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Casey and Jones
* 1900 – Casey Jones dies in a train wreck in Vaughn, Mississippi, while trying to make up time on the Cannonball Express.
*" The Ballad of Casey Jones " is a traditional song about railroad engineer Casey Jones and his death at the controls of the train he was driving.
The most famous blues ballads include those about John Henry and Casey Jones.
* The song " To the Dogs or Whoever " by Josh Ritter includes the stanza " Was it Casey Jones or Casey at the Bat who died out of pride and got famous for that?
A pair of American television appearances followed, as Jones received screen time in episodes of Ben Casey and The Farmer's Daughter.
On occasion, Hurt would use an open tuning and a slide, as he did in his arrangement of " The Ballad of Casey Jones ".
* April 30 – Casey Jones, American railway engineer ( b. 1863 )
* March 14 – Casey Jones, American railway engineer ( d. 1900 )
The famous railroad disaster which killed engineer Casey Jones took place in Yazoo County, just north of Vaughan, Mississippi, in 1900.
Famed railroad engineer J. L. " Casey " Jones moved from Jackson, Tennessee to Water Valley in 1893.
In 1878, American railroad legend Casey Jones got his first job with the railroad here, working as a telegrapher for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad.
Railroad engineer Casey Jones was a frequenter of the town during his travels.
John Luther " Casey " Jones grave stone
Jackson was home to Casey Jones, the Illinois Central engineer who, before colliding with a stalled freight train near Vaughn, Mississippi, told his fireman to jump to safety but himself died at the throttle, saving the lives of all his passengers.
Casey Viator had seen fantastic results training under the direction of Jones, and Mentzer became very interested in this training philosophy.
* " Casey Jones " w. T. Lawrence Seibert m. Eddie Newton
The famous railroad accident that killed 37-year-old engineer Casey Jones happened near Vaughan in the early morning hours of April 30, 1900.
In attendance were Sim Webb, Casey ’ s fireman, and Janie Jones, Casey ’ s widow.
The Casey Jones Railroad Museum State Park at Vaughan was designated a State Park on April 27, 1980.
In 2004 the museum closed, and years later, the depot was moved to West, MS. Massena Jones, a former postmaster for Vaughan and a longtime resident, was also the author of a book entitled The Choo-Choo Stopped at Vaughn: a Vivid and Accurate Account of Casey Jones ' Fatal Train Crash at Vaughn, Mississippi published in 1982.

Casey and flights
Casey is significant as a transport hub for the Australian Antarctic program, with the introduction of intercontinental jet flights for scientists and operational staff from Hobart to the Wilkins ice runway, 65 km inland from Casey station.

Casey and were
The next two batters ( Flynn and Jimmy Blake ) were perceived to be weak hitters with little chance of reaching base to allow Casey at the bat.
Both runners were now in scoring position and Casey represented the potential winning run.
In any case, Flynn and Blake were perceived to be poor hitters ; thus, the crowd believed that Casey had little chance for a potential game-winning at bat.
Sir William McKell ( 1947 – 53 ) was knighted during his term of office, but all the other governors-general until 1989 were already either peers or knights ; the only Australian peer was Lord Casey ( 1965 – 69 ).
Of the ten Australians appointed since 1965, Lord Casey, Sir Paul Hasluck and Bill Hayden were former federal parliamentarians ; Sir John Kerr was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales ; Sir Ninian Stephen and Sir William Deane were appointed from the bench of the High Court ; Sir Zelman Cowen was a vice-chancellor of the University of Queensland and constitutional lawyer ; Peter Hollingworth was the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane ; and Major-General Michael Jeffery was a retired military officer and former Governor of Western Australia.
The Brewers were the only team in baseball to have three players with 100 + RBIs in Ryan Braun, Casey McGehee, and Corey Hart.
In attendance were Captain Clarence Renshaw, one of Groves ' assistants ; Major Hugh J. Casey, the chief of the Construction Division's Design and Engineering Section ; and George Bergstrom, a former president of the American Institute of Architects.
She, Daryl, and Lord and Lady Casey were founding members of the National Trust of Victoria, and she encouraged others to bequeath to the Trust.
The names of Casey, Pancake, Foreman, and Van Meter were familiar before the prominence of George Washington.
Casey assigned Helms to supervise the London office in preparing and dispatching OSS-trained German volunteers who were to be dropped, with false papers and portable radios ( then awkward and heavy ), into Nazi Germany to collect military information.
As U. S. Army engineers were few in numbers, Casey worked closely with his Australian Army counterpart at General Sir Thomas Blamey's Allied Land Forces headquarters, Major General Clive Steele.
The two 10-inch ( 25-cm ) disappearing guns of Battery Warwick were dismantled by the United States Navy in the 1960s and shipped to Fort Casey for renovation and display.
The four 3-inch guns of Batteries Flake and Jewell were removed and divided between Forts Flagler and Casey in Washington state where they remain on display.
Allegations made by Balkan media sources of corruption and improper conduct by Ahtisaari were described by US State Department spokesman Tom Casey as " spurious ", adding that Ahtisaari's plan is the " best solution possible " and has the " full endorsement of the United States ".
Abbott contacts Casey, who joins the chase, as do the Triads, who were watching him.
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833 ( 1992 ) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in which the constitutionality of several Pennsylvania state regulations regarding abortion were challenged.
Except for three opening sections of the O ' Connor-Kennedy-Souter opinion, Casey was a divided judgment, as no other sections of any opinion were joined by a majority of justices.
Phoenix appeared on Late Show again on September 22, 2010 and revealed that his " retirement " and eccentric behavior were for a mockumentary, I'm Still Here ( 2010 ), that he and Casey Affleck were filming.
On September 9, three men-John Shinnick of Fermoy, John Casey of Kilbehenny and Michael Lonergan of Galbally were shot on the main street by police firing without orders, following an 8, 000 person strong Land League Rally in the town.
The initial members were just Casey and Finch, but they soon added guitarist Jerome Smith ( June 18, 1953-July 28, 2000 ) and drummer Robert Johnson, both TK studio musicians.
After a lengthy hiatus, Finch re-entered the music industry in 2006, producing numerous Indie artists out of his " Production Kitchen " studios in Ohio, including 2008 " Top 35 " contestants from America's Got Talent, The Memphis Rascals who, in addition to original songs, rerecorded the Casey / Finch hit, Boogie Shoes-and Hawthorn, NV band " Nevada "-who, along with Finch were included on the first round submission ballot for the 2010 Grammy Awards.

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