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Certainly and there
Certainly there would be less anxiety, fewer accidents ( it is the clumsy child who sustains the worst injuries ), and higher scholastic averages, since alert children work better.
Certainly, in analyzing an action which truly faced such alternatives, `` it is never possible that no world would be preferable to some worlds, and there are in truth no circumstances in which the destruction of human life presents itself as a reasonable alternative ''.
Certainly in the matter of principals there is nothing lacking.
Certainly, there is a growing trend toward judging a state's domestic actions in the light of international law and standards.
Certainly there is no warrant for assuming — as would-be " code-breakers " are prone to do — that either the spellings or the punctuation of any edition are Nostradamus ' originals.
Certainly this would apply to the Zohar to which there did not exist other manuscripts to compare it with.
Certainly there was no official representation of the Dutch monarchy or any other organ of government.
Certainly there are valuable details: while the European Kingfisher is now common in Ireland, Gerald states clearly that it was not found in Ireland in his time: on the other hand the European Dipper, which he had evidently not seen before, was very common.
Certainly, republicanism in Australia has traditionally been supported most strongly by urban working class of Irish Catholic background, whereas monarchism is a core value associated with urban and rural inhabitants of British Protestant heritage and the middle class, to the extent that there were calls in 1999 for 300, 000 exceptionally enfranchised British subjects who were not Australian citizens to be barred from voting on the grounds that they would vote as a loyalist bloc in a tight referendum.
Certainly there were pits dug all over the place.
Certainly there were inconsistencies in Kant's handling of this issue.
Certainly the earliest records attest that high kings were inaugurated there, and the " Seanchas Mor " legal text ( written down after 600AD ) specified that they had to drink ale and symbolically marry the goddess Maeve ( Medb ) to acquire the high-kingship.
Certainly, there are a number of stories sloshing around the news now that have raised discussions of Israel and of the posture of American Jews to an acrid level.
Certainly, there is lack of modern-day virtuouso singers capable of performing Meyerbeer's operas with the sort of grace, stamina and technical panache that they need to have lavished upon them, if the composer's musical intentions are to be fully realised.
Certainly there is currently no universally-accepted explanation.
In December 2009, Timur Lakhonin, the head of the Russian National Central Bureau of Interpol, stated, " Certainly, there is crime involving our former compatriots abroad, but there is no data suggesting that an organized structure of criminal groups comprising former Russians exists abroad ," while in August 2010, Alain Bauer, a French criminologist, said that it " is one of the best structured criminal organisations in Europe, with a quasi-military operation.
Certainly there is more evidence for mechanical tongue cleansing and to a lesser extent specific antimicrobial mouthwashes.
Certainly, there was what he calls eliminationist antisemitism and its impact increased as the century matured ... But antisemitism came in different forms, and Goldhagen puts all antisemitism in the same basket, including the liberal type that wanted to see the Jews disappear by assimilation and conversion ... The vast majority of German antisemitics did not wish to abolish formal Jewish emancipation.
Certainly by the Roman period there is substantial place-and personal name evidence which suggests that this was so ; Tacitus also states in his Agricola that the British language differed little from that of the Gauls.
Certainly not, within Faurisson's logic, since in the final analysis there is no practical anti-Semitism possible.
Certainly it seems that there was a dynasty of Mercian noblemen, all with similar names beginning Cy and connected to the area.
After the war, a friend showed Hathcock a passage written by Ernest Hemingway: " Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter.
In 1945 there really was a breakdown. Certainly a mutiny of sailors started the revolution in 1918 but it was only a start.
Certainly, there were many others, including such greats as Ramito, Ismael Rivera, Mon Rivera ( the Younger ), and Rafael Cortijo.

Certainly and is
Certainly it is not necessary to repeat that the United States has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of any nation ; ;
Certainly it is the most pretentious and elaborate.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Certainly, it is the traditional clarity of his music which has endeared him to the Western World -- not his experimentations.
Certainly, one of the best ways of warning the world against anti-Semitism is to demonstrate its workings as a dangerous weapon.
Certainly, Ealdred is one of the leading figures in the work, and it is likely that one of his clerks compiled the version.
Certainly Eugene's appearance was not impressive – " He was never good looking …" wrote the Duchess of Orléans, " It is true that his eyes are not ugly, but his nose ruins his face ; he has two large teeth which are visible at all times.
Certainly this impression is fully borne out by the beautiful and somewhat quaint works included in that great anthology.
Certainly this is not the full adoration in accordance with our faith, which is properly paid only to the divine nature, but it resembles that given to the figure of the honored and life-giving cross, and also to the holy books of the gospels and to other sacred objects " ( Definition of the Second Council of Nicaea ).
Certainly this is not the full adoration in accordance with our faith, which is properly paid only to the divine nature, but it resembles that given to the figure of the honoured and life-giving cross, and also to the holy books of the gospels and to other sacred cult objects.
Certainly love is influenced by hormones ( such as oxytocin ), neurotrophins ( such as NGF ), and pheromones, and how people think and behave in love is influenced by their conceptions of love.
Certainly is not zero, since has a simple pole at.
Certainly the best example of this is Falstaff, Shakespeare's portly and cowardly knight.
Certainly, committing more skillful and fewer unskillful actions is beneficial.
Ehyeh is usually translated " I will be ", since the imperfect tense in Hebrew denotes actions that are not yet completed ( e. g. Exodus 3: 12, " Certainly I will be with thee .").

Certainly and no
Certainly not, I mean, no that isn't what I said ''!!
Certainly no other seven American statesmen from any later period achieved so much in so concentrated a span of years.
Certainly no liberal can in future vote ' Liberal '".
Certainly no better method yet existed for the blind to read, and the books seemed – to the sighted – to offer the best achievable results.
Certainly I had no intention of staying away from production for nine years.
Certainly, no stories of any legendary men named blue exist.
Certainly he's the most colorful figure in a film that wastes no time on character development or personality ".
" Certainly this new style brought acclamation: Alexander Pope stated, " he was afraid the young man would be spoiled, for he would have no competitor.
Certainly the polemarchos no longer had military authority after 487 / 486 BC, when archontes were appointed by lot and it could not be expected that every polemarch would make a competent commander.
Certainly the sons of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies had no fighting experience.
Certainly, if he thought there was a chance of this person coming back to cause him some harm, there was no sense in bothering to give him a beating.
Certainly, the U-boat threat was well appreciated, but the First Lord's account of the time and its events makes no mention of the need to stop the threat at the strait.
Certainly no thanks is given for holding open a door or waiting for another to pass.
Certainly, Revelations was by no means a failure, and it probably would have been a greater popular success given the right backing.
Certainly, until the Langalibalele Rebellion of 1873, a committed liberal like Bishop John William Colenso had no problem in supporting Shepstone and his policy.

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