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Charles and Darwin
Van Vogt's first published SF story, " Black Destroyer " ( Astounding Science Fiction, July 1939 ), was inspired by Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin.
Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel were amateur scientists who never held a position in their field of study.
He is best known for independently proposing a theory of evolution due to natural selection that prompted Charles Darwin to publish his own theory.
The ship on which Charles Darwin made the voyage which provided much of the inspiration for On the Origin of Species was named HMS Beagle after the breed, and, in turn, lent its name to the ill-fated British Martian lander Beagle 2.
* Charles Robert Darwin
In 1795, Charles Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, asked:
During Charles Darwin's studies on the Galápagos Islands, Darwin observed 13 species of finches that are closely related and differ most markedly in the shape of their beaks.
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Charles Darwin ( 1809-1882 )
It has been hypothesized that Charles Darwin might have suffered from Chagas disease as a result of a bite of the so-called great black bug of the Pampas ( vinchuca ) ( see Charles Darwin's illness ).
* Creation ( 2009 film ), a 2009 film by Jon Amiel about the life of Charles Darwin
Lyell was a close and influential friend of Charles Darwin.
Lyell's interpretation of geologic change as the steady accumulation of minute changes over enormously long spans of time was a powerful influence on the young Charles Darwin.
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* Charles Darwin ( 1809 – 1882 ), English naturalist and writer, best known as the originator of the theory of biological evolution by natural selection
** Anne Darwin ( 1841 – 1851 ), daughter of Charles Darwin ( 1809 – 1882 )
** Charles Darwin ( 1809 – 1882 ), English naturalist and writer
** Charles Darwin ( 1758 – 1778 ) physician and scientist, uncle of Charles Darwin ( 1809 – 1882 )
** Charles Galton Darwin ( 1887 – 1962 ), physicist and activist

Charles and proposed
The Analytical Engine was a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician Charles Babbage.
He then followed the fortunes of his friend Elector Maurice of Saxony, deserted Charles, and joined the league which proposed to overthrow the Emperor by an alliance with King Henry II of France.
In the middle and late 19th century, several renowned Mesoamerican scholars, starting with Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, and including Edward Herbert Thompson and Augustus Le Plongeon proposed that Atlantis was somehow related to Mayan and Aztec culture.
The establishment of the bank was devised by Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax, in 1694, to the plan which had been proposed by William Paterson three years before, but had not been acted upon.
Charles Sanders Peirce, who had read Kant closely and who also had some knowledge of Aristotle, proposed a system of merely three phenomenological categories: Firstness, Secondness, and Thirdness, which he repeatedly invoked in his subsequent writings.
Before the speech, US delegations met with Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, and French President Charles de Gaulle to brief them on the US intelligence and their proposed response.
In 1822, Charles Babbage proposed the use of such a machine in a paper to the Royal Astronomical Society on 14 June entitled " Note on the application of machinery to the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables ".
The theory was proposed in 1795 by James Hutton, a Scottish physician and gentleman farmer, and was later incorporated into Charles Lyell's theory of uniformitarianism.
When Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution in 1859, one of its major problems was the lack of an underlying mechanism for heredity.
Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu proposed the separation of powers.
First proposed by Gerard't Hooft, it was given a precise string-theory interpretation by Leonard Susskind who combined his ideas with previous ones of't Hooft and Charles Thorn.
It listed over 150 perceived " misdeeds " of Charles ' reign including the Church ( under the influence of foreign papists ) and royal advisers ( also " have engaged themselves to further the interests of some foreign powers ") the second half of the Remonstrance proposed solutions to the " misdeeds " including church reform and Parliamentary influence over the appointment of royal ministers.
" Eventually King Charles the I's terms of reforming the government as proposed by the Long Parliament were accepted by the House at a vote of 129 to 83 on 1 December 1648 allowing for the King's restoration and the end of the stalemate between Parliament and the King.
The 1981 book Genes, Mind, and Culture: The Coevolutionary Process by Charles J. Lumsden and E. O. Wilson proposed the theory that genes and culture co-evolve, and that the fundamental biological units of culture must correspond to neuronal networks that function as nodes of semantic memory.
* 1984 – Prince Charles calls a proposed addition to the National Gallery, London, a " monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend ," sparking controversies on the proper role of the Royal Family and the course of modern architecture.
Charles Allen Moser pointed out that this change is not really substantive as DSM-IV already acknowledged a difference between paraphilias and non-pathological but unusual sexual interests, a distinction that is virtually identical to what is being proposed for DSM-5, and it is a distinction that, in practice, has often been ignored.
Eldredge and Gould proposed that the degree of gradualism commonly attributed to Charles Darwin is virtually nonexistent in the fossil record, and that stasis dominates the history of most fossil species.
Drawing on insights from Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotics, as well as from communication theory and cybernetics, he proposed methods for the investigation of poetry, music, the visual arts, and cinema.
The first, as for example proposed by the Royalist Sir Richard Willis to King Charles, was that by abandoning the garrisoning of all but the most strategic locations in ones own territory, far more troops would be available for the field armies and it was the field armies which would decide the conflict.
In 1909, Charles S. Peirce proposed a graphical notation of nodes and edges called " existential graphs " that he called " the logic of the future ".
Catherine sent him to Spain in 1528 to the emperor Charles V on a mission relating to the proposed divorce.
This and similar definitions are adopted or proposed by Charles Mills, bell hooks, David Gillborn, and Neely Fuller Jr.
The philosopher Charles Taylor, influenced by the 20th century German philosopher Martin Heidegger, has proposed that reason ought to include the faculty of disclosure, which is tied to the way we make sense of things in everyday life, as a new " department " of reason.
The establishment of a Royal Observatory was proposed in 1674 by Sir Jonas Moore who, in his role as Surveyor General at the Ordnance Office, persuaded King Charles II that the Observatory might be built with Flamsteed employed in it.

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