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Carlyle and notes
" Osborn notes that he preferred using the simplest English language, and therefore admired above all the writings of Carlyle, Emerson and Thoreau.

Carlyle and There
Carlyle has commented on this passage, " There can be little doubt that St Paul's words imply some conception analogous to the ' natural law ' in Cicero, a law written in men's hearts, recognized by man's reason, a law distinct from the positive law of any State, or from what St Paul recognized as the revealed law of God.
There is a regional Goodyear manufacturing facility that works in conjunction with Veyance Technology, which recently completed an $ 18 million expansion and has investors including the Carlyle Group, a DuPont operation, the eastern United States headquarters of United Rotary Brush, Ray Lewis and Son, Scioto Services, and many others.
There is a review of it by Thomas Carlyle ( Miscellanies ), the first two parts of whose own history of the French Revolution are mainly drawn from it.
* David Rubenstein ( a founder of the Carlyle Group ) described that time to a convention of pension managers in Los Angeles last year, recalling that Republican fund raiser, Fred Malek approached him and said, " There is a guy who would like to be on the board.

Carlyle and is
He is defined by Thomas Carlyle as " a failure of a Fritz ," with " features " of a Frederick the Great in him, " but who burnt away his splendid qualities as a mere temporary shine for the able editors, and never came to anything, full of fire, too much of it wildfire, not in the least like an Alcibiades except in the change of fortune he underwent ".
Carlyle stated that " The history of the world is but the biography of great men ", reflecting his belief that heroes shape history through both their personal attributes and divine inspiration.
Ivanhoe is sometimes credited for increasing interest in Romanticism and Medievalism ; John Henry Newman claimed Scott " had first turned men's minds in the direction of the middle ages ," while Carlyle and Ruskin made similar claims to Scott's overwhelming influence over the revival based primarily on the publication of this novel.
Liverpool features in the film The 51st State ( also known as Formula 51 ), in which ex-hitman Felix DeSouza ( Robert Carlyle ) is a keen supporter of the team and the last scene takes place at a match between Liverpool and Manchester United.
* December 14 The play Douglas is performed for the first time in Edinburgh, with overwhelming success, in spite of the opposition of the local church presbytery, who summoned Alexander Carlyle to answer for having attended its representation.
* Robert Carlyle as Albie Kinsella: a hard-working Liverpool fan and survivor of Hillsborough, who is driven over the edge soon after his father's death and becomes a killer.
Its county seat is Carlyle.
In 1999, the Carlyle Group obtained a 40 % stake in the paper, which it later sold in March 2002., Le Figaro is controlled by Serge Dassault, a conservative businessman and politician best known for running the aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation, which he inherited from his father, its founder, Marcel ( 1892 – 1986 ).
The county is divided into thirty-six townships: Allen, Altoona, Banner, Barrett, Belle Prairie, Bonilla, Broadland, Burr Oak, Carlyle, Cavour, Clifton, Clyde, Custer, Dearborn, Fairfield, Foster, Grant, Hartland, Huron, Iowa, Kellogg, Lake Byron, Liberty, Logan, Milford, Nance, Pearl Creek, Pleasant View, Richland, Sand Creek, Theresa, Valley, Vernon, Wessington, Whiteside, Wolsey.
The Carlyle Group is an American-based global asset management firm, specializing in private equity, based in Washington, D. C.
In 2010, the Financial Times announced that Carlyle Group is the private equity firm of the year.
Carlyle is a major holder of a company called Synagro, a controvercial company that spreads marginally treated human waste, also known as sludge, on farm fields to grow food for the American dinner plate.
The rest of Carlyle is owned by a group of individuals, most of whom serve as managing directors, and by two institutional investors.
Noted current and former portfolio companies include Dex Media, the former directories business of Qwest Communications ; Willcom, a Japanese wireless company ; Casema, a Dutch cable company ; and Insight Communications, the ninth largest cable company in the U. S. The Carlyle Group was once a major investor in US Investigations Services, which is the privatized arm of the United States Office of Personnel Management's Office of Federal Investigations, but has since divested itself, selling its stake to Providence Equity Partners in 2007.
On January 29, 2007, Carlyle announced that it would acquire Synagro Technologies, Inc, which according to Synagro's website is " the largest recycler of biosolids and other organic residuals in the United States ".
Also in February 2008, a bill was introduced in California that would have barred CalPERS from investing money " with private-equity firms that are partly owned by countries with poor records on human rights ," which would include Carlyle because Mubadala Development is owned by part of the United Arab Emirates.
The Full Monty is a 1997 comedy-drama film directed by Peter Cattaneo, starring Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, William Snape, Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber, and Hugo Speer.
Governor Hunt currently is a member of the law firm of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC, in its Raleigh office.
Thomas Carlyle " Tom " Ford ( born August 27, 1961 ) is an American fashion designer and film director.
After weeks of negotiations, it was announced that Sunoco would be forming a joint venture with the Carlyle Group, allowing for the continuation of operations at the Philadelphia refinery, and saving over 800 jobs The joint venture is slated to begin in late 2012.
Saxe wrote a remarkable work on the art of war, Mes Rêveries, which though described by Carlyle as " a strange military farrago, dictated, as I should think, under opium ", is in fact a classic.
Regular segments included the Watchdog ( played by Ron Carlyle, a man whose face is never shown while testing different brands of a product ), " What bugs you?
Baker is Senior Counselor for the Carlyle Group, and the bin Ladens are among its major investors.

