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Calvert and later
* In Maryland, the Jesuits Andrew White, John Altham Gravenor, and Thomas Gervase arrived with Lord Leonard Calvert on March 25, 1634, and in that year established an institution of higher learning at St. Mary's which later became known as Georgetown University, North America's oldest university.
The route, which crossed the territories of nine different Aborigine language groups, had been explored previously in 1896 by the Calvert Expedition led by Lawrence Wells and again later that year by the Carnegie Expedition led by David Carnegie.
New Windsor was home to Calvert College from 1852-1873 and later to New Windsor College.
He would meet Susan Calvert of Seguin, where they later married at the Magnolia Hotel ( an early stagecoach stopover ) in 1847.
Though Young had publicly denied the child as being his, he later admitted paternity, after DNA tests linked the boy to the mayor following a paternity lawsuit filed by Calvert.
Federal New Democratic Party spokesman Brad Lavigne later told reporters that the party had asked Calvert to consider standing as a candidate in the 2008 federal election.
In 1754 he succeeded to the family estates and left Cambridge ; and two years later he married the daughter of Felix Calvert of Albury Hall, Herts.
The title was held by several members of the Calvert family who were proprietors of the palatinates Province of Avalon in Newfoundland and Province of Maryland, later the U. S. state of Maryland.
There being no settlement from which the station could take its name, it was named in honour of Sir Harry, who was later to have another nearby station – Calvert – named after him ; he had been born Harry Calvert, and took the surname Verney in order to inherit his late cousin's estates in 1827.
The present Verney family who still live in the later red brick south wing, are in fact the descendants of Sir Harry Calvert ( 2nd Baronet ) who inherited the house in 1827.
Sir George Calvert was later given a large land holding on the peninsula.
Calvert originally claimed the lyrics were a satire, but later claimed that " it didn't surprise me that it was banned by the BBC at all, in fact, I expected it to cause a lot of controversy ".
Born in Wales, he was appointed by George Calvert ( later, Lord Baltimore ) to establish the colony, and in August 1621, he landed at Ferryland with 12 men.
In 1924, he married Signa Fornaris with whom he had three children, Vernon, Edmund Calvert Jr. ( who later joined his father's firm ) and Signa Janney.
Calvert took an interest in the colonisation of the New World, at first for commercial reasons and later to create a refuge for English Catholics.
Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester, later claimed Calvert had been a secret Catholic all along (" infinitely addicted to the Catholic faith "), which explained his support for lenient policies towards Catholics and for the Spanish match.
Calvert, who had probably met Stock at the Spanish embassy in London, later worked with the priest on a plan for a Catholic mission in his Newfoundland colony.
Calvert had long maintained an interest in the exploration and settlement of the New World, beginning with his investment of twenty-five pounds in the second Virginia Company in 1609, and a few months later a more substantial sum in the East India Company, which he increased in 1614.
Both of these men were too valuable to stay long, once the immediate threat of invasion was over, and both later served in Burma, Fleming in deception work, Calvert in the Chindits.
The colony was ruled through governors appointed by Calvert, such as Horatio Sharpe and later Robert Eden.
On March 17, 1959, the nuclear submarine USS Skate ( SSN-578 ), under the command of Commander ( later Vice Admiral ) James F. Calvert, became the first submarine to surface at the North Pole.
The earlier Victorian buildings are mostly pink sandstone in a form of Scottish baronial style, by architects such as Edward Calvert, while the later Victorian and Edwardian buildings are often in blonde sandstone, and in a plainer, more uniform style.
Calvert was killed by Oliver Smedley, owner of rival offshore station Radio Caroline, who was later acquitted of murder on the grounds of self defence.
The Mates Investment Fund was ahead of its time in one respect: it ostensibly promoted " Socially Responsible " mutual funds ( not investing in armaments, cigarettes, or pollutants ), which later was successfully promoted by the Calvert family of mutual funds.

