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Cecil and House
While living at the Cecil House, Edward's daily studies consisted of dancing instruction, French, Latin, cosmography, writing exercises, drawing, and common prayers.
During his first year at Cecil House, Oxford was briefly tutored by Laurence Nowell, the antiquarian and Anglo-Saxon scholar.
On 23 July 1567, while practising fencing in the backyard of Cecil House in the Strand, the seventeen-year-old Oxford killed Thomas Brincknell, an under-cook in the Cecil household.
Hatfield House is the seat of the Cecil family, the Marquesses of Salisbury.
in his own York House on 1 October, and he blamed Cecil and Raleigh for the queen's hostility.
Burghley HouseBurghley House near the town of Stamford was built for Cecil between 1555 and 1587 and modelled on the privy lodgings of Richmond Palace.
Having survived all his children except Robert and Thomas, Burghley died at his London residence, Cecil House on 4 August 1598, and was buried in St Martin's Church, Stamford.
" was quoted with regard to Lord Cranborne, a contemporary member of the Cecil family who, in 1998, was dismissed from his Conservative Party office in the House of Lords for conducting unauthorised negotiations with the Labour government.
Meanwhile he developed his taste and interest in music, listening " intensively " to the Delta blues of Son House and Robert Johnson, jazz artists such as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor, and the Chicago blues of Howlin ' Wolf and Muddy Waters.
The Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association has placed its ' Troopie ' memorial statue on the grounds of Hatfield House, due to the long association of the Cecil family with Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ).
A small private church dedicated to St. Audrey was built by Lord Sackville Cecil, son of the Marquess of Salisbury, on the site of Olive's Mill in 1889 ; The church and other mill premises came into the possession of the parish in 1908, and since 1925 the former Olive's Mill House has been used as the rectory.
* Burghley House ( The Cecil family ) ( now owned by Burghley House Preservation Trust ).
Cecil Cooper House ( CE-395 ): This structure dates from the 19th Century and is located at the northwest corner of Louisa Lane and Water Street.
The architect or master mason, William Arnold, was also responsible for Montacute House and Dunster Castle in Somerset, and was involved in the building of Hatfield House for Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, James I ’ s Lord Treasurer.
In 1941 he was summoned to the House of Lords through a writ of acceleration in his father's junior title of Baron Cecil.
After representing South Dorset in the House of Commons, he was summoned to the House of Lords through a writ of acceleration in his father's junior title of Baron Cecil in 1992 ( the last time a writ of acceleration was issued ).

Cecil and Inn
Thanks to the efforts of prominent members such as William Cecil and Gilbert Gerard, Gray's Inn became the largest of the four by number, with over 200 barristers recorded as members.
This can be traced to the actions of Nicholas Bacon, William Cecil and Gilbert Gerard, all prominent members of the Inn and confidantes of Elizabeth.
Cecil and Bacon in particular took pains to find the most promising young men and get them to join the Inn.
From that date the Cecils maintained a connection with the town which is recorded by the naming of The Salisbury Arms ( anciently the Black Lion Inn ): the title Marquess of Salisbury was granted to James Cecil in 1789.

