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Cannon and member
Cannon, a powerful, conservative man, brought welcome support to the Smith-Colmer forces: as chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he holds over each member the dreadful threat of excluding this or that congressional district from federal pork-barrel projects.
Cannon is also ( still ) the longest serving Republican House of Representatives member ever, the second longest serving Republican member of congress ever, as well as first member of congress, of either party, ever to surpass 40 years of service ( non-consecutive ), ending his career with 46 years of cumulative congressional service, a record that held until 1959.
A meeting of the party's General council on 16 February 2008 changed the rules to allow any senator, councillor or any party member with the support of 20 other members to stand for the party's leadership and on 17 April, Senator Ciarán Cannon was elected leader, defeating fellow Senator Fiona O ' Malley.
In 1896 Cannon became a member of Pickering ’ s women, the women hired by Harvard Observatory director Edward Charles Pickering to complete the Draper Catalog mapping and defining all the stars in the sky to photographic magnitude of about 9.
Many of those who had left the SWP did not join the Workers ' Party: according to George Novack, a member of the Cannon / Trotsky faction, around half did.
Ruthenberg and Cannon was elected as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the new organization by the founding convention.
Back in America, Cannon was a member of the Executive Committee of the Friends of Soviet Russia from 1922.
Christopher Black " Chris " Cannon ( born October 20, 1950 ) was a member of the United States House of Representatives, for the Republican Party, representing the third district of Utah from 1997-2009.
Before Killian can accomplish this Aspen is convinced by her new friend Kyla to leave Killian and escape with Cannon Hawke, a member of the Blue himself, who has been following Aspen for years to prevent Killian from using her to activate the Blue Sun.
Among the other members of the SLNA were Tom Mooney, who became a labor martyr while in prison for allegedly throwing a bomb at a Preparedness Day parade in 1916, Earl Browder, an accountant and union activist in Kansas City and Foster's rival for the Presidency of the Communist Party twenty years later, and James P. Cannon, a member of the IWW and one of Foster's allies in the internal warfare within the CPUSA until he was expelled for Trotskyism.
* George M. Cannon House-1890 mansion in the Forest Dale section built by George Mousley Cannon, the developer of Forest Dale and a member of the Intermountain West's prominent Cannon family.
Cannon was the first member of the Whig Party to be elected governor of Tennessee.
George Quayle Cannon ( January 11, 1827 April 12, 1901 ) was an early member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS Church ), and served in the First Presidency under four successive presidents of the church: Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow.
On April 8, 1873, Cannon became a member of the church's First Presidency when he was called as a counselor to Church President Brigham Young.
Rather, because Cannon was a member of the First Presidency, the church simply appointed the next senior apostle of the church — Brigham Young, Jr .— to be the President of the Quorum.
Some of Cannon's prominent descendants include Howard Cannon, U. S. Senator from Nevada between 1959 and 1983 and Chris Cannon, member of the U. S. House of Representatives from 1997 to 2009.
Sylvester Quayle Cannon ( June 10, 1877 May 29, 1943 ) was the sixth presiding bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS Church ) between 1925 and 1938 and a member of church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from October 6, 1939 until his death.
He was the son of George Q. Cannon, an apostle and member of the church's First Presidency.
Tommy Cannon ( born Thomas Derbyshire, 27 June 1938 in Oldham, Lancashire ) is a comedian and the feed member of comedy double act Cannon and Ball, along with Bobby Ball.

