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Cavy and pigs
Cavy Clubs and Associations dedicated to the showing and breeding of guinea pigs have been established worldwide.

fanciers and began
The pigeon fanciers of Belgium were so taken with the hobby that they began to develop pigeons specially cultivated for fast flight and long endurance called Voyageurs.
In the early 1950s a group of English cat fanciers began working together to restore the breed.
According to the Japan Kennel Club ( JKC ), planned breeding of Japanese Terriers did not begin until around 1920, when fanciers began selective breeding from the progenitor, the Kobe Terrier.
In the 19th century, as animal fancy in general began to emerge, rabbit fanciers began to sponsor rabbit exhibitions and fairs in Western Europe and the United States.

fanciers and breeds
This list might not be complete and is, at best, an educated guess from experts and dog fanciers based on the physical characteristics of the breeds.
To insure against this, some strains of pariah dogs are becoming formally recognized, registered, and pedigreed breeds as their fanciers attempt to preserve the pure type.
Though they are outcasts in the social sense, and thus may still be called pariahs by observers who are not dog fanciers, feral dogs may be of any breed or mix of breeds.
Dog fanciers generally believe that such ill-bred dogs are the reason for the bad reputation of some breeds in the public perception, and the resulting breed-specific legislation.
These genes are carefully tracked by fanciers of the breeds who show them ; just as dog fanciers carefully check for hip / eye and heart problems, rabbit fanciers extensively follow their own lines to remove unwanted defects.
The first group of Podengo Medio fanciers met in the US in the early 90's via the early internet Gopher ( protocol ) system and rec. pets. dogs. breeds.

fanciers and pet
Sometimes even minute details are argued over by fanciers and breeders to a degree that would astound the average pet owner who never plans on breeding his or her pet.
Its membership is composed of rabbit and cavy breeders throughout, fanciers, and pet owners in North America and many countries throughout the world.
This organization helps all levels of rabbit keepers and breeders, including 4-H participants to fanciers, pet owners to commercial producers.

fanciers and are
Himmies, as fanciers call them, are perfect indoor cat companions.
While the hunting versatility of the breed has served it well in the field, it has caused much confusion and contention among Ridgeback fanciers about what these dogs are, and are not, as hunting companions.
Members of this genus are considered highly collectible by orchid fanciers due to the curious and unusual form of their flowers.
Today both of these roses are still widely grown by antique rose fanciers in mild winter regions.
Various polygenes ( sets of related genes ), epigenetic factors, or modifier genes, as yet unidentified, are believed to result in different phenotypes of coloration, some deemed more desirable than others by fanciers.
Javanese cats are referred to by show cat fanciers as colourpoint cats: showing odd or " rare " colors ; such as red or white, or patternation ; tabby and tortie.
Definitions which are open to human interpretation cause much ill-will at conformation shows when exhibitors disagree with the decision of the judge, despite the fact that the fanciers hire the judges and pay entry fees for the judge's opinion of their breeding stock.
* The American Buttercup Club defines its goal as connecting fanciers of the chicken breed so that they are " able to share stock and valuable information about the breed.
Fliers are occasionally kept in aquaria by North American native-fish fanciers.
Cactus fanciers can assist conservation of these rare plants by choosing nursery-bred specimens ( wild-collected ones are illegal to possess for the rarest species ).
They are bred by pigeon fanciers for various traits relating to size, shape, color, and behavior.
In addition to the millions of children and Rottweiler fanciers who have enjoyed them, the books have been found useful in teaching English as a second language, with Alzheimer's patients, and with children who are having difficulty learning to read.
Home aviaries are popular with bird fanciers who have the space for them.
Lauren Brooke is the author of two series of books targeted at pre-adolescent girls who are horse fanciers, the Heartland and Chestnut Hill series.

then and began
Harnessing a team to a buckboard, they drove out to a willow-lined creek about a half-mile off, then climbed down and began chopping.
After what seemed several seconds, the open mouth grew dark inside then blood began to ooze from it.
He was then asked for a solution of the difficulty, and began to talk trenchant sense, though private anguish showed through in the vehemence of his manner.
Lewis looked at him and began to cry, and then, saying that he was going to make a promise, he asked Blackman to call the porter and to tell him to take out all the liquor that he did not want.
He returned to New York to work for The New Yorker, to edit a Western pulp, to `` duck the war in the OWI '', to write publicity for Paramount Pictures and commentary for a newsreel, then he began his career as critic for various magazines.
It began invariably in low tones, almost conversational, and then gradually worked up to high, shrill appeals to God and man.
To win her favors, her husband first took an additional job, then desperately began to embezzle from his employer.
As she had done with Means, she gained rapidly at first, but then Baldy began to draw away.
The doorman began to nod his head automatically, then remembered who Gilborn was, what had happened to him the night before.
`` The trouble with you '', old man Arthur began, and then checked himself.
For another moment we didn't talk, then she began to weep.
Player began with a birdie on the first hole, added five straight pars and then another birdie at the 9th.
But Victoria began yodeling just then and he went home, carrying Sabella in the back of his head, not thinking about her, just knowing she was there, smiling, smelling of peppermints.
He then decided to become a lawyer and began teaching himself law by reading Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England and other law books.
Hermes then began to play music on the lyre he had invented.
Huxley began his learning in his father's well-equipped botanical laboratory, then continued in a school named Hillside.
CuarĂ³n began working in television in Mexico, first as a technician and then as a director.
" Gradually and unexpectedly, the song began to be played on the radio, and then be requested.
The tempo of their arrangement was slowed to allow for the bagpipes, but it was based on Collins ': it began with a bagpipe solo introduction similar to her lone voice, then it was accompanied by the band of bagpipes and horns, whereas in her version she is backed up by a chorus.
It was then that he began to study the principles of law and administration under Konstantin Pobedonostsev, then a professor of civil law at Moscow State University and later ( from 1880 ) chief procurator of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in Russia.
In the 1960s Korner began a media career, working initially as a show business interviewer and then on ITV's Five O ' Clock Club, a children's TV show.
In 1992 a feminist group began a nationwide fundraising campaign and then obtained matching state funds to endow a professorship at the University of Oklahoma Law School in honor of Hill.
He then began to study law and was admitted to the bar in 1837, selling the Advocate the same year.
The split became irrevocable when Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society, began to present the child Jiddu Krishnamurti as the reincarnated Christ.

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