weapon system.
By this time Henri's entire chest-back-lat-shoulder area is pumped-up to almost bursting point, and Claude takes time to do a bit more pectoral-front deltoid shaping work.
By 1937 he had clarified his intentions to serve his people: `` I have striven for clarity and melodious idiom, but at the same time I have by no means attempted to restrict myself to the accepted methods of harmony and melody.
By the time the film was released we were three million dollars over-spent, war was imminent and the public apparently had forgotten all about Mother Cabrini.
Serum potassium at this time was 3.8 mEq. per liter, and the hemoglobin was 13.9 gm. By Dec. 1, 1958, the weakness in the pelvic and quadriceps muscle groups was appreciably worse, and it became difficult for the patient to rise unaided from a sitting or reclining position.
By the time the child first attacks the actual problem of reading, he is completely familiar and at ease with all of the elements of words.
By this time Churchill was not so cordial toward moving Poland westward as he had been at Teheran, where he and Eden had both heartily approved the idea.
By this time there is little doubt but what election plans were complete.
By the very nature of the situation, it is the union which has been able to select the time and place to bring pressure upon management.
By the time pupils reach the sixth grade, their ethical and moral standards are fairly well developed ; ;

By and reached
By 1834 the art of oratory had reached a very high level in the United States as a literary form.
By 3:00 A.M. they reached his house and found it vacant.
By the time he reached the edge of the pit he was panting and his shoulder and back ached under the drag of the dead weight.
By considering the propagation of the negative energy modes of the electron field backward in time, Ernst Stueckelberg reached a pictorial understanding of the fact that the particle and antiparticle have equal mass m and spin J but opposite charges q.
By this time, the use of the glyph had already reached Persia, and was mentioned in Al-Khwarizmi's descriptions of Indian numerals.
By 1997, the refinery reached the same rate of production it was at before the war.
By spring 1979 unrests had reached 24 out of 28 Afghan provinces including major urban areas.
By this time, Steiner had reached considerable stature as a spiritual teacher.
By December 1790 Phillip was ready to return to England, but the colony had largely been forgotten in London and no instructions reached him, so he carried on.
By 2008, sales in the US reached $ 14. 6 billion, the biggest selling drugs in the US by therapeutic class.
By 1972 an agreement had been reached to limit strategic defensive systems.
By the end of 1346, reports of plague had reached the seaports of Europe: " India was depopulated, Tartary, Mesopotamia, Syria, Armenia were covered with dead bodies ".
By the time of his death sales of the company had reached C $ 20 million, which is the equivalent of C $ 160 million in 2004 dollars.
By the mid-1980s at least 500 courses in business ethics reached 40, 000 students, using some twenty textbooks and at least ten casebooks along supported by professional societies, centers and journals of business ethics.
By the 1870s, the Transcontinental Railroad reached its terminus in Oakland.
By 1950 it had increased to between 3, 710, 107 and 4, 073, 967, and in 1962 it had reached 5. 7 million.
By the same time, the Croatian Adriatic coast had taken shape as an internationally popular tourist destination, all coastal republics ( but mostly SR Croatia ) profited greatly from this, as tourist numbers reached levels still unsurpassed in modern Croatia.
By 1968, the design had reached the one known today, and has been used continuously from this year, apart from a period in the 1970s when the just the letters CAFC appeared on the team's shirts.
By the early 1990s, the performance of microprocessor-based computers reached the point that real-time generation of computer music using more general programs and algorithms became possible.
By this time, news of the controversy in the capital had reached Alexandria.
By March 284, Numerian had only reached Emesa ( Homs ) in Syria ; by November, only Asia Minor.
By 2 November, he had only reached Citivas Iovia ( Botivo, near Ptuj, Slovenia ).
By the time Allen reached his teens, the area, while still a difficult area in which to make a living, began to resemble a town, with wood-frame houses beginning to replace the rough cabins of the early settlers.
By the 1920s, the U. S. reached what is still its era of greatest-ever output, producing an average of 800 feature films annually, or 82 % of the global total ( Eyman, 1997 ).

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