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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 380
from Brown Corpus
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Can and they
Can they be re-scheduled??
He co-authored the 1991 book The Japan That Can Say No with politician Shintaro Ishihara, where they criticized American business practices and encouraged Japanese to take a more independent role in business and foreign affairs.
In addition, works published before 1964 that did not have their copyrights renewed 28 years after first publication year also are in the public domain, except that books originally published outside the US by non-Americans are exempt from this requirement, if they are still under copyright in their home country ( see How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed for more details ).
As they moved away from their psychedelic roots and placed increasing emphasis on electronic experimentation German bands like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Can and Faust developed a distinctive brand of electronic rock, known as kosmische musik, or in the British press as " Kraut rock ".
Indeed, such was the perceived threat of the Ottoman Empire under the reign of Suleiman that ambassador Busbecq warned of Europe's imminent conquest: " On Turks ' side are the resources of a mighty empire, strength unimpaired, habituation to victory, endurance of toil, unity, discipline, frugality and watchfulness ... Can we doubt what the result will be ?... When the Turks have settled with Persia, they will fly at our throats supported by the might of the whole East ; how unprepared we are I dare not say.
: Can it be supposed that the moment the electors are allowed a freedom of choice they will immediately be seized with a desire to vote for some distant candidate with whom they are unacquainted, rather than for those whom they know – who are near to them, whose speeches they have heard and who have personal recommendations to the favour and respect of the town and neighbourhood.
In An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation Bentham wrote " the question is not, Can they reason?
nor, Can they talk?
but, Can they suffer ?".
The soundtrack is notable for Wenders asking various recording artists — Depeche Mode, U2, R. E. M., Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Can, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Jane Siberry, etc .— for music to be used in the film ; specifically for the music that they thought they would be making in 1999.
The Simpsons episode " Catch ' Em If You Can ", aired 25 April 2004, alluded to the snob appeal of The Economist in an exchange between Homer and Marge Simpson while they are travelling first-class aboard an airplane:
No, they do not ... Can you see it with your natural eyes?
For their jam session ( including David Brigati ), they performed " Good Lovin '", " Groovin '", " How Can I Be Sure?
In the song " We Can Get Together " on the album Heaven is Whenever, The Hold Steady sing " she said Heavenly were cool, I think they were from Oxford.
Nevertheless, they found instant appeal with teenagers and young adults who were engrossed in the swing and jazz idioms, especially when they performed with nearly all of the major big bands, including those led by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Joe Venuti, Freddie Slack, Eddie Heywood, Bob Crosby ( Bing's brother ), Desi Arnaz, Guy Lombardo, Les Brown, Bunny Berigan, Xavier Cugat, Paul Whiteman, Ted Lewis, Nelson Riddle and mood-master Gordon Jenkins, whose orchestra and chorus accompanied them on such successful soft and melancholy renditions as " I Can Dream, Can't I?
" After their relationship ended, they worked together again in Shampoo ( 1975 ) and Heaven Can Wait ( 1978 ).
They claim that they are entitled to compensation for Pepsi's use of the song " Why Can ’ t We Be Friends?
They traditionally believe in a Supreme Being ( Yalafar ) and in a bad spirit ( Can ), yet they have hardly any religious rites.
The album opened with the song " How Can You Keep on Moving ( Unless You Migrate Too )" by Agnes " Sis " Cunningham about the Okies who were not welcomed when they migrated west to escape the Dust Bowl in the 1930s – to which Cooder gave a rousing-yet-satirical march accompaniment.

Can and stand
Can you still remember the 17th March 1956, exactly forty years ago, when you came completely excited into my room in the Viennese Opera, and said to me with a trembling voice: " Just imagine, Böhm asked me to stand in as QUEEN OF THE NIGHT this evening.
" The next page reads, " Can we please all stand and have a moment of silence for those students who died?

Can and ?
`` Can you hear, can you talk to me ''??
`` Can I make you one ''??
Can thermonuclear war be set off by accident??
Can God be mocked, ever, in the long run??
Can you visualize being stranded with him on a desert island for years and years and still find him fascinating??
Can any Christian fail to respond to these words??
Can you bring the networks' attention to this??
`` Can he be trusted ''??
Can you walk??
Can the President or the Secretary act under existing authority, or will new legislation and new money be required??
Can you consider restricting any additional employee benefits to those paid for by profit-sharing money, such as was done in the union contract recently signed by American Motors Corporation??
Can your insurance company aid you in reducing administrative costs??

they and stand
With a swift swoop of his big arms, he grabbed Sally out of the circle surrounding him, and then kissed her soundly before setting her down so she could stand by his side while they jointly chose the rest of their `` outfit ''.
We were forbidden to swing on the gates, lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way, but we could stand on them, when they were latched, rest our chins on the top, and stare and stare, committing to memory, quite unintentionally, all the details that lay before our eyes.
and in her forthright way, Henrietta, who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '', felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris Jastrow took the slightest exception -- he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair, as well as on the radical reforms of Dr. Wise of Hebrew Union College -- until once, in sheer desperation, he wrote that he had given up hope they would ever agree on anything.
`` Volstead laws, speed laws, divorce laws '', he said, `` as they now stand, demoralize the individual, make liars and law breakers of us in one way or another, and tend to make our experiment in democracy absurd.
Both sides agreed that the theater must stand a moral test, but they could not agree on whether the poets were a good or a bad influence.
Behind him lay the Low Countries, where men were still completing the cathedrals that a later Florentine would describe as `` a malediction of little tabernacles, one on top of the other, with so many pyramids and spires and leaves that it is a wonder they stand up at all, for they look as though they were made of paper instead of stone or marble '' ; ;
Brooks Adams preferred the chronicles of Froissart or the style and theorizing of Edward Gibbon, for at least they took a stand on the issues about which they wrote.
Noting all the difficulties that stand in the way of reunion, he has said that they ought not to discourage anyone.
How are the roads, and how will they stand up??
As the pool is emptied, stand by to brush down the walls and bottom while they are still wet.
It is discouraging for students to realize that the societies do not truly uphold the standards for which they are supposed to stand.
Mrs. Molvar, who kept reiterating her request that they `` please take a stand '', said, `` We must have faith in somebody -- on the local level, and it wouldn't be possible for everyone to rush to a school to get their children ''.
Although they have also been concerned to stand squarely within the tradition of the apostolic church, they have exhibited no willingness whatever to sacrifice their modernity to their Christianity.
A few drops of rain just before midnight, when Sarah Vaughan was in the midst of her first number, scattered the more timid members of the audience briefly, but at this hour and with Sarah on the stand, most of the listeners didn't care whether they got wet.
Then again they would stand in circles making other preparations.
Their vivid anecdotal qualities have made favorites some of them of painters since the Renaissance, so that they stand out more prominently in the modern imagination.
They also had a flag carrier at the front who guided the forces behind him ; when the flag was upright the combatants behind would stand and when turned down, they would sit.
Often, they consider that morality seems to be binding – obligations are seen to convey more than just a preference, but imply that the obligation will stand, regardless of other factors or interests.
Olanzapine was again the only medication to stand out in the outcome measures, although the results did not always reach statistical significance ( which means they were not reliable findings ) due in part to the decrease of power.

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