Calvert and wrote
Partially to confirm the promises he made to them, Calvert wrote the Maryland Toleration Act and encouraged the colonial assembly to pass it.
* Robert Calvert wrote and recorded another song " Ned Ludd ," which appeared on his 1985 album Freq ; which includes the lyrics:
Robert Calvert wrote and sang the lyrics, this being Hawkwind's only studio recording with a Calvert vocal prior to his rejoining the band as a permanent frontman and vocalist in 1976.
Commander Calvert wrote the book Surface at the Pole about this and the other Arctic missions of USS Skate.
Calvert, who led the attack in person, wrote " On the top of Pagoda Hill, not much bigger than two tennis courts, an amazing scene developed.
Calvert wrote, " n front I saw Lieut.
Poet and musician Robert Calvert wrote lyrics to accompany the song, which he performed in 1981.
Calvert wrote:
Shortly after this action a lieutenant in the South Staffordshire Regiment, Norman Durant, wrote a compelling description of Calvert in a letter to his parents: His hair flops over his forehead, and he has a disconcerting habit of staring at you when you speak to him and yet not appearing to hear a word.
From 6 April through 11 April, Calvert wrote, “ he sequence of attack was the same practically every night and only varied in intensity .” Japanese infantry attacked after dark, invariably running into stiff resistance from emplaced machine guns, mines, barbed wire, booby traps, artillery, and sustained rifle fire.
Following his dismissal, Calvert wrote three books about his time in Burma with Wingate and the Chindits: Prisoners of Hope, Fighting Mad: One Man's Guerrilla War, and Chindits: Long Range Penetration.

Calvert and We
JT Woodruff has stated that " We won't add another guitar player or add another screamer ", and that " In our albums, it'll always say ' Casey Calvert: guitar / vocals.

Calvert and had
The decisions of the Supreme Court in cases such as Calvert Cliffs Coordinating Committee v. U. S. Atomic Energy Commission ( broadly reading the procedural requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act ), Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill ( broadly reading the Endangered Species Act ), and, much more recently, Massachusetts v. EPA ( requiring EPA to reconsider regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act ) have had policy impacts far beyond the facts of the particular case.
After searching unsuccessfully at other sites he met Frank Calvert who told him that he had already found Troy on land owned by his family, the site known as Hissarlik.
Bestowed with the god ’ s power Calvert is able to exorcise the infected across the Confederation through the use of a specially configured wormhole that consumes the entire confederation and all its inhabited worlds and habitats ( including people and ships ) into a remote area outside of the Milky Way Galaxy while also de-possessing all people who had been possessed, also Calvert is able to receive a unique viewpoint of the whole story from the start of the possession right up to the point where his fiance Louise is about to stand alone against the evil Quinn Dexter.
In 1865, English archaeologist Frank Calvert excavated trial trenches in a field he had bought from a local farmer at Hisarlık, and in 1868, Heinrich Schliemann, wealthy German businessman and archaeologist, also began excavating in the area after a chance meeting with Calvert in Çanakkale.
Like his father George Calvert, who had originated the efforts that led to the colony's charter, Cecilius Calvert was Catholic at a time when England was dominated by the Anglican Church.
From Maryland's earliest days, Cecilius Calvert had enjoined its colonists to leave religious rivalries behind.
This recognition was combined with the arrival of a group of Puritans whom Calvert had induced to establish Providence, now Annapolis, by guaranteeing their freedom of worship.
Evidence supports that Alfred Canning had read both the Calvert and Carnegie expedition accounts to find out about the country ( which both had described as extremely difficult terrain ) and the use of Aboriginal people to find water, an example Canning followed during his own expedition.
Chesapeake Ranch Estates-Drum Point was a census-designated place in Calvert County, Maryland, for the 2000 United States Census, when it had a population of 11, 503.
The first modern settlers of the community were Adam Francis Plummer and his wife Emily Saunders Arnold Plummer, who had been slaves of the powerful Calvert family on the Riversdale Plantation in present-day Riverdale Park.
By 1884 Calvert had an estimated 3, 000 inhabitants, with Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, and Catholic churches, public schools, two banks, an opera house, and the weekly Courier.
Robert Calvert had initially written and performed the lyrics on ' Distances Between Us ' by Adrian Wagner in 1974.
Completion Bond then had the animation completed in Korea under the direction of animator Fred Calvert.
During the campaign, Calvert apologized for an internal cartoon that had been leaked to the media.
* Captain Charles Calvert ( 1680 – 1734 ), Governor of Maryland in 1720, at a time when the Calvert family had recently regained control of their proprietary colony.

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