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Charles and returned
When Peate returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his partner, Charles Studd ( one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two centuries that season against the colonists ) to get the runs.
On the death of Louis II in 1417 it reverted to Savoy, and, although Count René again retook the area for Provence in 1471, it had returned to Savoyard dominance by the start of the 16th century, by which point the County of Provence had become united with the Kingdom of France due to the death of Count Charles V in 1481.
Charles returned to stand-up comedy between 1995 and 2001, regularly touring his one-man adult-rated shows nationally, and releasing the videos Craig Charles: Live on Earth!
Legend has it that α CVn was brighter than usual during the Restoration, as Charles II returned to England to take the throne.
In Spring 717, Charles returned to Neustria with an army and confirmed his supremacy with a victory at the Battle of Vincy, near Cambrai.
Charles returned from exile on 23 May.
Louis, son of Charles the Simple and Edmund's half-sister Eadgifu, had resided at the West-Saxon court for some time until 936, when he returned to be crowned King of France.
After a fruitless search, Kelly returned to Pittsburgh, to his first position as a choreographer with the Charles Gaynor musical revue Hold Your Hats at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in April, 1938.
Upon its collapse, and with the restoration of Charles II, Scottish independence returned.
( Sicily was at that time ruled by his younger brother, Charles of Anjou, and the French army returned to France through the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily.
For instance, Charles Eastman, a man of European and Lakota descent whose father sent both his sons to Dartmouth College, got his medical degree at Boston University and returned to the West to practice.
Cabot returned to Spain in 1530 and informed Emperor Charles V ( 1519 – 56 ) about his discoveries.
Some remained in politics: Mackenzie Bowell continued to serve as a senator ; R. B. Bennett moved to the United Kingdom after being elevated to the House of Lords ; and a number led Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the Canadian parliament: John A. Macdonald, Arthur Meighen, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and Pierre Trudeau, all before being re-appointed as premier ( Mackenzie King twice ); Alexander Mackenzie and John Diefenbaker, both prior to sitting as regular Members of Parliament until their deaths ; Wilfrid Laurier dying while still in the post ; and Charles Tupper, Louis St. Laurent, and John Turner, each before they returned to private business.
Sir Charles Barry's collaborative design for the Palace of Westminster uses the Perpendicular Gothic style, which was popular during the 15th century and returned during the Gothic revival of the 19th century.
Even worse news was to follow ; learning that Charles Martel was sick, Liutprand once again returned to attacking the Exarchate in 740, forcing Gregory yet again to appeal to the Franks, who again refused to become involved.
Roerik of Dorestad reappeared in Frankish chronicles in 870, when his Friesland demesne was returned to him by Charles the Bald ; in 882 he is already mentioned as dead.
Upon graduation in 1856, Mudd returned to Charles County to practice medicine, marrying his childhood sweetheart, Sarah Frances ( Frankie ) Dyer Mudd one year later.
Bills receiver Russell Copeland then returned the ensuing kickoff 22 yards to the Buffalo 37-yard line, but on third down Cowboy linemen Jim Jeffcoat and Charles Haley shared a 13-yard sack on Kelly to force the Bills to punt.
They returned to Tierra del Fuego in the Beagle with FitzRoy and Charles Darwin, who made extensive notes about his visit to the islands.
Charles Emmanuel returned the next day to retake command, and resumed his delaying tactics by failing to immediately pursue the retreating Austrians.
The king's wrath was aimed at Tyndale: Henry asked the Emperor Charles V to have the writer apprehended and returned to England under the terms of the Treaty of Cambrai, however, the Emperor responded that formal evidence was required before extradition.
After treating in vain for a marriage between one of his sons and Mary, daughter and heiress of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, Albert handed over the government of Brandenburg to his eldest son John, and returned to his Franconian possessions.
Meanwhile back in the north Sweden was invaded by its enemies ; Charles returned home in 1714, too late to restore his lost empire and impoverished homeland ; he died in 1718.

Charles and hosting
James ' successor, King Charles I, visited Edinburgh Castle only once, hosting a feast in the Great Hall, and staying the night before his coronation as King of Scots in 1633, the last occasion that a reigning monarch has resided in the castle.