Carlyle and no
Some took a more benign view ; Thomas Carlyle in his book Sartor Resartus, wrote that a dandy was no more than " a clothes-wearing man ".
no: Thomas Carlyle
We shall overcome because Carlyle is right ; " no lie can live forever ".
His reputation abroad was negative: Charles Darwin, for one, hoped he would be overthrown, though Thomas Carlyle, no friend to democracy, found material to admire even in the publications of Francia's detractors, and wrote in an 1843 essay that " Liberty of private judgement, unless it kept its mouth shut, was at an end in Paraguay ", but considered that under the social circumstances this was of little detriment to a " Gaucho population ... not yet fit for constitutional liberty.
On his website, Unger replied that Isikoff wrongly suggests that the Bush family and its allies had little or no relationship with the Carlyle Group until 1998.
Because George W. Bush's role at Carlyle had been marginal, the $ 1. 4 billion figure includes no contracts that predated the arrival of Baker, Carlucci and Darman at Carlyle.
Although he had no locational ties to the group, Robert Carlyle has also consistently appeared alongside the Primrose Hill actors and has come to be synonymous with this era of British cinema.
Beside Nelson's Dockyard on Antigua, and the Carlyle in Bridgetown, Barbados, there were no other drydocks or shipyards in the area.
Azimullah lodged with the Duff Gordons at their home in Esher, and in Lucie's company may have met her friends Dickens, Carlyle, Meredith, Tennyson, Browning and Thackeray ( though there is no direct evidence ).
no: Boone Carlyle

Carlyle and political
* Carlyle, R. W. A History of mediæval political theory in the West.
The Iron Triangle also talks about links with the Bin Laden family ; the documentatry makes claims that Carlyle bought political favor to get investment dollars and arms sales to the middle east.
Some people, such as the following authors, have inferred, insinuated, or suggested that entering a state of perpetual war becomes progressively easier in a modern democratic republic, such as the United States, due to the development of a relationship network between people who wield political and economic power also owning capital in companies that financially profit from war, lobby for war, and influence public opinion of war through influence of Mass media outlets that control the presentation for the causes of war, the effects of war, and the Censorship of war: ( 1 ) " The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group " ( 2004 )" by Dan Briody ; ( 2 ) " The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It " ( 2011 ) an anthology by nine authors who are Pierre M. Sprey, George Wilson, Franklin C. Spinney, Bruce I. Gudmundsson, Col. G. I. Wilson, Col. Chet Richards, Andrew Cockburn, Thomas Christie, and Winslow T. Wheeler ; ( 3 ) " Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex " ( 2010 ), by William D. Hartung ; ( 4 ) " Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda ( 2002 ), by Noam Chomsky ; and ( 5 ) " Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media " ( 2002 ), by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky.
Carlyle was attracted by Elliott's homely sincerity and genuine power, though he had small opinion of his political philosophy, and lamented his lack of humour and of the sense of proportion.
A woman with a Bobus sandwich board appears to the left of his head. Latter-Day Pamphlets was a series of " pamphlets " published by Thomas Carlyle in 1850, in vehement denunciation of what he believed to be the political, social, and religious imbecilities and injustices of the period.
In his painting Work, inspired by the book, Ford Madox Brown depicted Carlyle watching honest workers improving the social infrastructure by laying modern drains in a suburb of London, while agents of the dishonest Bobus disfigure the area by marketing his political campaign with posters and sandwich boards.

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