Cannon and Republican
Joseph Gurney Cannon ( May 7, 1836 November 12, 1926 ) was a United States politician from Illinois and leader of the Republican Party.
Cannon is the second-longest continuously serving Republican Speaker in history, having been surpassed by fellow Illinoisan Dennis Hastert, who passed him on June 1, 2006.
" Uncle Joe ", as he was known, often clashed with fellow Republican Theodore Roosevelt, who Cannon remarked had " no more use for the Constitution than a tomcat has for a marriage license ".
Cannon at the 1904 Republican National Convention in Chicago, Illinois
Cannon managed to save some face by promptly requesting a vote to remove him as Speaker, which he won handily since the Republican majority would not risk a Democratic speaker replacing him.
The Speakership reached its apogee during the term of Republican Joseph Gurney Cannon ( 1903 1911 ).
The PAC was noted for targeting incumbent Congressman Chris Cannon in the 2006 Republican primary.
Robert Cannon " Robin " Hayes ( born August 14, 1945 ) is the current chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.
Cannon ensured his selection as the Republican whip, trusted him with party strategy in the House of Representatives, and placed him on the powerful Ways and Means Committee.
He resumed a private law practice in Rushville, though he continued to participate in Washington politics, supporting Cannon after House Democrats and Republican " insurgents " attempted to oust the speaker in 1909.
In 1899, he ran for the Senate as the Democratic candidate against Republican incumbent Frank J. Cannon and several other candidates.
In December 2002, African American physician Dr. Jesse Cannon, a Republican and Naifeh's personal physician, announced that he would oppose Naifeh in 2004.
Incumbents Howard Cannon of Nevada and Harrison Schmitt of New Mexico lost seats to the opposite party, the open seat in Virginia that had been held by independent Harry F. Byrd, Jr. was taken by a Republican, and the open seat in New Jersey that was held by an appointed Republican was taken by a Democrat.
He was also the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Appropriations during the period of Democratic control, but when Republicans returned to control of the House after the 1894 elections, Speaker Reed departed with tradition by returning the chairmanship to Joseph Gurney Cannon, who had served more nonconsecutive terms in the House and would have outranked Henderson had Cannon not lost his House seat for two years.
* 1896 Frank J. Cannon, While US Senator from Utah switched to Silver Republican Party.
In a close race in Nevada, Democratic incumbent Howard Cannon won reelection over Republican Lieutenant Governor Paul Laxalt by fewer than 100 votes.
In 1956, Cannon ran for the United States House of Representatives to succeed Republican incumbent Clarence Clifton Young, who ran for the U. S. Senate, but lost the Democratic primary to former Congressman Walter Baring, who then won the general election.
In 1958, he was elected to the United States Senate, unseating Republican Senator Ernest Malone with 58 % of the vote .. Cannon was nearly defeated in his first re-election bid in 1964, holding off Republican Lieutenant Governor Paul Laxalt in one of the closest Senate elections ever.

Cannon and Party
As a result, the opposition to Pablo eventually rose to the surface, with an open letter to Trotskyists of the world, by Socialist Workers Party leader James P. Cannon.
Mary Mitchell O ' Connor ( PD Councillor 2004 08 ) was elected in Dún Laoghaire for Fine Gael, Ciarán Cannon ( PD Senator 2007 09 / Party leader 2008 09 ) was elected in Galway East for the same party, while Noel Grealish ( PD TD 2002 09 / Caretaker leader 2009 ) was re-elected as an independent TD for Galway West.
Ultimately, the majority faction of Jim Cannon, Max Shachtman, and James Burnham won the day and the Workers Party determined to enter the Socialist Party of America ; a minority faction headed by Hugo Oehler refused to accept this result and split from the organization.
In January 1936, just as the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party was expelling the Old Guard for their factional organization and alleged " violation of party discipline ," James Cannon and his faction won their internal battle in the Workers Party to join the SP, when a national branch referendum voted unanimously for entry.
Although party leader Jim Cannon later hinted that the entry of the Trotskyists into the Socialist Party had been a contrived tactic aimed at stealing " confused young Left Socialists " for his own organization, it seems that at its inception, the entryist tactic was made in good faith.
In December 1937 an agenda was published by the Convention Organizing Committee, naming Cannon as the primary reporter on the Trade Union question, Shachtman on the Russian Resolution, Goldman on the Spanish Resolution, Canadian Maurice Spector on the International Resolution, Burnham on the Declaration of Principles of the new organization, and Abern on Party Organization and Constitution.
Through most of his time in the Communist Party Shachtman, along with Abern, associated with a group led by James P. Cannon.
Shachtman, Cannon and Abern were expelled from the Communist Party in October 1928 as Joseph Stalin took control of the Comintern.
When the development of the WP was cut short by the rapid growth of the Socialist Party, George Breitman recalls that Shachtman and Cannon successfully proposed that the U. S. Workers Party, should dissolve, so that its members could recruit to Trotskyism from inside the Socialist Party.
James Patrick " Jim " Cannon ( February 11, 1890 August 21, 1974 ) was an American Trotskyist and a leader of the Socialist Workers Party.
Following his expulsion from the Communist Party USA in 1928, Cannon was national secretary of the Communist League of America, Workers Party of the United States and Socialist Workers Party until his retirement and move to California in 1953.
The Bolshevik victory in Russia served to radicalize the Socialist Party of America and brought Cannon back to the organization.
In December 1921, Cannon delivered the keynote speech to the founding convention of the " legal political party " formed in parallel to the underground CPA, the Workers Party of America ( WPA ) and was elected National Chairman by that convention.
On January 19, 1924, Cannon was named Assistant Executive Secretary of the Workers Party of America, working under his faction rival, Ruthenberg.
Outside of the Communist Party, Cannon, Shachtman, and Abern founded a new political party, the Communist League of America and began publishing The Militant.

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