United States Special Envoy for the Korean Peace Talks, Charles Kartman, who was involved in the 2000 Madeleine Albright summit with Kim, characterised Kim as a reasonable man in negotiations, to the point, but with a sense of humor and personally attentive to the people he was hosting.
Charles Hirsch " Chuck " Barris ( born June 3, 1929 ) is an American game show creator, producer, and host ; a film director ; and a presenter best known for hosting The Gong Show and creating The Dating Game.
Napier's 1902 win brought the Gordon Bennett hosting duties to Britain, and the 1903 event was held south of Dublin, with three shaft-driven Napiers defending British honour, all in the ( later famous ) green: a brace of 470 cu in ( 7708 cc ) 45 hp ( 33. 5 kW ) fours of Charles Jarrott and J. W. Stocks ( with McDonald, the Genoa plant manager, his riding mechanic ), and an 80 hp ( 838 cu in, 13, 726 cc ), the Type K5, of Edge ; Jarrott and Stocks wrecked, while Edge was disqualified for receiving outside assistance ( onlookers helped throw buckets of water over the wheels to cool the tyres ).
In 1921, Gosden first teamed up with Charles Correll to do radio work, presenting comedy acts, sketches, and hosting variety shows.
Other factors include Wagga's role as a regional centre and its hosting of major defence establishments and a Charles Sturt University campus.
Dave's final day of programming, which started on September 29 after a 3-day radiothon for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, consisted of the on-air staff hosting final shifts ( including Steve Craig, Jill, Mara Davis, Charles, Yvonne Monet, Sully, Renee and Margot ), as well as a " Top 92 Songs of Dave FM " countdown.
John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly ( generally known as John Charles Daly or simply John Daly ( February 20, 1914 – February 24, 1991 ) was an American journalist, game show host and radio personality, probably best known for hosting the panel show What's My Line ?.
These destinations, which were part of the " chitlin circuit " featuring big bands, jazz and blues, became famous for later hosting musical legends including Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, B. B.
On television, Osgood has been hosting CBS News Sunday Morning since 1994, having succeeded former host Charles Kuralt.
His other credits include hosting Space Cadets, a mid-1990s science-fiction comedy game show on Channel 4 in the UK, which also featured Craig Charles ( Dave Lister from Red Dwarf ) and Bill Bailey, and appearances on BBC2's Mock the Week.
The State Room run by Longwood Events hosting private functions offers panoramic views of Boston Harbor, the Financial District, Boston Common, the Massachusetts State House, the Charles River and the Mystic River.
At the center of West Campus sits the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center, a complex featuring the Charles Wolf Gymnasium, a 1, 712-seat arena hosting varsity competition in men's and women's basketball, volleyball and wrestling ; an ten-lane competitive pool with instructional areas and 1-and 3-meter diving boards ; a three-court field house ; locker room facilities ; a climbing wall ; a cafe ; and a fitness area.
Another well-known example of a bridge hosting statues is the Charles Bridge in Prague, which is home to 30 statues and statuaries, mostly baroque, dating to around 1700.
Lord Charles Whitman is hosting a great feast when suddenly two poor and ragged-looking little children enter the great hall.
It is also the web hosting for notable science fiction and fantasy authors such as Guy Gavriel Kay and Charles de Lint and magazines such as Fantasy and Science Fiction.
His grandfather Charles Seely ( 1803 – 1887 ) was a noted philanthropist and famous for hosting Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian revolutionary hero, in London and the Isle of Wight in 1864.
WPNT's original lineup of on-air personalities at the time of start-up under the new format was Program Director Nat Humphries hosting mornings, John Gallagher for middays, Jon Summers for afternoons, Peter Morley for evenings, Jean Lam hosting overnights, and news anchors Jeff Long and Rick Charles.
In the early 20th century, the Lyric Opera featured opera tenor Enrico Caruso who appeared there with the Metropolitan Opera in a performance of Flotow's Martha, a boxing match between Joe Gans and Mike Sullivan, and the first public showing of electric cooking in Baltimore, as well as hosting speakers like Aimee Semple McPherson, Will Rogers, Richard Byrd, Clarence Darrow, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and William Jennings Bryan.

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