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Caricature and is
The Wilhelm Busch Museum is the German Museum of Caricature and Critical Graphic Arts.
* The Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hannover, is also " Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und kritische Grafik ", featuring besides Busch's works a wider collection of satiric graphics, including " Four Hundred Years of Caricature " with an active lecture schedule.
He wrote of his professional self-deprecatingly, whil poet La Touche Hancock, in an article titled " The American Comic and Caricature Art " in that issue, commented, " Art and poetry is the characteristic of George Herriman.
His ' Caricature Stage Show ' is a blend of poetry, anecdotes and socio-political satire with super speedy drawing which explores the performing level possibilities of the ' Art of Caricaturing '.
Sketching of more than thousand celebrity caricatures relentlessly with a lightning pace and satirical commentary is the major attraction of his ' Caricature Stage Shows '.
Caricature from Punch, 13 August 1881: " This is a Joke -' im picture of a Wise Man from the East, at present ascertaining which way the wind blows "

Caricature and entertainment
Caricature artists are sometimes hired for parties, where they will draw caricatures of the guests for their entertainment.

Caricature and which
Caricature of Charles Darwin contemplating a bustle, in Fun ( magazine ) | Fun, 1872The opera satirizes feminism, women's education, and Darwinian evolution, all of which were controversial topics in conservative Victorian England.
During the reign of Louis Philippe, Charles Philipon launched the comic journal, La Caricature, Daumier joined its staff, which included such powerful artists as Devéria, Raffet and Grandville, and started upon his pictorial campaign of satire, targeting the foibles of the bourgeoisie, the corruption of the law and the incompetence of a blundering government.
The success of this work led to his being engaged as artistic contributor to various periodicals, such as La Silhouette, L ' Artiste, La Caricature, Le Charivari ; and his political caricatures which were characterized by marvelous fertility of satirical humour, soon came to enjoy a general popularity.
They also had published the satirical, anti-monarchist, illustrated newspaper La Caricature, which had more pages and was printed on more expensive paper.
In 1880, with Georges Decaux, he founded his own magazine La Caricature, which he edited for 12 years.

Caricature and from
Caricature by Max Beerbohm from Rossetti and His Circle.
Caricature of Max Stirner taken from a sketch by Friedrich Engels.
Caricature from 1899 showing Chicago mayor Carter Harrison, Jr., fighting against the " Allen bill ", signed by Governor John Riley Tanner that gave control of Chicago's intra-city transportation system to Yerkes
Caricature of Milton Berle by Sam Berman from 1947 NBC promotional book
' Williams ' cartoon from Caricature magazine, " Tameing a Shrew ; or, Petruchio's Patent Family Bedstead, Gags & Thumscrews " ( 1815 )
Caricature of Bizet, 1863, from the French magazine Diogène
Caricature of Spurgeon from Vanity Fair ( British magazine 1868 – 1914 ) | Vanity fair ( 1870 )
Caricature of Santos-Dumont from Vanity Fair caricatures | Vanity Fair, 1899
Caricature from Puck ( magazine ) | Puck magazine, 1900.
Caricature from Punch ( magazine ) | Punch, 30 December 1882
Caricature from Punch, 17 September 1881: " MADAME ALBANI.
Caricature of Aubrey Beardsley by Max Beerbohm ( 1896 ), taken from Caricatures of Twenty-five Gentlemen
Caricature from Punch ( magazine ) | Punch, 1881
Caricature from Punch, 1882
Caricature from Vanity Fair ( British magazine ) | Vanity Fair of Admiral ( Royal Navy ) | Admiral Augustus Clifford | Sir Augustus W. J.
Caricature from Punch ( magazine ) | Punch, 1882
Caricature from Punch, 1881 – " Mr. Bradlaugh, M. P., The Northampton Cherub "
Caricature from Punch ( magazine ) | Punch, 1882
alt = Caricature of three men preaching from a pulpit, with an unruly congregation.
Caricature from Punch magazine | Punch, 1881: " Our Own Correspondent — The Man for the Times "
Caricature of Thomas Huxley from Vanity Fair ( British magazine 1868-1914 ) | Vanity Fair magazine
List of Vanity Fair caricatures | Caricature of author Samuel Rutherford Crockett from the Aug. 5, 1897, issue of Vanity Fair ( British magazine 1868-1914 ) | Vanity Fair

Caricature and on
Caricature of the Third Estate carrying the First Estate ( clergy ) and the Second Estate ( nobility ) on its back.
Caricature by H. Mailly on the cover of Le Hanneton, July 4, 1867
Caricature of Cui by Rayevsky, based on a painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme.
Caricature on poster for Águila o sol (" Heads or Tails ," 1937 )
Caricature on the Third Estate carrying the first and second estate on its back
In 2005 he published a book on King George IV, George IV: A Life in Caricature, followed by King George III: A Life in Caricature in 2007 ;( Thames & Hudson ).
Caricature of Kay Hull on Regional Express Saab 340 aircraft
Caricature on the Gammalsvenskby returnees published in the Communist newspaper Folkets Dagblad Politiken August 1929.
Caricature of Lord Hawke by Leslie Ward | Spy, first published in Vanity Fair ( British magazine ) | Vanity Fair on 24 September 1892 with the caption " Yorkshire Cricket ".
The title La Peau de chagrin first appeared in print on 9 December 1830, as a passing mention in an article Balzac wrote for La Caricature under the pseudonym Alfred Coudreux.
*" From Caricature to Progress: Master Humphrey's Clock and Martin Chuzzlewit " by Michael Steig at Victorian Web-an article on Dickens ' collaboration with his illustrators during this period
Caricature of Collins on a cigarette card
In 2011, Richmond published a 175 page book on the art of drawing caricatures entitled The Mad Art of Caricature!
Caricature of Adolphe Thiers charging on the Communards, in Le Père Duchesne | Le Père Duchênes illustré magazine
* Caricature of Rich with Orpen on his knee by Sir William Orpen

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