Cecil and /
Cecil Beaton, noting the frequent homosexual excesses, coined the phrase, " the Ivor / Noel naughty set ".
* Lionel Smith, Cecil Moore: Serial I / O and Math Utilities for the 8049 Microcomputer, Application Note AP-49, January 1979, Intel Corporation.
An example of this was the British South Africa Police ( BSAP ), a paramilitary, mounted infantry force formed by the British South Africa Company of Cecil Rhodes in 1889 / 1890 that evolved and continued until 1980.
The proposed scheme by Bishops supported by John Norman, Cecil Clutton and Patrick Moule favoured returning the organ to its Gray & Davison past but including a ' Chair ' section instead of the Choir in order to try to overcome the difficulties of the position of the organ was bold but hardly in keeping historically and proved a to be musically and mechanically a disaster and increasingly unreliable so that after no more than twenty years it was necessary for the Organ to be rebuilt again in 2003 / 04 by Kenneth Tickell, so thoroughly as to make it effectively a new instrument in the old case.
County Jail Site / Proposed Courthouse Site ( CE-396 ; circa 1750 ): The site that was proposed for the first Cecil County Jail and Courthouse was located at the corner of Frederick and Calvert Streets.
However, including honorary awards, such as the Henrietta Award – World Film Favorite Actor / Actress or Cecil B. DeMille Award – Barbra Streisand leads with 9 awards.
Peggy Bickley, a native of Bernice in Union Parish, Louisiana, at first hated living in dusty west Texas but in time became an energetic civic booster through the Order of the Eastern Star, the Denver City Museum, the Yoakum County / Cecil Bickley Library ( named for her husband ), annual American Cancer Society fund drive, the First United Methodist Church, and the Denver City Chamber of Commerce, which named her " Outstanding Citizen of Denver City " in 1984.
Piloted by Edge and his cousin, Cecil, she wore what would become known as British racing green, and won at an average 31. 8 mph ( 51. 2 km / h ); although by default, since all other entrants retired during the race.
He was also featured as King Arthur in the comedy / musical, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court ( 1949 ), singing Busy Doing Nothing in a trio with Bing Crosby and William Bendix, and as the Pharaoh Seti I in Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 film The Ten Commandments.
* Cecil B. DeMille ( 1881 – 1959 ), director / producer
A substantial part of Cecil Court was razed to the ground in 1735, almost certainly arson on the part of a tenant, Mrs Colloway, who was running a brandy shop / brothel in the street at the time: she purchased kindling, emptied her brandy barrels, over-insured her stock and made certain that she was drinking nearby with friends at the time the fire took hold.
* 1957 The Gigi Gryce / Donald Byrd Jazz Lab-At Newport-One side of LP which also features Cecil Taylor
* Cecil Taylor-Alms / Tiergarten ( Spree ) ( 1989 )
Catherine Ayers ( Nia, I ), Nathan Sussex, Sousila Pilay ( II ), Lillie Downie ( Baby Ela Ford, III / 4, 6-10 ), Amelia Wyatt ( Baby Ela Ford, III / 3, 4 ), Nick Ross ( Gwilym, III / 3 ), Lisa Zamira ( III / 3 ), Lee Bane ( III / 3 ), John Schumacher ( III / 3 ), Tomos James ( III / 3 ), Tyron Lopez ( III / 4 ), Gemma Prosser ( III / 4 ), Hazel Condon ( III / 4 ), Bethan Cecil ( III / 7 ), Charlote Grey ( III / 8 ), Poonah Najimohammadi ( III / 9 ), Rob Kendrick ( actor ) ( III / 9 ), Martin Glyn Murray ( III / 9 ), Elen Florence ( I ), Charmaine Hibberd ( III / 10 ), Kathryn Dimery ( III / 10 ), Megan Browne ( Ela Ford )

Cecil and Gamble
Cecil Huggins Gamble and his wife Louise Gibbs Gamble lived in the house beginning in 1946 and briefly considered selling it.
In 1966, Cecil and Louise Gamble turned the house over to the city of Pasadena in a joint agreement with the University of Southern California School of Architecture.

Cecil and ):
* Cecil Forsyth ( 1914 ): Orchestration.
* Alford, Stephen ( 2002 ): The Early Elizabethan Polity: William Cecil and the British Succession Crisis, 1558 – 1569 Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-89285-6
Cecil Hotel ( CE-108 ; circa 1810 ): Located at Caroline and Bladen Streets, the Cecil Hotel is a two-story, frame, Federal structure that was once a tavern.
The " Swinging London " scene was aptly reflected in his Box of Pin-Ups ( 1964 ): a box of poster-prints of 1960s celebrities including Terence Stamp, The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Jean Shrimpton, PJ Proby, Cecil Beaton, Rudolf Nureyev, Andy Warhol and notorious East End gangsters the Kray twins ( see photo ).
He appears briefly, again in a negative light, in Ronald Welch's Knight Crusader ( 1954 ): the description owes much to his portrayal in Cecil B. de Mille's The Crusades, mentioned below.
The Demography of Cecil Sharp ’ s Somerset Folk Singers " in Historical Journal: 43 ( 2000 ): 3: 751-75, and " Cecil Sharp in Somerset: Some Reflections on the Work of David Harker " in Folklore 113 ( 2002 ): 11-34 ), were a devastating deconstruction of Dave Harker ’ s " orthodoxy ", charging Harker with having misrepresenting the data and distorted statistics for ideological reasons.
* 2nd Judicial Circuit ( 7 judges ): Caroline ( 1 judge ), Cecil ( 3 judges ), Kent ( 1 judge ), Queen Anne's ( 1 judge ) & Talbot ( 1 judge ) counties
* District 3 ( 6 judges ): Caroline ( 1 judge ), Cecil ( 2 judges ), Kent ( 1 judge ), Queen Anne's ( 1 judge ) & Talbot ( 1 judge ) counties

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