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Charles and Emmanuel
#* Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte ( 1822 1891 ), called Plon-Plon married Princess Marie Clothilde of Savoy daughter of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
* 1675 Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy ( b. 1634 )
In August 1616 the pope sent him as nuncio to the Duchy of Savoy, to mediate between Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy and Philip III of Spain in their dispute concerning the Gonzaga Marquisate of Montferrat.
* Charles Millot as Marshal Emmanuel de Grouchy, Marquis de Grouchy
The Bourbons, supported by Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia, moved against isolated Habsburg territories.
Fleury's diplomatic moves would bring additional powers into the war that had no interest in Polish affairs, most notably Spain and the Charles Emmanuel, the King of Sardinia who was also the Duke of Savoy.
The two Bourbon monarchs were also joined by Charles Emmanuel of Savoy, who hoped to secure gains from the Austrian Duchies of Milan and Mantua.
On Austria's southern border, France in November 1733 negotiated the secret Treaty of Turin with Charles Emmanuel and prepared for military operations in northern Italy.
French and Savoyard troops numbering over 50, 000, under the command of Charles Emmanuel, entered Milanese territory as early as October 24, against minimal resistance, as the Austrian forces in the duchy numbered only about 12, 000.
France's great general, the Duke de Villars, joined Charles Emmanuel in Milan on November 11.
While Villars wanted to immediately move to secure the Alpine passes against Austrian reinforcements by moving against Mantua, Charles Emmanuel, mistrustful of his French allies and their dealings with Spain, sought to secure Milan.
Villars began to move against Mantua, but Charles Emmanuel resisted, and the army made little progress.
Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia, 18th century carving
Charles Emmanuel returned the next day to retake command, and resumed his delaying tactics by failing to immediately pursue the retreating Austrians.
Königsegg retreated across the Po, adopting a defensive position between the Po and the Oglio while Charles Emmanuel again did not capitalize on his victory.
At this point divisions between the allies became clear, as Spain laid claim to Mantua, and also refused to guarantee Milan to Charles Emmanuel.
In response, Charles Emmanuel refused to allow his siege equipment to be used against Mantua.
When Charles Emmanuel withdrew his forces from the area, the allies were forced to retreat, and the beleaguered Austrians capitalized, eventually recovering most of Milan against little opposition in November.
* Charles Emmanuel I of Savoy ( 1562 1630 ), Duke of Savoy and Papal backed candidate to the throne of the Duchy of Mantua
* July 16 Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy ( b. 1562 )
* June 20 Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy ( d. 1675 )
* February 20 King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia ( b. 1701 )
* May 24 Charles Emmanuel IV of Savoy, King of Sardinia ( d. 1819 )
* April 24 The massacre of the Waldensians by Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy, memorialized in a poem.
* April 27 King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia ( d. 1773 )

Charles and IV
Elisabeth's daughter, Elizabeth of Pomerania, was the fourth wife of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
The Golden Bull of 1356 was a decree issued by a Reichstag in Nuremberg headed by Emperor Charles IV that fixed, for a period of more than four hundred years, an important aspect of the constitutional structure of the Holy Roman Empire.
Rhatigan appeared alongside Charles in the Red Dwarf series IV episode " Camille ".
In 1328, King Charles IV of France died without male heirs, as his brothers did before him.
Isabella of France, sister of Charles IV, claimed the throne for her son, Edward III of England.
Thus the French crown passed from the House of Capet after the death of Charles IV to Philip VI of France of the House of Valois, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty,
** Charles IV ( 1322 1328 )
** Charles IV ( 1788 1808, 1808 )
* Charles IV ( 1322 1328 )
Soon Clotaire IV died and Odo gave up on Chilperic and, in exchange for recognising his dukedom, surrendered the king to Charles, who recognised his kingship over all the Franks in return for legitimate royal affirmation of his mayoralty, likewise over all the kingdoms ( 718 ).
When Chilperic II died the following year ( 720 ), Charles appointed as his successor the son of Dagobert III, Theuderic IV, who was still a minor, and who occupied the throne from 720 to 737.
* 1916 The last coronation in Hungary is performed for King Charles IV and Queen Zita.
1356 Charles IV issued his Golden Bull-regulating the election of Holy Roman Emperors.
* Czech, mainly during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV but also during other periods of Bohemian control over the HRE.
After the death of Charles III in 1788 and revolution in France in 1789, during the reign of Charles IV, Goya reached his peak of popularity with royalty.
Charles IV of Spain and His Family, 1800.
In 1789 he was made court painter to Charles IV and in 1799 he was appointed First Court Painter with a salary of 50, 000 reales and 500 ducats for a coach.
His portraits are notable for their disinclination to flatter, and in the case of Charles IV of Spain and His Family, the lack of visual diplomacy is remarkable.
Modern interpreters have seen this portrait as satire ; it is thought to reveal the corruption present under Charles IV.
Goya painted the Spanish royal family, including Charles IV of Spain and Ferdinand VII.
Manfred is killed in the battle and Pope Clement IV invests Charles as king of Sicily and Naples.
Between 1346 and 1378 Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg, king of Bohemia, sought to restore the imperial authority.
After him all kings and emperors relied on the lands of their own family ( Hausmacht ): Louis IV of Wittelsbach ( king 1314, emperor 1328 47 ) relied on his lands in Bavaria ; Charles IV of Luxembourg, the grandson of Henry VII, drew strength from his own lands in Bohemia.

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