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Certainly and presence
Certainly all three have their devotees and detractors, but their presence has been inescapable.
Certainly the haftarah was read — perhaps not obligatorily or in all communities — as far back as circa 70 CE: The Talmud mentions that a haftarah was read in the presence of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, who lived at that time.

Certainly and representing
Certainly some of the Ugaritic texts and Sanchuniathon report hostility between El and Hadad, perhaps representing a cultic and religious differences reflected in Hebrew tradition also, in which Yahweh in the Tanach is firmly identified with El and might be expected to be somewhat hostile to Baʿal / Hadad and the deities of his circle.

Certainly and bills
Certainly all can applaud passage of an auto title law, the school bills, the increase in teacher pensions, the ban on drag racing, acceptance by the state of responsibility for maintenance of state roads in municipalities at the same rate as outside city limits, repeal of the college age limit law and the road maintenance bond issue.

Certainly and documents
Certainly several church documents including a papal letter and two indulgences were printed, one of which was issued in Mainz.

Certainly and can
Certainly one of the most important comments that can be made upon the spiritual and cultural life of any period of Western civilization during the past sixteen or seventeen centuries has to do with the way in which its leaders have read and interpreted the Bible.
Certainly it isn't making the President happy, and he has been doing his apologetic best to explain how the budget got into its unbalanced condition, how he intends to economize wherever he can and how he hopes to do better next year.
Certainly no liberal can in future vote ' Liberal '".
Certainly numerous subcategories can be acknowledged.
Certainly, it can be ( and often is ) argued that without the Mongol destruction of Kievan Rus ' that Moscow, and subsequently the Russian Empire, would not have risen.
Certainly by the mid nineteenth century, all three instruments had been modified to have a very powerful sound, and each can hold its own in a modern ensemble.
“ It is not thought that utopia can be established in a day … Certainly, if we all say that it is
Certainly this is equivalent to a renunciation of a positive conception of the Divine Being ; for negative statements may suffice to prevent erroneous ideas, but a positive knowledge can never be obtained through them alone ( ib.
Certainly, rats have been shown in the laboratory to be able to accurately ( within 5-10 %) discriminate the size of an opening, so it seems likely that cats can use their whiskers for this task.
It is rather difficult to estimate this effect since a habitual reader of Chinese is hardly conscious of it without deliberately analysing his reactions .... Certainly one can give too much weight to the visual aspect of Chinese writing.
Certainly, neither Kisch nor Kapuściński believed in what might be called " journalistic objectivity ": whereas Kisch thought it necessary for a ( Communist ) reporter to " engage politically " with his subject, Kapuściński would put objectivity as a concept out of court altogether, stating explicitly, " I don't believe in unbiased journalism ( bezstronne dziennikarstwo ), in formal objectivity: a journalist can never be a disinterested witness ".
Certainly, this freedom can be used to violate basic safety standards ( see below ).
Certainly these authors also excluded a " relapse to the positions of the 1950s: " The councils were neither communist oriented to a large extent nor can the policies of the majority SPD in every aspect be labelled fortuitous and worth praising.
So I wanted to take the fight very badly, I turned up my training for about 4 days, then on Friday night I came to the conclusion that I'm just not physically ready to fight Ken Shamrock ... Certainly if you're going to fight someone with Ken Shamrock's skills then you want to be as close to 100 percent as you can.
Certainly a cock as a bird refers to a cock as the male sex organ and this can been seen hanging from the wall in Kitchen Maid with a Boy in a Window.
Certainly, the PDCA approach can bring us closer to whatever goal we choose.
Certainly I can — I'll tell thee, Tummas, what she said at church last Sunday.
Certainly the McLuhan test can be applied to the Gutenberg Galaxy itself.
Perhaps as fine a piece of work of its kind as this country can show … Certainly the manner of this house has not in this country been better done, not only in terms of stylistic authenticity, but in terms of pure architecture, meaning good taste in selectivity, in elimination, in execution.
Certainly an instructor can describe a square in a verbal medium, but it takes just a second and far less effort to see what the instructor is talking about when a learner is shown a square, rather than having one described verbally.
Certainly this suggestion is one that might find favour with modern day trombonists required to rise to the challenge of what can only be described as, at times, unidiomatic writing.

Certainly and .
Certainly, she wouldn't dare ask her father afterward.
Certainly no other seven American statesmen from any later period achieved so much in so concentrated a span of years.
Certainly external forces should not be applied arbitrarily out of mere power available to do so.
Certainly it is the most pretentious and elaborate.
Certainly, he must recognize its power and attempt to ascertain its influence on the flow of history, but he must not confuse the natural and the mundane with the divine.
Certainly, most continue to lack a certain warmth in communication with other people, but many adjust to school, even college, to jobs and even to marriage and parenthood.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Certainly its composer was an ascending star on a new world horizon.
Certainly, America took Prokofieff and his Classical Symphony seriously, and with a good deal of pleasure.
Certainly, it is the traditional clarity of his music which has endeared him to the Western World -- not his experimentations.
Certainly there would be less anxiety, fewer accidents ( it is the clumsy child who sustains the worst injuries ), and higher scholastic averages, since alert children work better.
Certainly every educator involved in interior design should be a member and active in the work of one of these organizations.
Certainly, the mere fact of failing to demonstrate them in one or another species does not conclusively deny their existence in that species.
Certainly a further reduction in the discount rate would be a strong possibility, as well as an easier reserve position for the banking system.
Certainly, one of the best ways of warning the world against anti-Semitism is to demonstrate its workings as a dangerous weapon.
`` Certainly, sir ''.
Certainly nobody will predict that the next time the lawmakers come back together Barnett will be able to enjoy a re-enactment of the strange but successful `` honeymoon '' he had in the 1960 legislative session.
Certainly, in analyzing an action which truly faced such alternatives, `` it is never possible that no world would be preferable to some worlds, and there are in truth no circumstances in which the destruction of human life presents itself as a reasonable alternative ''.
Certainly not in Orchestra Hall where he has played countless recitals, and where Thursday night he celebrated his 20th season with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, playing the Brahms Concerto with his own slashing, demon-ridden cadenza melting into the high, pale, pure and lovely song with which a violinist unlocks the heart of the music, or forever finds it closed.
Certainly in the matter of principals there is nothing lacking.
Certainly not the largest afternoon audience Newport has ever had at a jazz concert and the most attentive and quiet.
Certainly the entry of Turkic farmers following their horsemen ended the themes in Anatolia which had furnished the Empire with men and treasure.

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