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Caltech and research
At Caltech, Geneticist Beadle has stuck close to his research as head of the school's famous biology division since 1946.
The California Institute of Technology ( commonly referred to as Caltech ) is a private research university located in Pasadena, California, United States.
Caltech managed $ 332 million in sponsored research and $ 1. 77 billion for its endowment in 2011.
The voting faculty of Caltech include all professors, instructors, research associates and fellows, and the University Librarian.
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL ) is a federally funded research and development center ( FFRDC ) owned by NASA and operated as a division of Caltech through a contract between NASA and Caltech.
Caltech is a small four-year, highly residential research university with a slight majority in graduate programs.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Academic Ranking of World Universities, a ranking with an emphasis on bibliometric data and scientific research, ranked Caltech 6th in the world and 5th in the U. S. for 2011.
The research facilities at Caltech are available to graduate students, but there are opportunities for students to work in facilities of other universities, research centers as well as private industries.
In 2005, Caltech had dedicated to research: to physical sciences, to engineering, and to biological sciences.
Undergraduates at Caltech are also encouraged to participate in research.
Caltech and JPL jointly offer research opportunities for students, such as the SURF program ( Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ).
JPL is a federally funded research and development center ( FFRDC ) managed and operated by Caltech under a contract from NASA.
Peer institutions of Carnegie Mellon's institutional research and analysis program include Caltech, Cornell, Duke, Emory, Georgia Tech, MIT, Northwestern, Princeton, Rice, RPI, Stanford, Penn and Washington University.
At Caltech most of his scientific research focused on the study of " cosmic rays " ( a term which he coined ).
* 1976-1979: concept of Teradata grows from research at California Institute of Technology ( Caltech ) and from the discussions of Citibank ’ s advanced technology group.
Concluding in March 2007, the Caltech investigation found van Parijs alone committed research misconduct and that four papers co-authored by Baltimore, van Parijs, and others required correction.
In 1944 he and others affiliated with GALCIT founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is now a Federally funded research and development center managed and operated by Caltech under a contract from NASA.
He said that he wants the gift to be used to keep Caltech at the forefront of research and technology.
In the early 1990s the filing cabinets containing Qian's research work were offered to him by Caltech.
The research in Tohoku University and Caltech yielded multicomponent alloys based on lanthanum, magnesium, zirconium, palladium, iron, copper, and titanium, with critical cooling rate between 1 K / s to 100 K / s, comparable to oxide glasses.
In 1992, the commercial amorphous alloy, Vitreloy 1 ( 41. 2 % Zr, 13. 8 % Ti, 12. 5 % Cu, 10 % Ni, and 22. 5 % Be ), was developed at Caltech, as a part of Department of Energy and NASA research of new aerospace materials.
Research time is granted to Caltech and its research partners, which includes the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL ) and Cornell University.

Caltech and $
In 2010 – 2011, Caltech awarded $ 14. 2 million in need-based aid, $ 940k in non-need-based aid, and $ 2. 35 million in self-help support to every enrolled undergraduate student.
Upon graduation, Caltech alumni have the highest median starting salary among graduates of other colleges or universities in 2010 – 2011, of $ 69, 900, according to PayScale.
Caltech was found to offer the highest return of investment of college education, at $ 1, 713, 000 over a 30-year period, according to the same study.
Caltech received $ 144 million in federal funding for the physical sciences, $ 40. 8 million for the life sciences, $ 33. 5 million for engineering, $ 14. 4 million for environmental sciences, $ 7. 16 million for computer sciences, and $ 1. 97 million for mathematical sciences in 2008.
Active funding from the National Science Foundation Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Science ( MPS ) for Caltech stands at $ 343 million as of 2011, the highest for any educational institution in the nation, and higher than the total funds allocated to any state except California and New York.
For graduate school Lipscomb chose Caltech, which offered him a teaching assistantship in Physics at $ 20 / month.
In 2001, Moore and his wife donated $ 600 million to Caltech, the largest gift ever to an institution of higher education.
On December 6, 2007, Gordon Moore and his wife donated $ 200 million to Caltech and the University of California for the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, the world's largest optical telescope.
It was built by Caltech with a $ 6 million grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, using a Pyrex blank manufactured by Corning Glass Works.
Founded by Caltech professor Arnold O. Beckman in 1935 as National Technical Laboratories to commercialize a pH meter that he had invented, the company eventually grew to employ over 10, 000 people, with $ 2. 4 billion in annual sales by 2004.

Caltech and million
The following week, Ross McCollum, president of the National Oil Company, wrote an open letter to Dabney House stating that in light of their actions he had decided not to donate one million dollars to Caltech.
He graduated first in his class of seven million at ' Caltech ' — Calcutta Technical Institute — going on to earn his doctorate at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology ( S. H. I. T .).

Caltech and annually
The orchestra gives three pairs of concerts annually, at both Caltech and Occidental College.

Caltech and among
Harvey Mudd today still maintains the highest rate of science and engineering Ph. D. production among all undergraduate colleges and second highest ( Caltech ranks second and MIT third ) compared to all universities and colleges, according to a 2008 report by the National Science Foundation.
For example, in 2010, MIT had two of the top five scorers on the examination and seven of the top 24, while Caltech had just one student in the top five and only four in the top 24 ; yet Caltech took first place among teams while MIT took second.
At Caltech he was among the first to demonstrate the importance of hormones in plant growth and development.

Caltech and all
Caltech offers 24 majors ( called " options ") and six minors across all six academic divisions.
It serves as preparation for graduate school and helps to explain why Caltech has the highest percentage of alumni who go on to receive a PhD of all the major universities.
But the most famous of all occurred during the 1961 Rose Bowl Game, where Caltech students altered the flip-cards that were raised by the stadium attendees to display " Caltech ", and several other " unintended " messages.
Though it has convened at various locations ( including two years, 1990 and 2004, when the program was held concurrently on both coasts-at UC San Diego and The George Washington University in 1989-1991, and Caltech and MIT in 2004 ), the Institute is most often linked to MIT, where it has been held every summer since 1992, for various reasons including availability of local mentorships ( with Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, and Harvard Medical School all within a few minutes of central campus ) and convenience of facilities.

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