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Carrot and Dorfl
Dorfl joined the Watch during the events of Feet of Clay, at which time he was set free by Captain Carrot, sustained considerable damage fighting the golem king, and was rebuilt to a considerable degree, granting him a voice ( which had been considered blasphemous for golems to possess, prior to Dorfl's argument with the Council of Churches, Temples, Sacred Groves and Big Ominous Rocks ).
An excerpt from the Cenotine " Book of Truth " was the Chem of the golem Dorfl, until Carrot Ironfoundersson purchased him and set him free by replacing it with the receipt of the purchase.

Carrot and one
Several foundlings appear in Terry Pratchett's Discworld: most notably Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson ( found as a toddler among the ruins of a caravan party attacked by bandits, surrounded by the bodies of the adults ; Carrot was adopted and raised by the dwarfs who discovered him, and was surprised to learn at age 16-and 6ft 6in tall-that he was not a dwarf ; mounting evidence suggests that Carrot is the scion of the deposed Ankh-Morpork royal family, but he himself has suppressed this as much as possible, considering the role of police captain to be a preferable one in which to safeguard his city and keep order ), also Tomjohn ( rightful heir to the throne of Lancre, rescued from his father's killer by loyal servants, entrusted to the local witches and given to travelling actors to raise ; Tomjohn eventually returns to the kingdom, but does not wish to rule it, preferring to remain an actor ) and Keith ( The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents-ironically, Malicia, obsessed with fairytales, is certain that this makes him likely to be a prince, but Keith explains that it is common in the city to abandon babies outside the Guilds where they are likely to receive care and training in a trade ).
of an ancient perpetual motion engine – a twin of one which according to Carrot Ironfoundersson powers all of the machinery in one of the largest mines in Uberwald.
Welcome to Pia Carrot 3. 3 is a branch of " Pia Carrot 3 " that is set one year after " Pia Carrot 3 ".
* Upon his initial arrival in the city, Carrot Ironfoundersson lodged at the Seamstresses ' Guild, and even dated one of its members, all the while apparently oblivious to the nature of their profession.
Ruth Krauss ( Baltimore, Maryland July 25, 1901 – Westport, Connecticut July 10, 1993 ) was an American author of children's books, one of the most well known being The Carrot Seed, and an author of theatrical poems for an adult audience.
Carrot has also promised Angua that, should she ever follow in her brother Wolfgang's murderous footsteps, he will be the one to stop her.
At the end of the game, a stack of smaller carrot cards, each of which corresponds to a large Carrot card, is turned over one card at a time.
Players collect Zodiac cards similarly to Carrots, and at the end of the game, but before the Magic Carrot is revealed, one Zodiac card is revealed to be the winning Zodiac symbol, which grants the holder of the respective Zodiac card greater chances of obtaining the Magic Carrot.
In one instance, Angua is forced to change into a human with no clothes on, finding herself in Carrot's bedroom, Gaspode tells Carrot to " kiss her ", prompting Angua to throw the luckless dog out of the room.
After the events of the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was revealed that Earth-C-Minus ( and Earth-C ) survived intact, as they were actually " alternate dimensions " instead of parallel Earths, although the most recent mini-series Captain Carrot and the Final Ark has suggested that Earth-C is now also considered Earth-26, one of the new 52 parallel Earths in the new DC Multiverse.

Carrot and fight
During a fight in the King's Head, in I Shall Wear Midnight, he fights off about thirty members of the Feegle clan from the Chalk, before returning to the Chalk to discover that he is, in fact, a Feegle foundling who was raised by gnomes, much in the same way Carrot was raised by dwarves.
Officers Carrot Ironfoundersson and Angua von Uberwald confronted the candlemaker in his factory and were forced to fight Meshugah.

Carrot and defeat
While initially intending to attack him, the Horde realise that as a single brave man outnumbered by his foes and trying to save the world, Carrot is a Hero ( and probably a king in disguise ), and so their defeat is certain.

Carrot and king
The Patrician, Havelock Vetinari, considers him useful for this reason as well as others, as it means that a revolution under the claim of being true heir is impossible, and that if anyone complains that only a king has the authority to do something he does, he can simply refer to Carrot.
Nobby was once thought to be the Earl of Ankh, but it was all a charade to make him king as he would be easier to manipulate than the ' real ' heir in the form of Captain Carrot.

