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Charles and Boot
On Morden's death in 1934, building tycoon Charles Boot bought the land and turned it into a Country Club.
Charles Boot based his designs upon what were at the time the latest ideas being employed by other film studios in the production of movies at Hollywood, California, USA and Boot officially named their new studio Pinewood, because "... of the number of trees which grow there still contains huge pine trees and because it seemed to suggest something of the American film centre in its second syllable.
In this respect, Boot is the UK equivalent of Snoopy from Charles.
Having first created a film production company and having made a movie at another studio, Rank, Lady Yule and John Corfield began talking to Charles Boot who had recently bought the estate of Heatherden Hall at Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, for the purpose of turning it into a movie studio that would rival those in Hollywood, California.
When Grant Morden died in 1934 the estate was purchased at auction by Charles Boot, who had recently inherited a large construction firm from his father Henry Boot, who died in 1931.
Within twelve months Charles Boot transformed Heatherden Hall into the office building for a film studio complex.
Charles Boot named it Pinewood Film Studios, reflecting the numerous pine trees surrounding the area.
In 1934 Charles Boot had undertaken to construct a new film studio in the village of Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire.
His location was set among the Pine trees on the estate grounds of a mansion called Heatherden Hall that Charles Boot had recently bought at auction.
By 1935 Charles Boot had approached British National about taking over ownership and management of the new studios and a contract was entered into.
When Grant Morden died in 1934 the estate was purchased at auction by Charles Boot who had recently inherited a large construction firm from his father Henry Boot, who died in 1931.
Within twelve months Charles Boot transformed Heatherden Hall into the office building for a new movie complex which occupied the grounds.
Charles Boot JP ( 1874-1945 ) was the eldest son of Henry Boot and the driving force behind the growth of Henry Boot & Sons in the inter-war period.
Charles Boot was the eldest son of Henry Boot and the second of 13 children born to Henry and Hannah.
Charles Boot died in 1945.
Charles ’ business career is detailed under Henry Boot PLC.
Henry Boot was the eldest surviving son of Charles and Ann Boot.

Charles and built
Many of the burhs were twin towns that straddled a river and connected by a fortified bridge, like those built by Charles the Bald a generation before.
The Château Trompette ( Trumpet Castle ) and the Fort du Hâ, built by Charles VII of France, were the symbols of the new domination, which however deprived the city of its richness by halting the wine commerce with England.
However, the possibility of actually constructing a conscious machine was probably first discussed by Ada Lovelace, in a set of notes written in 1842 about the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage, a precursor ( never built ) to modern electronic computers.
It was financed and built through " The Big Four " ( who called themselves " The Associates "): Sacramento, California businessmen Leland Stanford, Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker, and Mark Hopkins.
A wall was built ( nowadays known as Charles V Wall ); also a ditch by the wall of the town and a drawbridge at the Landport ( Puerta de Tierra ).
The old Powder or Pouther magazine dating from 1642, built by order of Charles I of England | Charles I.
In 1870 Charles Francis built the first memorial presidential library in the United States, to honor his father.
Willys-Overland and Ford, under the direction of Charles E. Sorensen ( Vice-President of Ford during World War II ), produced about 640, 000 Jeeps towards the war effort, which accounted for approximately 18 % of all the wheeled military vehicles built in the U. S. during the war.
Lamorna was also the home of the jeweller Ella Naper and her husband, the painter Charles, who built Trewoofe house there.
The hotel was built by Sir Thomas Morgan, during the reign of Charles I. Cardiff Arms Park was named after this hotel.
* Riverside ( house ), on Manhattan's Upper West Side, built for steel magnate Charles M. Schwab in New York City
A company called the Royal Adventurers of England Trading into Africa received a charter from Charles II of England in 1663 and subsequently built a fort in the Sherbro and on Tasso Island in the Freetown estuary.
The Palace of Charles V, built by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1527, was inserted in the Alhambra within the Nasrid fortifications.
Charles Babbage's analytical engine ( 1830s ) would have been the first Turing-complete machine if it had been built at the time it was designed.
Charles Barry's architecture for the new Palace of Westminster, which had been badly damaged in an 1834 fire, was built in the medieval style of Westminster Hall, the surviving part of the building.
Shortages, including material and labor, forced alterations to the earlier plan developed by French engineer Pierre Charles L ' Enfant for a " palace " that was five times larger than the house that was eventually built.
Numerous grand buildings were built in the reign of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, so that the cathedral is contemporary to the Christian palace of the Alhambra, the University and the Real Chancillería ( supreme court ).
It was designed by Charles Kirk and built in 1842 on the site of an earlier medieval church.
Charles had new houses built for the increased population, while trade and industry grew as well.
Charles was the patron of the Nuremberg Frauenkirche, built between 1352 and 1362 ( the architect was likely Peter Parler ), where the imperial court worshiped during its stays in Nuremberg.
The park was built in six weeks in 1914 at a cost of about $ 250, 000 ($ 5. 3 million in 2011 dollars ) by the Chicago lunchroom magnate Charles Weeghman, who owned the Federal League Whales.
Charles Darwin's writings provided the intellectual framework to Cleave's lifelong engagement with the relationship between diet and health, built upon the premise that the human body is ill-adapted to the diet of modern ( western ) man.
In 1837, Charles Wheatstone produced a " speaking machine " based on von Kempelen's design, and in 1857, M. Faber built the " Euphonia ".

Charles and folly
King Charles the Old, being conqueror, falls in love with a young maiden, and afterward growing ashamed of his folly bestows her and her sister honourably in marriage.
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is a history of popular folly by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay, first published in 1841.
In a letter to Charles Lyell about " the foul book ", he expressed his disgust: " If the book be true, the labours of sober induction are in vain ; religion is a lie ; human law is a mass of folly, and a base injustice ; morality is moonshine ; our labours for the black people of Africa were works of madmen ; and man and woman are only better beasts!
Charles Leslie said, " it has been observed of great enthusiasts that their hair is generally slank, without any curl, which proceeds from a moisture of brain that inclines to folly.

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