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Caroline and County
Tubman had been hired out to Dr. Anthony Thompson, who owned a large plantation in an area called Poplar Neck in neighboring Caroline County ; it is likely her brothers labored for Thompson as well.
The Preston area near Poplar Neck in Caroline County contained a substantial Quaker community, and was probably an important first stop during Tubman's escape.
She stayed with Sam Green, a free black minister living in East New Market, Maryland ; she also hid near her parents ' home at Poplar Neck in Caroline County, Maryland.
* Bowling Green, Virginia, the seat of Caroline County
It is bordered by the Choptank River to the north, Talbot County to the northwest, Caroline County to the northeast, Wicomico County to the southeast, Sussex County, Delaware, to the east, and the Chesapeake Bay to the west.
In 1773 a part of Queen Anne's County, together with a portion of Dorchester County, was taken to form Caroline County.
* Caroline County ( southeast )
He was foaled at The Meadow in Caroline County, Virginia.
Of the 23 counties in Maryland, nine are on the Eastern Shore: Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester, as well as a portion of Cecil County.
It is bordered by Queen Anne's County to the north, Caroline County to the east, Dorchester County to the south, and the Chesapeake Bay to the west.
* Caroline County ( east )
The area that became Duval County was home to the 16th-century French colony of Fort Caroline, and saw increased European settlement in the 18th century with the establishment of Cowford, later renamed Jacksonville.
Category: Geography of Caroline County, Maryland
* Caroline County, Maryland-southwest
It is bounded on the north by the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers, the independent city of Fredericksburg ( all of which were part of the area's early history ), and the counties of Stafford and Culpeper ; on the south by the North Anna River and its impoundment, Lake Anna, and by the counties of Hanover and Louisa ; on the west by Orange County and Culpeper County ; and on the east by Caroline County.
* Caroline County, Virginia-southeast

Caroline and is
In They Do It With Mirrors ( 1952 ), it is mentioned that Miss Marple grew up in a cathedral close, and that she studied at an Italian finishing school with Americans Ruth Van Rydock and Caroline " Carrie " Louise Serrocold.
A descendant of Napoleon's sister Caroline Bonaparte is actor René Auberjonois.
They cultivated only those arts which could add splendor to the nation, to the neglect of those which supported it – They neglected Trade & substantial Manufacture ... but does it follow that a total revolution is necessary that because we have given ourselves up too much to the ornaments of life, we will now have none at all ". When attending a dinner at Holland House, Fox's niece Caroline was sat next to Reynolds and " burst out into glorification of the Revolution – and was grievously chilled and checked by her neighbour's cautious and unsympathetic tone ".
Christmas Island is in the world's farthest forward time zone, UTC + 14, and Christmas Island is one of the first inhabited places on Earth to experience the New Year each year ( see also Caroline Atoll, Kiribati ).
Kirsten Caroline Dunst ( born April 30, 1982 ) is an American actress, singer and model.
This opinion recurs in critical literature, and, according to Caroline Spurgeon, is supported by Shakespeare himself, who apparently intended to degrade his hero by vesting him with clothes unsuited to him and to make Macbeth look ridiculous by several nimisms he applies: His garments seem either too big or too small for him – as his ambition is too big and his character too small for his new and unrightful role as king.
* 1967 – The U. S. Navy aircraft carrier is launched by Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline.
The Australian academic and practicing Pagan Caroline Jane Tully argued that many Pagans can react negatively to new scholarship regarding historical pre-Christian societies, believing that it is a threat to the structure of their beliefs and " sense of identity.
There is disagreement as to whether Spaniard Ruy López de Villalobos, who landed in several Caroline Islands, spotted the Palau archipelago in 1543.
Also present is Muller's daughter Caroline, nicknamed Cathy, then a senior medical student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
According to James, " The most telling evidence is that everybody in ' Tunnel ' expects Rod to end up with Caroline, who is explicitly described as black.
Afterwards he wrote the sonnet " It is a beauteous evening, calm and free " recalling a seaside walk with the 9 year old Caroline he had never seen prior to that visit.
The sonnet is somewhat reserved but it is plain Wordsworth felt genuine affection for his daughter, as indeed did Mary who was anxious that Wordworth should do more for Caroline should their circumstances improve.
* Caroline Herschel is granted an annual salary of £ 50 by King George III of Great Britain for acting as assistant to her brother William in astronomy.
While it is commonly accepted that Herschel Island ( in the Arctic Ocean, part of the Yukon Territory ) was named after him, the entries in the expedition journal of Sir John Franklin state that the latter wished to honour the Herschel name, about which John Herschel ’ s father ( Sir William Herschel ) and his aunt ( Caroline Herschel ) constitute two other notable members of this family.
Victoria Caroline Beckham ( née Adams ; born 17 April 1974 ) is an English singer, fashion designer and businesswoman.
The distribution of atolls around the globe is instructive: most of the world's atolls are in the Pacific Ocean ( with concentrations in the Tuamotu Islands, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Coral Sea Islands, and the island groups of Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tokelau ) and Indian Ocean ( the Atolls of the Maldives, the Laccadive Islands, the Chagos Archipelago and the Outer Islands of the Seychelles ).
Pohnpei " upon ( pohn ) a stone altar ( pei )" ( formerly known as Ponape ) is the name of an island of the Senyavin Islands which are part of the larger Caroline Islands group.
Similarly, Caroline told Malmesbury, " Prince is very fat and he's nothing like as handsome as his portrait.
Jane Austen wrote of Caroline: " Poor woman, I shall support her as long as I can, because she is a Woman and because I hate her Husband.

