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from Brown Corpus
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Certainly and meaning
Perhaps as fine a piece of work of its kind as this country can show … Certainly the manner of this house has not in this country been better done, not only in terms of stylistic authenticity, but in terms of pure architecture, meaning good taste in selectivity, in elimination, in execution.

Certainly and is
Certainly it is not necessary to repeat that the United States has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of any nation ; ;
Certainly it is the most pretentious and elaborate.
Certainly, it is the traditional clarity of his music which has endeared him to the Western World -- not his experimentations.
Certainly there would be less anxiety, fewer accidents ( it is the clumsy child who sustains the worst injuries ), and higher scholastic averages, since alert children work better.
Certainly, one of the best ways of warning the world against anti-Semitism is to demonstrate its workings as a dangerous weapon.
Certainly, in analyzing an action which truly faced such alternatives, `` it is never possible that no world would be preferable to some worlds, and there are in truth no circumstances in which the destruction of human life presents itself as a reasonable alternative ''.
Certainly in the matter of principals there is nothing lacking.
Certainly, Ealdred is one of the leading figures in the work, and it is likely that one of his clerks compiled the version.
Certainly Eugene's appearance was not impressive – " He was never good looking …" wrote the Duchess of Orléans, " It is true that his eyes are not ugly, but his nose ruins his face ; he has two large teeth which are visible at all times.
Certainly this impression is fully borne out by the beautiful and somewhat quaint works included in that great anthology.
Certainly this is not the full adoration in accordance with our faith, which is properly paid only to the divine nature, but it resembles that given to the figure of the honored and life-giving cross, and also to the holy books of the gospels and to other sacred objects " ( Definition of the Second Council of Nicaea ).
Certainly, there is a growing trend toward judging a state's domestic actions in the light of international law and standards.
Certainly this is not the full adoration in accordance with our faith, which is properly paid only to the divine nature, but it resembles that given to the figure of the honoured and life-giving cross, and also to the holy books of the gospels and to other sacred cult objects.
Certainly love is influenced by hormones ( such as oxytocin ), neurotrophins ( such as NGF ), and pheromones, and how people think and behave in love is influenced by their conceptions of love.
Certainly there is no warrant for assuming — as would-be " code-breakers " are prone to do — that either the spellings or the punctuation of any edition are Nostradamus ' originals.
Certainly is not zero, since has a simple pole at.
Certainly the best example of this is Falstaff, Shakespeare's portly and cowardly knight.
Certainly, committing more skillful and fewer unskillful actions is beneficial.
Ehyeh is usually translated " I will be ", since the imperfect tense in Hebrew denotes actions that are not yet completed ( e. g. Exodus 3: 12, " Certainly I will be with thee .").

Certainly and one
Certainly one of the most important comments that can be made upon the spiritual and cultural life of any period of Western civilization during the past sixteen or seventeen centuries has to do with the way in which its leaders have read and interpreted the Bible.
Certainly every educator involved in interior design should be a member and active in the work of one of these organizations.
Certainly, the mere fact of failing to demonstrate them in one or another species does not conclusively deny their existence in that species.
Certainly in North Britain the Vikings were one reason behind the formation of the Kingdom of Alba, which eventually evolved into Scotland.
Certainly several church documents including a papal letter and two indulgences were printed, one of which was issued in Mainz.
Certainly Urien's kingdom stretched eastward at one time, as he was also " Ruler of Catraeth " ( Catterick in North Yorkshire ).
Certainly much of the power of his work derives purely from his prose style, one of the most fluid, dense and evocative in all modern literature .... His eye for the details and resonances of even the most mundane objects, and his ability to express them crisply and almost prose-poetically, give to his work at once a clarity and a dreamlike nebulousness that is difficult to describe but easy to sense.
" Certainly ", Cuvier wrote, " one cannot detect any greater difference between these creatures and those we see, than between the human mummies and the skeletons of present-day men.
Certainly they were paid off on more than one occasion, and such payouts may have included money ( besides other valuables ), but the imposition of a tax on the people to pay either a stipend or a tribute is not recorded in the sources, although it is possible that some monies were raised this way.
Certainly Noah had one ark at the time of the flood, prefiguring one Church which perfect to one cubit having one ruler and guide, namely Noah, outside of which we read all living things were destroyed … We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.
* " Certainly one of the most enthralling things about human life is the recognition that we live in what, for practical purposes, is a universe without bounds.
It is rather difficult to estimate this effect since a habitual reader of Chinese is hardly conscious of it without deliberately analysing his reactions .... Certainly one can give too much weight to the visual aspect of Chinese writing.
Certainly Joachim von Sandrart, who visited Holland in 1637, found Flinck acknowledged as one of Rembrandt's best pupils, and living habitually in the house of the dealer Hendrick van Uylenburgh at Amsterdam.
Certainly Durkheim was one of the first theorists to explain a phenomenon with reference to the function it served for society.
Certainly, the principle of " one size fits all ” doesn ’ t apply to destination planning.
Certainly he was one of the executors of Henry's will, and in accordance with the dead king's wishes he was created Earl of Southampton on 16 February 1547.
Certainly hundreds and perhaps as many as one thousand people escaped.
In December 2009, Timur Lakhonin, the head of the Russian National Central Bureau of Interpol, stated, " Certainly, there is crime involving our former compatriots abroad, but there is no data suggesting that an organized structure of criminal groups comprising former Russians exists abroad ," while in August 2010, Alain Bauer, a French criminologist, said that it " is one of the best structured criminal organisations in Europe, with a quasi-military operation.