Carrot and at
Arriving at Gebra they discover that Carrot has convinced the two armies to get together and play a game of football ( he has an inflatable football in his backpack for just such an emergency ), Vimes is preparing to arrest the Klatchian Prince and Lord Rust for various breaches of the peace ( such as being prepared for war ) and 71-hour Ahmed is supporting him.
Sam Vimes proceeds to arrest Lupine Wonse, but accidentally causes the man's death when he told Carrot to " throw the book at him.
Captain Carrot attempts to arrest the Horde, at which point the Horde arms the explosives.
* On 24 November 1994, Lawrence delivered a lecture at Curtin University titled, " My Invalid Carrot is the Prettiest of Them All " as part of the Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Series.
They are small, matted and dirty enough to sprout fungi and grasses on their hides ( and seem to relate to soil as trolls relate to rock ), and act as street-cleaners in cities like Ankh-Morpork ; as Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson puts it, they " pick up this, pick up that, maybe bang it against the wall until it stops struggling ..." In the case of at least Stoolie, if not every gnoll on the Discworld, there seems to be a tendency to drop the vowels in words, reflecting a croaking sort of voice.
The games are all set around restaurants in the fictional " Pia Carrot " chain, and most of the female characters are waitresses at these restaurants.
Fastback has disappeared, Pig-Iron and Rubberduck operate as underground superheroes against the current anti-superhero law and Captain Carrot is in self-imposed retirement after the death of his partner, Carrie Carrot, at the hands ( or paws ) of Armordillo and Frogzilla.
When Angua, a werewolf, tells him that her brother Andrei is stuck in wolf form and is forced to live as a champion sheepdog, Carrot notes that at least he's a champion.
After having learned about it ( Men at Arms ), he confides in Vetinari that he wants the people to obey the law because it's the law, not because " Captain Carrot is good at being obeyed ", and that he is content with his job of ringing a bell and yelling that all's well " provided of course that'all is well '.
Carrot does, however on rare occasions, hint at his royal powers to make things happen.
Carrot does not stand at the front of the ship fraught with worry but, sensibly, gets some sleep so he will be ready to rescue her when they catch up.
* Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew at Don Markstein's Toonopedia.
In June 1961, re-broadcasting stations were established at Edson and Carrot Creek.
A player, however, requires a bunny in play in order to win the game-if a player is without bunnies at this phase, their Carrot cards are given to other players.

Carrot and factory
In a red-domed facility atop Carrot Mountain in the Quadling Country, the Wizard has established a factory to build scalawagons, intelligent cars that can also fly.

Carrot and .
Carrot, celery and parsley are true biennials that are usually grown as annual crops for their edible roots, petioles and leaves, respectively.
The " Rüeblimärt " is held in the same place on the first Wednesday in November, which is a Carrot fair.
On January 4, 2005, Father Mariusz Zajac from Carrot River caught an walleye while ice fishing on Tobin Lake.
Visitors come to visit Howe Caverns, Secret Caverns, The Carrot Barn, Vroman's Nose, the Old Blenheim Bridge ( which was destroyed by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 ), and the Old Stone Fort.
In 1975, Jasper Carrott released The Magic Roundabout ( originally featured on his first live LP Jasper Carrot – In the Club ), a short, risqué comic monologue parodying the children's TV series, as the B-side of a 7 inch single, featuring his comic song " Funky Moped " on the A-side.
Also unique to Super Mario Land 2 is the Magic Carrot power-up, which turns Mario into Bunny Mario.
The Sultan of Brunei used to keep a residence there, and Carrot Top has his Las Vegas residence in the area.
This early comedy experience was later to be fulfilled with Jasper Carrot.
; Carrot: ' Cavity spot ' – oval spots develop into craters which may be invaded by other disease-causing organisms.
The group next released Cigarettes & Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years, a five-disc box set compiling their first three ( pre-Virgin ) albums, Camper Vantiquities, and a live recording from 1990 they called Greatest Hits Played Faster.
Captain Carrot resigns as well, as do Sergeant Colon, Sergeant Detritus and Corporal Angua.
Carrot, rather than rush off to save her, reports back to Vimes, who gets his private army to head for Klatch.
He objects, claiming that only a King can make a Duke, but then realises that Carrot was speaking to Vetinari.
Since Carrot is, of course, very much not the King of Ankh-Morpork his reminding of Vetinari is all that is required for Vimes to get his new position and rank.
He stops her by striking up a conversation with her through his puppets — a brash red-haired boy named Carrot Top, a sly fox named Reynardo, a vain ballerina named Marguerite, and a cowardly giant named Golo the Giant.
On her way out she is stopped by the familiar voices of Carrot Top and Reynardo, who ask her to take them with her.
As she dances joyfully with Carrot Top, he turns into Paul.
Walton and O ' Rourke manipulated Marguerite and Reynardo, George Latshaw was responsible for Carrot Top, and Wolo handled Golo the Giant.
The first four puppets she meets correspond closely to those in the film and are a youth named Carrot Top ; a fox, Reynardo ; a vain girl, Gigi ; and a " huge, tousle-headed, hideous, yet pathetic-looking giant " Alifanfaron.
* Pearson, Claudia H. Have a Carrot: Oedipal Theory and Symbolism in Margaret Wise Brown's Runaway Bunny Trilogy.
In cartoons with non-Western themes, he uses various aliases, including " Chilkoot Sam " ( named for the Chilkoot Trail ; Sam pronounces it " Chilli-koot ") in 14 Carrot Rabbit ( although in the same cartoon, when he tries to gain Bugs Bunny's trust, he cleverly invents alias " Square-deal Sam "), " Riff Raff Sam " in Sahara Hare, " Sam Schulz " in Big House Bunny, " Seagoin ' Sam " in Buccaneer Bunny, " Shanghai Sam " in Mutiny on the Bunny, and " Sam Von Schamm the Hessian " in Bunker Hill Bunny and many others.
At the northern edge of the marshes it flows east, twisting between a series of small lakes into west-central Manitoba to The Pas, where it is joined from the southwest by the Carrot River.
Female characters Katie Carrot and Cookie Cucumber also made an appearance.

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