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# and Calculate
# Calculate the impact that each threat would have on each asset.
# Calculate and wait random backoff period based on number of collisions.
# Calculate.
# Calculate.
# Calculate ( k times ) in the ring.
# Calculate the surface normal of the heightmap, typically using the finite difference method.
# Calculate the interaction of the new " bumpy " surface with lights in the scene using, for example, the Phong reflection model.
# Calculate the output voltage, V < sub > AB </ sub >, when in open circuit condition ( no load resistor — meaning infinite resistance ).
# Calculate the output current, I < sub > AB </ sub >, when the output terminals are short circuited ( load resistance is 0 ).
# Calculate a LOD score for each estimate
# Calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix S. Each eigenvector has the same dimensionality ( number of components ) as the original images, and thus can itself be seen as an image.
# Calculate net present value of project options.
# Calculate the total number of seconds: 43 ′ 41 ″
# Calculate defect data with periodic reviews using test logs from the execution phase: this data should be used to segregate and classify defects by root causes.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Using the Method of Fibres in Mecho to Calculate Radii of Gyration — Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
# Calculate the special ( i. e., particular ) CRI using the formula It appeared that could be negative ( ≥ 22 ), and this was indeed calculated for some lamp test colors, especially TCS9 ( strong red ).</ ref >
# Calculate The Risk ( September 2003 )
# Calculate an inverse distance weighted average with the k-nearest multivariate neighbors.
# Calculate the test statistic W., the absolute value of the sum of the signed ranks.

# and acceptance
# By self knowledge to further the acceptance of the idea of the Celtic character of Cornwall, one of the six Celtic nations.
# Decides that in adjudicating the dispute brought before it by the Application filed by the Republic of Nicaragua on 9 April 1984, the Court is required to apply the " multilateral treaty reservation " contained in proviso ( c ) to the declaration of acceptance of jurisdiction made under Article 36, paragraph 2, of the Statute of the Court by the Government of the United States of America deposited on 26 August 1946 ;
Two Elvis Presley records made the R & B top five in 1957: " Jailhouse Rock "/" Treat Me Nice " at # 1, and " All Shook Up " at # 5, an unprecedented acceptance of a non-African American artist into a music category known for being created by blacks.
# The sequence of operations performed by a switching system from the acceptance of an incoming call through the final disposition of the call.
# In the acceptance testing of radio transmitters, the mean power supplied to the antenna transmission line by a radio transmitter when loaded with noise having a Gaussian amplitude-vs .- frequency distribution.
# Khanti parami: patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance.
# Scientific workflow system: Found wide acceptance in the fields of bioinformatics and cheminformatics in the early 2000s, where they successfully met the need for multiple interconnected tools, handling of multiple data formats and large data quantities.
# Cost of acceptance.
# Bank-Centric Model: A bank deploys mobile payment applications or devices to customers and ensures merchants have the required point-of-sale ( POS ) acceptance capability.
# The two-step hypothesis-information and acceptance flows, via the media, first to opinion leaders, then to the general population
# Penetration models-use test market data to develop acceptance equations of expected sales volume as a function of time.
# Fazang ( Fa-tsang ), 法藏, considered to have rationalized the doctrine for greater acceptance by society ;
# The second contemplation is moving back from the world of emptiness to the world of provisionality with an acceptance thereof.
# Once offered a position, applicants must formally submit their acceptance or rejection of the offer.
# The acceptance of the worship of a multitude of deities besides Allah-a view challenged by strict Islamic monotheism, which dictates that Allah has no partner in worship nor any equal ;
# Artists who enjoy broad acceptance through prestigious national and / or international recognition, awards in prestigious national and / or international events, critical acclaim and / or reviews of their works, and / or respect and esteem from peers within an artistic discipline.
# That acceptance is appropriate, rather than resistance against inevitability.
Bloomberg Businessweek ranked its full-time MBA program at # 19 in the 2011 edition ( acceptance rate of 31 % with average GMAT of 664 ), and at # 6 among all public universities.
# Due to the arbitrary nature of the " type " attribute, and the acceptance of arbitrary attributes on " outline " elements, interoperability of OPML documents relies almost entirely on the undocumented conventions of content producers.
# redirect Fat acceptance movement
# redirect Fat acceptance movement
# They receive what seems to be unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader or group ;

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