Certainly and who
Certainly his parents, who had worn the purple, were slain by it.
" Geoffrey Yarlott, in 1967, responds to Eliot to claim, " Certainly, the enigmatic personages who appear in the poem ... and the vaguely incantatory proper names ... appear to adumbrate rather than crystalize the poet's intention.
Certainly, other Bishops were depicted bearing the arms of a knight without comment, such as Archbishop Turpin who bears both a spear and a sword named " Almace " in The Song of Roland or Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy, who also appears to have fought as a knight during the First Crusade, an expedition that Odo also joined.
Certainly after his election, he worked to increase their rights, fighting against Octavius, who tried to maintain the status quo.
Certainly, republicanism in Australia has traditionally been supported most strongly by urban working class of Irish Catholic background, whereas monarchism is a core value associated with urban and rural inhabitants of British Protestant heritage and the middle class, to the extent that there were calls in 1999 for 300, 000 exceptionally enfranchised British subjects who were not Australian citizens to be barred from voting on the grounds that they would vote as a loyalist bloc in a tight referendum.
Certainly, Sir Garnet Wolseley, taking over as Commander-in-Chief from Lord Chelmsford later that year, was unimpressed with the awards made to the defenders of Rorke ’ s Drift, saying " it is monstrous making heroes of those who shut up in buildings at Rorke ’ s Drift, could not bolt, and fought like rats for their lives which they could not otherwise save ".
The immediate dwellers-round, presumably the first members were the small states Aeniania, Malis and Doris. Certainly Thessaly did have a share, including the states of the Boeotian tribes who lived around Thessaly ( perioikoi, " living around ").
Certainly those who have been associated with him closely for years will feel a deep sense of personal bereavement.
Certainly by the 1930s, a new generation of poets had emerged who looked to more formally conservative poets like Thomas Hardy and W. B.
Certainly this story was unknown to Arthur Duck, Fellow of All Souls, who wrote Chichele's life in 1617.
After the war, a friend showed Hathcock a passage written by Ernest Hemingway: " Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter.
Certainly, both wrote about the same time, and both adopted the historiographical approach of the Greek historians, Herodotus and Hesiod, who preceded them.
Certainly, the live-wire actor's amoral lunatic, a fiend who delights in pushing crippled wheelchair using women down stairs, is the primary ( and perhaps only ) reason to sit through Henry Hathaway's over-praised 1947 noir, a jumbled piece of cinematic crime fiction that's visually elegant ( having been neorealistically shot on-location throughout Manhattan ) but regularly confused about its own point of view.
Certainly the haftarah was read — perhaps not obligatorily or in all communities — as far back as circa 70 CE: The Talmud mentions that a haftarah was read in the presence of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, who lived at that time.
Certainly, the local minister and his son were on board and the latter reported the trial to Robert Cleland of Glasgow, who wrote that the trial failed and the boat had to be helped by hand cranks.
Born in Westford, Massachusetts, Abbot entered the Navy as midshipman at the beginning of the War of 1812, serving first on the frigate and next on Lake Champlain with Commodore Macdonough, who, when he asked Abbot if he were ready to die for his country received the reply " Certainly, sir ; that is what I came into the service for.
Certainly, both industries had need for people who did this job even if the term had not come into use.
Certainly those who agree with this would also note that a monetary system would open a vulnerability for some to acquire more of it and create a class system.
" Certainly then he was, " a thinker of the working class who developed a love of middle class pursuits.
Certainly, the number of Romans who managed to escape were very few.
Certainly, certainly, cousin, it must needs be, that some goddess this desert belongs unto, who is the soul of this soil, for neither is any less than a goddess worthy to be shrined in such a heap of pleasures, nor any less than a goddess could have made it so perfect a model of the heavenly dwellings.

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