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Carter and signed
In 1980, Jimmy Carter signed legislation to create the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians ( CWRIC ).
On September 7, 1977, the Torrijos-Carter Treaties were signed by the Panamanian head of state and U. S. President Jimmy Carter for the complete transfer of the Canal and the fourteen US army bases from the US to Panama by 1999.
President Jimmy Carter subsequently signed the " Alternative Futures and Self Determination Executive Order " on July 25, 1978 guaranteeing the right of self determination to the People of Puerto Rico.
Caricature from 1899 showing Chicago mayor Carter Harrison, Jr., fighting against the " Allen bill ", signed by Governor John Riley Tanner that gave control of Chicago's intra-city transportation system to Yerkes
The position was formed on October 1, 1977 with the creation of the Department of Energy when President Jimmy Carter signed the Department of Energy Organization Act.
The act was completed on March 3, 1980, was signed by President Jimmy Carter on March 17, 1980 and became effective on April 1, 1980.
It was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 27, 1978, and codified as 15 USC ยง 3101.
On August 4, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed into law The Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977 (), which created the Department of Energy.
The bill was passed and was signed by Carter on October 24, 1978.
The Carter Administration signed the Taiwan Relations Act to maintain commercial, cultural, and other relations through the unofficial relations in the form of American Institute in Taiwan without official Government representation and without formal diplomatic relations.
Recreated by the Department of Education Organization Act ( Public Law 96-88 ) and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979, it began operating on May 4, 1980.
Miami rounded out its 2001 โ€“ 02 season roster with players well past their prime such as Rod Strickland, Chris Gatling, Jim Jackson, LaPhonso Ellis and Kendall Gill along with Mourning, Jones, Grant and Carter, whom the Heat signed to a controversial three-year deal that many said was far too much for the young guard.
The Blue Jackets also signed Anson Carter when it looked as if Nikolay Zherdev would be playing the season in Russia ; in late September, however, Zherdev and General Manager Doug MacLean were able to reach a compromise.
In July, Carter signed Executive Order 12148 shifting disaster relief efforts to the new federal level agency.
When the SALT II negotiations with the Soviet Union verged on success, an NSC working group, including a Department of State representative, formulated the subject areas for an agenda at the Vienna Summit of June 1979, at which Carter and Brezhnev signed the SALT II Treaty and discussed other bilateral and Third World issues.
On July 3, 1979, United States President Jimmy Carter signed the first directive for covert financial aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.
* National Security Directive-63 ( PDF ), a policy outline written by Brzezinski and signed by Carter, giving an overview of the goals of the Carter Doctrine.
President Jimmy Carter devoted substantial effort to transportation deregulation, and worked with Congressional and civil society leaders to pass the Airline Deregulation Act ( October 24, 1978 ), Staggers Rail Act ( signed October 14, 1980 ), and the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 ( signed July 1, 1980 ).
Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, signed the bill, H. R.
On October 21, 1994 the United States and North Korea signed an agreement after lengthy negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland, assisted again by former President Carter.
An agreement to limit strategic launchers was reached in Vienna on June 18, 1979, and was signed by Leonid Brezhnev and President of the United States Jimmy Carter.
The two framework agreements were signed at the White House, and were witnessed by United States President Jimmy Carter.
However, Carter felt they were not " aiming high enough " and was interested in the establishment of a written and signed agreement.

Carter and record
During that game Anthony Carter set the all-time record for most receiving yards in a playoff game with 227 yards.
With a spectacular offense led by quarterback Randall Cunningham ( who replaced an injured Brad Johnson ), running back Robert Smith, veteran wide receiver Cris Carter, and explosive rookie Randy Moss, the Vikings set a then-NFL record by scoring a total of 556 points, never scoring fewer than 24 in a game.
* " Patches ", 1970 hit record for Chairmen of the Board, later covered by Clarence Carter
In 2001, Carter collaborated with Black Star and John Patton to record " Money Jungle " for the Red Hot Organization's compilation album, Red Hot + Indigo, a tribute to Duke Ellington.
Because of Mobutu's poor human rights record, the Carter Administration put some distance between itself and the Kinshasa government ; even so, Zaire received nearly half the foreign aid Carter allocated sub-Saharan Africa.
Popular former player and longtime assistant coach Fred Carter succeeded Moe as head coach in March 1993, but could only manage a 32 โ€“ 76 record at the helm.
Carter did not actually record under his own name until the label's revival in the 1980s, but played double bass on many other musicians ' sessions.
One of the features of the label during this period was a " family " of musicians ( Hubbard, Hancock, Carter, Grant Green, Joe Henderson, Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, Blue Mitchell, Hank Mobley and many others ) who would record as sidemen on each other's albums without necessarily being part of the leader's working group.
The first organized church to be established in the territory that would become Carter County, for which there is record, was the United Baptist Church of Christ, also known as the New Hope Baptist Church.
The record for most All Black Test points ( and World Record ) is held by Dan Carter with 1, 301 from 88 Tests.
On 27 November 2010 Dan Carter scored a penalty against Wales to pass Jonny Wilkinson's previous world record of 1, 178 points.
Carter also holds the record for points against Australia with 270.
Shawn Corey Carter ( born December 4, 1969 ), better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur and occasional actor.
With this release, they secured the services of Russell Carter, who remains their manager to the present ; they had first approached him when the EP album was released, but he told them their songs were " immature " and they were not likely to get a record deal.
While the band occasionally played live shows and continued to record, Poole chiefly stayed in Athens to continue work with Of Montreal while Rieger and Carter moved to New York City.
After losing his publishing contract with Dea and Carter, Earle met producer Tony Brown and after severing his ties with Lomax and Epic Records obtained a seven record deal with MCA Records.
" Carter agreed to record tracks on the condition that the group avoid profanity, to which Q-tip assured they were addressing " real issues ".
Carter appointed record numbers of women and minorities to significant government and judicial posts, but nevertheless managed to feud with feminist leaders.
In 1993, while a Toronto Blue Jay, Carter set an American League record when he hit 3 home runs in a game for the fifth time in his career.
Carter and his family journeyed from Maces Spring, Virginia, to Bristol, Tennessee, to audition for record producer Ralph Peer who was seeking new talent for the relatively embryonic recording industry.
* Chris Carter ( record producer / mixer ), American record producer and mixer
Carter scored 50 points on Philly in game three and set a NBA playoff record for most three-point field goals made in one game.
In a 120 โ€“ 114 overtime win over the Washington Wizards, April 7, 2007, Carter and Jason Kidd became the first teammates in over 18 years to record triple-doubles in the same game since the Chicago Bulls ' Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen achieved this feat against the Los Angeles Clippers in 1989.

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