Caroline and also
Christie also used material from her fictional creation, spinster Caroline Sheppard, who appeared in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
Fuller was born on July 12, 1895, in Milton, Massachusetts, the son of Richard Buckminster Fuller and Caroline Wolcott Andrews, and also the grandnephew of the American Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller.
* Caroline Irene (" Carreen ") O ' Hara: Scarlett's youngest sister, who also became sickened by typhoid during the Battle of Atlanta.
Between the bloodless Aroostook War and the Caroline Affair, relations with Britain and its colonies in Canada also proved to be strained.
Brando also adopted Petra Brando-Corval ( born 1972 ), the daughter of his assistant Caroline Barrett and novelist James Clavell.
Caroline also continued to serve as his assistant, often taking notes while he observed at the telescope.
Caroline had lost her daughter, but she had also lost any chance of regaining position through the succession of her daughter to the throne.
Walpole also became a close friend of the Prince of Wales's wife, Caroline.
The year 1737 was also marked by the death of Walpole's close friend Queen Caroline.
Caroline was widely mourned following her death in 1737, not only by the public but also by the King, who refused to remarry.
Mary II of England | Queen Mary II's Bedchamber, also known as Caroline of Ansbach | Queen Caroline's State Bedchamber.
In addition to those departures, regular panelist Caroline Rhea also left the program in order to host her short-lived successor program to The Rosie O ' Donnell Show and Bruce Vilanch, who was also one of the show's writers, left with Goldberg ( who had hired him ) and made several infrequent appearances throughout the rest of the series.
Leopold II was also the father of two illegitimate sons through Caroline Lacroix, later adopted in 1910 by Lacroix's second husband, Antoine Durrieux:
* Leopold II also engaged in a religious ceremony with Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix, also known as Caroline Lacroix, a prostitute, on 14 December 1909, with no validity under Belgian law, at the Pavilion of Palms, Royal Palace of Laken, in Brussels, five days before his death.
The Caroline Divines also favoured elaborate liturgy ( in some cases favouring the liturgy of the pre-Reformation church ) and aesthetics.
* Caroline B. Cooney also wrote a young-adult novel, Goddess of Yesterday, where Helen is one of the main characters.
On 13 April 2007, Persson also announced his resignation from the Riksdag ( where he had served 1979 – 1985 and from 1991 ) to be succeeded by Caroline Helmersson Olsson from his native Vingåker.
In 1838, Edith died and Southey married Caroline Anne Bowles, also a poet, on June 4, 1839.
The early years of the nineteenth century saw Lawrence's portrait practice continue to flourish: amongst his sitters were major political figures such as Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville and William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, whose wife Lady Caroline Lamb was also painted by Lawrence.
The Cathedral is also the burial place of Caroline of Brunswick, Queen Consort of George IV of the United Kingdom.
Chamberlain was born in Camberwell in London to a successful shoemaker and manufacturer, also named Joseph ( 1796 – 1874 ), and his wife Caroline Harben, daughter of Henry Harben.

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