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# and Calculate
# Calculate the impact that each threat would have on each asset.
# Calculate and wait random backoff period based on number of collisions.
# Calculate the acceptance ratio.
# Calculate.
# Calculate.
# Calculate ( k times ) in the ring.
# Calculate the surface normal of the heightmap, typically using the finite difference method.
# Calculate the interaction of the new " bumpy " surface with lights in the scene using, for example, the Phong reflection model.
# Calculate the output voltage, V < sub > AB </ sub >, when in open circuit condition ( no load resistor — meaning infinite resistance ).
# Calculate the output current, I < sub > AB </ sub >, when the output terminals are short circuited ( load resistance is 0 ).
# Calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix S. Each eigenvector has the same dimensionality ( number of components ) as the original images, and thus can itself be seen as an image.
# Calculate net present value of project options.
# Calculate the total number of seconds: 43 ′ 41 ″
# Calculate defect data with periodic reviews using test logs from the execution phase: this data should be used to segregate and classify defects by root causes.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Using the Method of Fibres in Mecho to Calculate Radii of Gyration — Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
# Calculate the special ( i. e., particular ) CRI using the formula It appeared that could be negative ( ≥ 22 ), and this was indeed calculated for some lamp test colors, especially TCS9 ( strong red ).</ ref >
# Calculate The Risk ( September 2003 )
# Calculate an inverse distance weighted average with the k-nearest multivariate neighbors.
# Calculate the test statistic W., the absolute value of the sum of the signed ranks.

# and LOD
# The estimate with the highest LOD score will be considered the best estimate

# and score
# Masters who have the absolute right to play in the World Championship Candidates Tournament, or any player who replaces an absent contestant and earns at least a 50 percent score.
# No permanent financial bond between the members, each man ’ s liability ending for the time being when he had paid his “ score ” after the meal.
# Inspired by Schuller's recording, the producer of the movie The Sting had Marvin Hamlisch score Joplin's music for the film, thereby bringing Joplin to a mass, popular public.
The American Film Institute ranked the film # 73 on AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Thrills, the score # 7 in AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores, and it was ranked the fourth best film in the mystery genre in AFI's 10 Top 10.
The American Film Institute ranked Rota's score for The Godfather # 5 on their list of the greatest film scores.
In its 2012 college ranking, U. S. News & World Report ranked Swarthmore as the # 3 liberal arts college, with an overall score of 96 / 100, behind Williams and Amherst, respectively.
# Film score: Z ( Costa-Gavras ).
# REDIRECT Film score
# 1888, Leipzig – The original autograph score, in Mahler's handwriting ( location unknown, may no longer exist )
# 1889, Budapest – The base layer in a copyist's handwriting is probably identical to the original autograph score.
# REDIRECT Film score
In 2005, the American Film Institute ranked Barry's score for Out of Africa # 15 on their list of the greatest film scores.
# A pair can only score when it is their serve ( like Squash )
The BCS # 6 Boise State defeated the BCS # 4 TCU by the score of 17-10.
# REDIRECTApgar score.
# Andante – Adagio: 275 bars drafted in orchestral and short score
# Scherzo: 522 bars drafted in orchestral and short score
# Nicht zu schnell: about 579 bars drafted in short score
The score was 21 – 21 at halftime, but the # 5 seed Soul outscored the # 4 Wranglers 21 – 7 in the third quarter and ran away with the game.
Sugarloaf would score again in 1975 with " Don't Call Us, We'll Call You " ( US # 9 ).

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