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Chad and successfully
In December 1990, with Libyan assistance and no opposition from French troops stationed in Chad, Déby ’ s forces successfully marched on NDjamena.
In the meantime, things with the project go wrong ; a fax Chad is supposed to have made to the home office is " lost " and a presentation Chad is supposed to deliver to the home office is unable to be carried out successfully after some documents are allegedly printed so lightly that they are illegible.
After returning from France, where he had successfully lobbied the government to support further expansion, Gentil made preparations for a second Mission to seize the Chari-Baguirmi region and the area around Lake Chad from Rabih az-Zubayr.

Chad and manages
TOTCO manages the pipeline within Chad that is owned by the country.

Chad and rebel
Government forces clashed violently with rebel forces, including the Movement for Democracy and Development, MDD, National Revival Committee for Peace and Democracy ( CSNPD ), Chadian National Front ( FNT ) and the Western Armed Forces ( FAO ), near Lake Chad and in southern regions of the country.
Chad insists that both rebel groups are supported by the Sudanese government.
Before seizing power in 2003, Bozizé's rebel group was equipped and trained in Chad.
* 2005 – The civil war in Chad begins when rebel groups, allegedly backed by neighbouring Sudan, launch an attack in Adré.
** Civil war in Chad ( 1998 – 2002 ) – involved the Movement for Justice and Democracy in Chad ( MDJT ) rebels that skirmished periodically with government troops in the Tibesti region, resulting in hundreds of civilian, government, and rebel casualties.
** Civil war in Chad ( 2005 – present ) – involved Chadian government forces and several Chadian rebel groups.
In September 2005 the government of Chad declared that a state of war existed with Sudan, after Sudan hosted Chadian rebel groups that were behind fatal cross border raids.
* French Air Force Jaguar ground-attack aircraft help the government of Chad beat back an invasion from Libya by Chadian rebel and Libyan troops.
Following the escalation of the Darfur conflict in the Sudan, Chad brokered negotiations in N ' Djamena in 2004, leading to the April 8 Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement between the Sudanese government and the two rebel groups, the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement ( JEM ) and the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army ( SLM / A ).
The Zaghawa of Sudan are among the peoples living in the refugee camps in Darfur and eastern Chad where the recruitment of child soldiers into rebel movements is an ongoing problem.
On 30 June 2006, Ibrahim, Khamis Abdalla, the leader of an SLM faction, Dr Sharif Harir and Ahmed Ibrahim, co-leaders of the National Democratic Alliance ( Sudan ), founded the National Redemption Front rebel group in Asmara, Eritrea but which is based in Chad.

Chad and movements
Examples of refugee movements like this can be found in Sudanese fleeing to Chad, Chadians fleeing to the Central African Republic, Somalis to Kenya, Sri Lankans fleeing to India etc.

Chad and recently
A one-hour children's musical was recently adapted by Chad Henry and premiered in Seattle, Washington followed by a run at the North Shore Music Theatre.
Most recently Chad stepped out from behind the drum set to front his new project Before Cars, who released the single " Old Chair " in 2006.
He has recently appeared on Codename: Kids Next Door voicing the character Chad Dickson and in a commercial for Olive Garden.
The town lies at the mouth of the Dilia Bosso, an ancient river valley and seasonal wash that runs from the Termit Massif over 200 km to the northwest to what was the shore of Lake Chad as recently as the mid 20th century.
Some of the major merchandising campaigns include: Dean and Son's annuals and other books, Valentine & Sons postcards ( approximately 500 ), the Artisco series of plaster figures, badges and pins, celluloid figures, Chad Valley and Steiff stuffed toys, Cowan & McKay toffee tins, Royal Grafton China, Royal Worcester and Royal Doulton figures, German and Japanese produced ceramics and most recently The Richard Dennis China Collection.
He recently disclosed in an interview that he would be collaborating with fellow Filipino-American Chad Hugo of The Neptunes and Illmind from G-Unit to incorporate traditional Filipino instruments into his songs.
It is a market town, and its population has recently been swollen by refugees from Chad.

Chad and with
Countries where ASL or a derivative of ASL is the national or a widespread language include Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Botswana ( with BSL ), Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, the Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d ' Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya ( minority use ), Liberia, Madagascar ( minority use ), Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines ( L2 use ), Puerto Rico, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, Togo, and Zimbabwe ( with ZSL ).
In the 2007 regular season, the Diamondbacks enjoyed success with a young team including Brandon Webb, Conor Jackson, Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin, Chad Tracy, Chris Young, Miguel Montero, Mark Reynolds ( called up from Double-A in May ) and Justin Upton ( called up from Double-A in August ).
The team also traded relief pitcher Jose Valverde, who led the major leagues in saves in 2007 with 47, to the Houston Astros for reliever Chad Qualls, RHP Juan Gutiérrez and IF / OF Chris Burke.
Bede acknowledged his correspondents in the preface to the Historia Ecclesiastica ; he was in contact with Daniel, the Bishop of Winchester, for information about the history of the church in Wessex, and also wrote to the monastery at Lastingham for information about Cedd and Chad.
In 2007 Chad Oppenheim, the head of Oppenheim Architecture + Design, described the Bacardi buildings as " elegant, with a Modernist combined with a local flavour.
In the summer of 1983, GUNT forces launched an offensive against government positions in northern and eastern Chad with heavy Libyan support.
In 1985 Habré briefly reconciled with some of his opponents, including the Democratic Front of Chad ( FDT ) and the Coordinating Action Committee of the Democratic Revolutionary Council.
Agreements also were struck with rebels from the National Front of Chad ( FNT ) and Movement for Social Justice and Democracy in October 1997.
Hot spots in the present civil war. The war started on December 23, 2005, when the government of Chad declared a state of war with Sudan and called for the citizens of Chad to mobilize themselves against the " common enemy ," which the Chadian government sees as the Rally for Democracy and Liberty ( RDL ) militants, Chadian rebels, backed by the Sudanese government, and Sudanese militiamen.
The Sudanese government was blamed for the attack, which was the second in the region in three days, but Sudanese foreign ministry spokesman Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim denies any Sudanese involvement, " We are not for any escalation with Chad.
The country's topography is generally flat, with the elevation gradually rising as one moves north and east away from Lake Chad.
The larger, northern portion of the basin is bounded within Chad by the Tibesti Mountains in the northwest, the Ennedi Plateau in the northeast, the Ouaddaï Highlands in the east along the border with Sudan, the Guéra Massif in central Chad, and the Mandara Mountains along Chad's southwestern border with Cameroon.
By the middle of the dry season, the intertropical convergence zone moves south of Chad, taking the rain with it.
Sandstorm at Abéché airport, Chad ( 2005 ). The Saharan region covers roughly the northern third of the country, including Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture along with the northern parts of Kanem, Batha, and Biltine prefectures.
Economic statistics for Chad must be treated with caution.
This is a chart of trend of gross domestic product of Chad at market prices estimated by the International Monetary Fund with figures in millions of CFA Francs.
Links with Niger, north of Lake Chad, are practically nonexistent ; it is easier to reach Niger via Cameroon and Nigeria.

Chad and some
Location of Sahelanthropus tchadensis find in 2002. The territory now known as Chad possesses some of the richest archaeological sites in Africa.
In 1929 the French dissolved Matsoua's association and he together with some of his friends were jailed and sent in exile to Chad, leading to riots and a campaign of disobedience against the French administration lasting many years.
Existing fossils – a relatively small cranium nicknamed Toumaï (" hope of life " in the local Dazaga language of Chad in central Africa ), five pieces of jaw and some teeth make up a head that has a mixture of derived and primitive features.
Among those present for the celebration were Chad Beemer and Pat Beemer, descendants of the town ’ s founder, AD Beemer and some of Beemer's longest, living resisdents: Tom and Barbara Delmont, Irene Drake, Vern and Jan Balak, Merle Martin, Clarence Tichota, and LeAnn Spangler.
Kanuri is a dialect continuum spoken by some four million people, as of 1987, in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, as well as small minorities in southern Libya and by a diaspora in Sudan.
Kenya and Uruguay followed in 2005, and relations were upgraded in some other countries, while recognition of the SADR was cancelled by others ( Albania, Chad, Serbia ); in 2006, Kenya suspended its decision to recognize the SADR to act as a mediating party.
At some point, the graffito ( Chad ) and slogan ( Kilroy was here ) must have merged.
Chad must have studied at Lindisfarne some time between these years.
Probably Cedd was considerably older than Chad, and was ordained priest some years earlier: certainly he was already a priest by 653, when he was sent to work among the Middle Angles.
Chad gives his name to Birmingham's Roman Catholic cathedral, where there are some relics of the saint: about eight long bones.
In many cases, reference to the early forms of the name suggests that the derivation is not from the name Chad, but from some other word.
It is possible that even where a name might reasonably be thought to derive from Chad that the individual is some other of the same name.
Obviously, only some of its bearers are named directly after Chad of Mercia.
When the band dissolved in 1967, he signed on with the Chad Mitchell Trio for a year, spending some of that time co-writing with another member, John Denver.
Stylus Magazine's Cosmo Lee described it as " heavy, catchy, and with no filler ", and About. com's Chad Bowar was also positive, stating that " this is a CD that's dense and heavy, but also has some memorable hooks ".
By 1972, the addax was found mainly in Rio de Oro of Mauritania, north Mali and Chad, with some in Algeria, South Libya, and North Sudan.
Although enormous reserves, such as the Ahaggar National Park and Tasilli in Algeria, the Ténéré in Niger, the Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim in Chad, and the newly established Wadi Howar National Park in Sudan cover areas where addax previously occurred, some do not keep addax any more due to less resources.
In Chad there may be as many as 50 endangered Painted Hunting Dogs, but some regard these relict populations in the Tibesti Mountains as extirpated, partially from Darfur refugee turmoil and other Sudan generated conflict.
It is believed that the earliest written Welsh is a marginal note of some sixty-four words in Llyfr Teilo ( The Book of St. Teilo ), a gospel book originating in Llandeilo but now in the library of St. Chad's Cathedral, Lichfield, and also known as the Lichfield Gospels, or, The Book of St. Chad.
Chad Kroeger, also of Nickelback, co-wrote a track on the album with Ian Thornley along with Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider of Eleven, who also co-wrote some of the tracks.
The Niellim language ( autonym lwaà ) is a Bua language spoken by some 5, 000 people ( as of 1993 ) along the Chari River in southern Chad.

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